Wednesday, February 23, 2011


One thing I have discovered in my search for enlightenment is that life forces a certain amount of wisdom on you if you ask for it or not. Another thing I've learned the hard way is that to really find enlightenment, one must first learn to quiet the mind of all outer distractions. And believe me, that is no easy thing to do. As human beings we are built with a brain that keeps all kinds of thoughts going on from the time we awaken to the time we once again go to sleep.And even in our sleep the brain has all kinds of things running through it into our subconsciousness minds that play out as vivid dreams.And if I was a betting man I'd have to put odds on it that most of our everyday thoughts are not very attuned to finding enlightenment. There are those folks, who by choice, have chosen to live a life in quiet meditations most all day and night long. But those folks are few in number as to ones like myself who go about everyday life meeting all kinds of obstacles in thier search. Most of us have to "make" a living. We have families to support, car payments to make, rent, mortgage payments, jobs, and a thousand other things that occupy most of our time. And when we do get a free moment or two many of us spend that time watching tv, sleeping, playing video games, etc etc. Then we wonder where the "time" has gone to and we promise ourselves we will take some time tomorrow to work on finding enlightenment.And sadly, lots of tomorrows never come. But be assured, any time you make the conscious decision to spend time making yourself a better person your "inner" voice will always talk with you after you do quiet your conscious mind and really listen.And once we find the time and the way to connect with our "higher" self we will be amazed at all the wisdom it pours out unto our conscious minds for use at a later date.We need to all learn how to access this "quiet" or as I call it, our "Sacred Silence" at any given time of the day or night. And when we do we shall find that life is much more simpler, more fun, more loving, and more fulfilling. Joel Goldsmith once said:"Within us is a deep well of contentment, a vast, all-embracing silence into which we relax and through which all good appears to us." I agree with that statement wholeheartedly! My desire for each of you is that you quickly learn to find your "inner" voice and learn to listen to all the wisdom it will share with you.I now leave you with thoughts of peace, love , joy, and strength."HUGS" to all.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Oh how many times I have cursed the darkness and bemoaned my "bad" luck when an event arrives that I have not prepared for. I really can't say for sure how many times for it used to be part of my normal routine. As long as things went the way I expected them to and wanted them to, everything was sunny in my life. But let just one major, or even one very minor thing come along that caused me to have to leave my comfort zone and I was ready to curse my luck and forget that all things happen for a very good reason. Over the years I have thankfully come to know that in all my troubles and trials there is ALWAYS a gift included within that episode that always outweighs the "bad" stuff. Many , many times I have been unhappy with the result of something happening in my life that at the time I perceived as being the worst thing that could possibly happen to me, but then later, after searching for the "gift" enclosed, I found it to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me. And just in case you are wondering, no I am not always able to see the gift until much much later.And there are times when I swear that the event taking place has no merit to it and it cannot possibly have any kind of gift. But as of today I cannot think of a thing that didnt come with a gift of goodness. At times the gift has been so embedded within the darkness of troubles that I have to search long and hard to find it. But thankfully, since I am sure its there somewhere, I usually can see it after much of the darkness has been dissipated by the light of truth. So when troubles come knocking at your door just try and remember that somewhere, somehow, sometime , you will be able to again see clearly and find the enclosed gift which will in turn not only make you a better human being it will make your life more joyful, more loving, more peaceful, and more fulfilling. I leave all of you now with a couple of quotes which I hope will help you to see what I am speaking of. The first is from Mr. Henri Nouwen who states:"Somehow, in the midst of our tears, a gift is hidden. Somehow, in the midst of our mourning, the first steps of the dance take place." And from the Science of Mind comes this thought:Out of the darkness of the long night, the Dawn has come. I rise to meet the new day, filled with confidence and strength. So my hope and wish for each of you is that you will quickly find the gift sent to you in every situation, especially the ones that bring tears and sadness at first glance. Have faith be strong and live to love and to be loved. "HUGS" to all.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Why is it we as human beings have such a hard time letting go of events, people we love, jobs that are unfulfilling,old negative memories, old habits that tie us down, etc etc etc ? I really wish I had the perfect answer for that question. But I can only hazard a guess as to why many of us are that way with our lives. One reason, I believe, is that we are often more comfortable expressing in a negative experience than we would be in taking a risk to change things. Everyone should be able to clearly see that everything in this material world will change in one way or another.And if we resist these changes it only serves to make us miserable. How many folks do you know right now who say they hate their job but still they remain doing it day after day? Likewise how many people do you know who stay in a personal relationship that makes them miserable simply because they are afraid of change? If you look closely enough Im sure you will find more than a few people who do this. Even if we know that a change is the only way we can find our happiness we put off this change because we fear the unknown. Being rousted out of our "comfort zone" oft times forces us to deal with uncertainties and can cause us much grief and even heartbreak. But in the end we must learn to accept change and make it our "friend" instead of something to be "afraid" of.I am sure you have seen times in your own life when you dreaded having to make a change but after all was said and done you realized it had really been a blessing in disguise. So my hope for all of us is that we can quickly learn to accept , maybe even relish, each change as it comes knocking at our door.And may your "changes" be easy ones that make your life so much happier and brighter. I leave you now with a quote from T.S. Eliot who says,"In my end is my beginning." "HUGS" to all!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Celebrating a day of Love is awesome! I sincerely hope each of you have that special someone to share Valentines Day with but if not Im sure you will find them shortly. In the meantime remember that I love ya! Have a terrific week everybody!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


When we first were born, taken from the safety of our mothers womb, we were brand new human beings. Our little undeveloped minds were just like a canvas that had yet to be touched by human hand.I supposed at the time of our birth we immediately forgot "who" we were and why we had chosen to come into this material world of darkness and chaos. Too bad we had to begin all over to learn what we had forgotten.But that seems to be the way things work in this world.And as little babes our minds were quickly taught to believe things by the way the other human beings showed us. We were "taught" how to live life and how to think etc etc. But what if at some point in ones spiritual growth that person suddenly realizes the things taught to him or her just don't ring true any longer? And what if our minds have accepted things that no longer serve our highest good? Just what are we supposed to do then? Well I can only tell you my opinion on that question.Mahatma Gandhi once stated the following and I totally agree. Gandhi said:"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world...... as in being able to remake ourselves." And the wonder of our own minds is that we can at any given moment decide what it is we wish to change about ourselves and what is is we wish to become while we are here as human beings. Change may not always be easy, but not only is it possible ,it is necessary if we are to live a full ,joyful, and fulfilling life on earth. My hope and prayer for all of us is that the changes we are faced with will be "easy" and that they will bring us to where we wish to be. Remake yourself today the person you want to be tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The past is just that--past! It can never be visited or relived except in our minds. And if the past is painful and causes us to be confused, worried, or just plain miserable then why not just quit reliving it or remembering it at all. At least until the pain does subside so we can learn a lesson or two from the past experience. Catherine Ponder in her book titled "Prosperity of the Ages" makes this statement:" So many people miss their present blessings because they are still lamenting unhappy experiences of the past". I agree with Ms. Ponder wholeheartedly! If your past is still tormenting you in any way my hope is that you can fully and perfectly find a way to let go of this past and get on with living your life in the present moment. I guarantee you will be a lot happier if you can do that. New things, even greater things are awaiting you on the other side of your present heartache. So hang in there and live for the moment! "HUGS" to all!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You know what? I really don't understand why we as human beings have to make things so darned complicated when in reality(or should I say my reality) things are really relatively simple. Most of us seem to think that if something is too simple then it can't possibily mean to much. And for things to have deeper meaning it must be really complicated to get to the truth. And even though I have convinced myself that things really are simpl;e in this life I still find myself complicating things when it is entirely unneccessary to do so. Just like the title of todays entry implies simplicity I know it can seem complicated. But if one will think about it without any preconceived ideas or notions I believe they can see the truth in this title.I think we all ,on some part of our conscious or subconscious level , desire to know who we are, why are we here, where did we come from, where are we going,etc etc. And the closer we get to the answers we seek the further away they seem at times. But as I see things ,our thoughts, our inner desires ,and deepest inner beliefs are the things that bring each experience into our daily lives.And if the thing we seek truly is the thing we seek with then understanding this should give us the material to change our lives in whatever way we choose. Of course there are lots of variables in life that cause us to change our ways and even our beliefs as we continue to grow in spiritual enlightenment. I love the old movie "The Wizard of Oz." As many of you know the characters in this movie set out upon the Yellow Brick Road in search of the thing they thought they needed to find joy and happiness in life. And in the end they all discover they already had the thing they needed even before setting one foot forward on the Brick Road. They just had to be shown how to remember what they already knew. What a great metaphor for our own lives right now.My sincerest hope and prayer for each of us is that we all can plainly realize that we are OK right now right here and that all we need do is to rediscover or remember that we are made in the Spirit of Life with everything built in so we can enjoy every moment of the journey. I kindly ask from each of you that the first chance you have you can do a random act of kindness for another.It doesn't have to be something on a grand scale nor does it have to cost you anything. Maybe a phone call to an old friend, a letter or email to someone you havent talked with in awhile, or holding open the door for the next person coming or going. Or just a sincere smile at the person sitting next to you on the bus etc etc. Im sure you get the picture. Not only will these acts of kindness help the other person feel better it should also help you feel lots better about yourself. Please do this often and let me know how you feel after a few weeks. Take care my friends and may the sun shine down your way. "HUGS" to all.