Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I feel that most , if not all of us tend to erect strong walls that we feel will protect us at some time or another. A lot of times we build them without consciously knowing it. And oft times those are the walls that keep us from manifesting who we really are. These walls are usually built one brick at a time and when completely built they can become quite the burden instead of protecting our ego selves as we had envisioned. There are many names we can call these walls  but no matter the name one should surely be very careful before allowing them to rule our subconscious mind. It is well to note that we ourselves are the only ones who can either build or demolish our walls as we see fit. The philosopher Milton once wrote the following: The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven. Another thought of the subject of mind comes from a Dr. Karl Menninger who has written that the human mind is far more than the brains little bag of tricks. It is, instead, the entire personality made up of a human's instincts, habits, memories, organs, muscles, and sensations, all going through a constant changing process. And to me the good doctor is telling us we should be very mindful of the things we accept and then use to erect those walls! One more thought on the subject I wish to share with you now comes from Og Mandino's character Simon Potter, an old ragpicker. In his book the Old Ragpicker is talking withMr. Og on the subject of walls. He states the following: You see, Mr. Og , most of us build prisons for ourselves and after we occupy them for a period of time we become accustomed to their walls and accept the false premise that we are incarcerated for life. As soon as that belief takes hold of us we abandon hope of ever doing more with our lives and of ever giving our dreams a chance to be fulfilled. We become puppets and begin to suffer living deaths. It may be praiseworthy and noble to sacrifice your life to a cause or a business or the happiness of others, but if you are miserable and unfulfilled in that lifestyle, and know it, then to remain in it is a hypocrisy, a lie, and a rejection of the faith placed in you by your creator. So my friends as I bid you all a fond farewell with hopes for the very best of everything for you and yours, I truly hope that those walls you have so carefully built  over the years are still an asset and have not become a burden. Be free today to love, to give, and to accept, all that is good for not only yourself but for all the people. "HUGS"

Friday, June 20, 2014


Do you believe in miracles? Well, I suppose that would depend on how you define a miracle. I've mostly heard folks talk about a miracle in some religious event. Since I am not a religious person myself I had to decide how I would define a Miracle. Being a simple man I feel that just being here in this 3d world is a miracle. And that any of us as newborns and little children ever grow into adults. The way I can turn a knob on my truck's radio and pick up a station many miles away is a miracle to me. That I'm able to sit here and type these words and send them out to far reaching places is a miracle. Oh well, that's just me though. One of my favorite authors is Og Mandino. He wrote several really great books. One of them was called The Greatest Miracle in the World. If you ever get a chance to read it then good for you. I highly recommend it to all. In the book he describes a miracle in this way that I now wish to share with you. A character in the book is one Simon Potter who considers himself a ragpicker. Simon asks Og to define what a miracle is. Og's reply was "It's something that happens that is contrary to the laws of nature or science....a temporary suspension of one of these laws? Then Simon Potter ask if Og thinks he is capable of performing miracles...of suspending any laws of nature or science. Og laughs nervously and shook his head. The old Ragpicker picked up a paperweight from the coffee table and held it out to Og. Then he said "If I release this paperweight from my hand it will fall to the floor will it not? Og agreed as the old man added "What law decrees that it will fall to the floor? Og responded the law of gravity. Exactly! said Simon Potter as he let the paperweight fall from his hands. On instinct Og reached out and caught the weight before it hit the floor. The old Ragpicker folded his hands and with a self satisified grin he asked Og "Do you realize what you have just done Mr. Og?" Og replied "Yes, I caught your paperweight." More than that said Simon . Your action temporarily suspended the law of gravity. By any definition of a miracle you have just performed one!
 So there you have it friends, from here on just remember that you can indeed perform miracles if you desire to do so. And my hope is that you will be able to use these miracles to not only better your life's circumstances but that they will also help the entire world to learn to live as One! I leave all of you with big hopes for much love, peace, and joy as your experiences. Be really good to yourself and even better to others! "HUGS"

Monday, June 16, 2014


Nothing like a brand new day greeting one in the morning! I woke up breathing today and that is my definition of being a success. I keep my goals simple you may think, but as I see it to get anything done one must first wake up to a new day. And that goes both as a physical and a mental awakening to the new day. What ever it is that you want to get accomplished today just go for it and let it happen. The new day is a blank canvas just waiting for you to begin your masterpiece any time now. However you define your personal success, you can accomplish it right now. Martin Luther King Jr. once stated the following: "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the staircase, just take the first step." I agree with Mr. King on that! So my hope is that each of you will be able to start on your new painting of this day and that it will not only make you feel good about yourself but also that it may help one soul somewhere to have a little better day themselves! I wish for all of you a very wonderful day!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


To all the good dads and stepdads out there I salute you. I think the hardest job behind being a good mother would be being a good father. Enjoy your special day!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Today I would like to share with you a paragraph taken from the book titled "This Thing Called You" which was written by Ernest Holmes. Mr. Holmes founded The Science of Mind magazine back in the 1950's. His words were true then and still today they ring true. In the book Mr. Holmes states the following: There is a pattern of perfection at the center of your being....... Your intellect senses this through intuition, your imagination feels it by divine right, your inward consciousness knows it through faith.....Any maladjustments in your life will be healed when you realize this perfect center within yourself. The vision you must catch and hold is the consciousness of a union so complete and perfect that you find no difference between your own being and God. The two are one...... The wick of your individual life runs deep into the oil of pure Being." I agree that we all have within us that state of perfect awareness and oneness. Now I know some of you may have different beliefs about God but I still feel it doesn't detract from the truth and no matter your "description" of Infinite Being nothing changes the fact that we all still have that center of perfection. My hope today is that each of you have already discovered this truth and if not then soon! Please remember to be good to yourself and even better to others and enjoy this One Eternal Moment.