Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, we all need some time to rest and relax so next week we are gone on vacation.I will not be writing anything on here while Im gone but will continue after my "break". I sure hope all of you have a great weekend and an even better week ahead. Im looking forward to sharing more with you when I do get back home and back to the computer.Be safe out there and remember to try and do something nice every day for someone just because you can. "HUGS" to all.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Here in Paducah Ky I live right in the middle of the heartland which has also been aptly dubbed torando alley this time of year. I am continually amazed at the constant thunderstorms,tornados, flooding and such just about every year in the spring. Yet I continue to choose to live here knowing full well the weather patterns will probable bring much of the same year after year. This year has been exceedingly difficult as it just doesn't want to stop raining.We are flooded and the ground is saturated and the rivers(Ohio, Mississippi, Tennessee, Clarks, and th reat of them are full. Our city has put up the floodgates to hold back the floodwaters and keep it from devasting our beautiful city.The surropunding small towns and counties are in even worse shape than Paducah is.Many folks are watching as their homes begin to be even more threatened by the rising waters. Some have been evacuated while some are staying the course and doing what they can to protect their property.And guess what, Its still raining more today with more in the forecast.Countless people caught up in strife worry and consternation as to why they are subjected to such difficulties.And yet life goes on. I am happy to see all thefolks who are volunteering their time and effort to help sandbag homes and clean up some of the debris ande sucgh as that. The community works great together to hel p us all make it through thte troubled times.A couple of years ago it was the ice storm and this spring it is going to be the flooding.Mother Nature seems to be in a serious bad mood and is spreading destruction all over the world , not just here in Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma, Illinois, Missouri and all htte other states. The one thing from all this tha treally bothers me is when I hear otherwise intelligent people saying the weather is God's way of punishing the unjust and the sinners. Come on I mean how inane is that thinking. Yet it still goes on. And I will probably get a littel flack for saying so but what the hell I cant help it.Blaming some far away God for all the troubles is like saying the Devil made me do something "bad". And you know how I feel about the belief in a devil!It also makes me wonder when I hear folks "praying" to God to help get us through this weather "mess". If God hears all the prayers why then does He spare some folks housess and property and even lives and then turn aroung and not answer the prayer of some and just let theri homes be washed away. Or blown away. Why would God pick and choose whi ch one to "save" and which ones to not answer the prayers? Think Ill just stay of the opinion that the ONLY prayer that makes any sense at all is the prayer that just says Thank You! My heart and best wishes do of course go out to all the families who are having to deal with the loss of their homes and ways of life and I do hope they will survive and be able to start over after the "storms" have past.And my hope for all of you is that you are safe and that yoi have a home to live in and that you will remember to help those who are not as fortunate.