Monday, April 21, 2014


I wish to share with you today the following paragraphs from the book Teachings of Don Juan

 A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war: wide-awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other  manner is a mistake, and whoever makes it might never live to regret it.
 When a man has fulfilled all four of these requisites- to be wide awake, to have fear, respect, and absolute assurance- there are no mistakes for which he will have to account; under such conditions his actions lose the blundering quality of the acts of a fool. If such a man falls, or suffers a defeat, he will have lost only a battle, and there will be no pitiful regrets over that.

May I remind all of us to remember to be really good to others as we attempt to gain more knowledge as we grow in all areas of our human egos. And if you can do something nice for someone right now and that will help ease some of this world's burden. I leave you now with thoughts of pure love, peace, and kindness. Hugs to all.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Do you ever think about what it is you would do if you wanted to change the world in one way or another? I have been doing that ever since I was a young fellow. Of course when I was really young I only wanted to change it in a way that would benefit me in whatever way I could devise. But as I grew older (and hopefully wiser) I began to envision change that would benefit all human beings. As I changed myself from being a "taker" to being a "giver" I really did envision a world where we all live hand in hand. Sharing all the world, living in peace, and treating each other the very best we could. After going through that stage which I now call my "saving the world syndrome" I slowly became aware that no matter how much or how hard I tried I was never going to be able to see my dreams come true. And with that realization came the fact that I personally cannot "save" anyone, nor can I drastically change the world as it seems to now be, but at the same time I can do whatever I feel led to do to help. And with that realization I became a little more "free". No longer do I feel I have to do anything other than what I feel in my heart. I no longer have to "know" all the answers. I no longer have to try and fix anyone else. I only have to follow my heart in everything I do. Finding freedom in an unfree 3d world isn't easy to do but it does become a little easier when we accept everything as it is. Does this mean I will not try to change the world? No it doesn't. I will try to change my thoughts and actions and when I do that in itself will change the world. So I will continue to try and be the very best human being I can. I will try to be a good friend, a good husband, a good man, and will try to be a positive force. After all, that is really the only thing I can do. If the world around you right now seems to be dark and things are hard, may I suggest you try changing your thoughts and actions so that you can become a light for the darkness. Darkness is only an illusion brought about by a lack of light. Let your light shine brightly right now and become a part of the solution to this worlds darkness. And as always, take a moment and try to do something nice for someone! I leave all of you beautiful folks with a quote from Leo Tolstoy who once stated: "Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself."