Saturday, December 19, 2009


I can't believe its another year already come and gone! Wow, where does the time go to? I just celebrated another birthday on the 5th of december and it seems like they come sooner every year.Oh well I really can't complain because Im still around and Im enjoying every moment of this life. I was thinking just last nite about the xmases past and all the fun I had. And as I was remembering those years past I got to thinking about how so much has changed in so short a time. My childhood seems so long ago but actually in years 50 or so isnt a very long time.But I really do wish some of the things I grew up with was still around. Life was so different then. We lived in a small community where everybody knew each other or at least was familiar with who they were. I was only in the 8th and 9th grades of school and when I wanted to go somewhere I would go to the side of the hiway and stick out my thumb and hitch a ride. Whne I stopped riding the school bus I would hitchhike back and forth from school. When I wanted to g to Mayfield(the closet place called a town) I would hitchhike. And I wasnt the only one to do this. A few of my friends did the same thing and noone ever thought anything about it as far as being dangerous. Can you imagine today letting your 13 yr old kid hitcha ride to town? I didnt think so! Another thing we had that I loved. We never had to lock our doors to our homes or outbuildings even if we were going to be gone for days at a time. Imagine doing that today and seeing how long before someone comes in and cleans you out! Hey back in those days even when there was an argument between school mates those differences of opinion were settled with a good old fashioned fist-fight which usually ended when one really good punch landed. There were no guns or knives in school fights, and their surely wasn't any school shootings by a messed up teenager! And those days were also the beginning of school intergration in Kentucky. I was in the 8th grade before there were any black students at Wingo High School.Fortunately I was already intergrated with a black friend who lived across the road from my house and a few miles down a old gravel road where the black community was located. And I used to go to that neighborhood selling candy, cards, and whatever else the school was peddling at the time. And the first house down that gravel road was where my black friend lived. Another one of my pals lived close and us 2 would go to our black friends house and play baseball or any other sport. Ah yes my friend was named Delbert Love and Ill never forget him. Having been raised by my folks to respect and accept others I never had to be faced with being a racist and to this day I dont understand why some humans resort to any kind of racism. But thats an entirly different subject for a later date. Fondly I remember me Jerry McFadden, and Delbert Love all sharing a part of our lives with each other. So those days 45 yrs ago seem so long ago but not forgotten. A simpler time to say the least and a time of great changes some for the better and some for the worse. But I would love to see this xmas be a time where a 14 yr old could hitchhike anywhere, where one never had to lock up their house, where every human being was considered a brother and sister no matter what race, age, or belief they are. I know I am a dreamer and I realize there is lots of work to be done before we can go back to that kind of lifestyle again. But one thing is for sure--nobody,I mean Nobody can ever keep me from dreaming. And as long as I can dream I can do my part to make this world one I really love. To all of you kind and beautiful folks I wish for you and yours a truly wonderful and blessed holiday season! May it be filled with lots of love, peace, and joy, and may the new year ahead turn out to be the best ever for you. "HUGS" to each one of you my dear friends. May God bless

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Peace, one simple little word that means everything to most "normal" human beings. I use the term normal very loosely here as I dont even know myself what is normal anymore. But back to peace. It seems so simple to me that for one to be truly happy they must first be at peace with themselves and with their own world they have created with their minds. But I have come to find very few really "peaceful" individuals in this world. Even those who seem to have "it" all together usually go round with lots of inner worries that take away much of their happiness.And I realize that peace of mind will mean different things to different people but being at peace with ones own envirnoment is tricky to say the least.But again I believe we can all find that elusive inner peace with a lot of trial and error and a lot of good old soul searching. I truly hope and pray that all of you fine folks can honestly say that you are at peace with yourself and with your world. If not I pray you will soon find the road that will lead to this peace. Be patient and keep the faith. I will leave you with a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh---"Peace and happiness are available in every moment. Peace is in every step. We shall walk hand in hand."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


How many times in your own life have you wanted to create something really special for yourself or for another? And how many times did you "fail" to see your creation come to light? I know from my personal experiences that many of us seem to never be able to quite get it "right" in our creating. The reasons for this are many Im sure, but the one biggest roadblock to creating our "masterpiece" is that we tend to try and take complete control over how and when our creation will manifest. And when we try so hard to control anything you know what happens now dont you? Yeah all our plans just go flying out that window of another missed opportunity. If you dont believe me just try to force yourself to get a drink of water from your hand by squeezing the water real hard. You know that wont work but if you gently allow the water to be cupped in your palm then you may get that drink. We try to control or squeeze our envirnoment and shape it into what we wish to create instead of just allowing our minds to gently allow the natural unfoldment of whatever it is we wish to create by envisioning the process in our mind and not trying to control the outcome as is our inherent nature as human beings. I love this quote from Julia Cameron: "The creative process is a process of surrender,not control." And I leave you with one more quote this one from the Science of Mind Textbook:"The soul must make a complete surrender of itself to the Spirit."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


If one desires something in their lives all they have to do is state what it is they want, believe it has already manifested even tho they cant see it yet, and then step back and stop trying to force anything to happen, and then just like magic the thing will appear in their lives. So my hope and prayer for each of you is that you finally decide exactly what it is you want to manifest in your life and that you can develop enough faith in things unseen so that your desires will be quickly made manifest in your outer world. I now leave you with a quote from the works of Christian D. Larson called Pathway of Roses:
"Desire that which you desire, and desire with all the power of mind and soul."
I sincerely hope all of you fine folks are having a truly magnificent week so far. Be safe, keep on smiling, and do something good for yourself as well as another person. God bless!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hello friends. Today I was thinking of past experiences and how they had all played such an intrinsic part in me becoming the human being I am at this moment. Some of the past experiences were ones that caused me many a sleepless night and days filled with doubt and feelings of insecurity. And on the other hand so many of the past experiences that brought me much joy and peace of mind. I have found that the experiences I have had of doing something good for someone else have been the most rewarding. And also the ones that caused me so much heartache were the ones I needed the most! I hav e spent much of my life looking for my "reason" for being here at all.But at long last I have arrived at the point where I am sure that I am one with everything and that everthing and everyone is a part of me also! So how can I be "mean" and do anything to hurt another when I know I would only be hurting myself? And why shouldn't I try my best to "help" everyone I can when I am then truly helping myself also? I leave you with this quote from a person named Owen Rowley:
"You fight your way through the demons, stand before the holy of holies, and when you rip away the veil, there's nothing there but a mirror."
I sincerely hope and pray that all of you will be well, and that the new week before you will be filled with much love, joy, peace, and all "good" things.

Friday, November 27, 2009


No matter the hour, the day, or the season. No matter what the circumstances may be. No matter your age, your race, your occupation. No matter where you live. No matter who you know. No matter how much education you have. No matter how much money you make. And no matter what you think to the contrary, there is no reason of any kind that can keep you from allowing your love light to shine brightly. We have all been born with this inner "light" and it never never disappears. Yes, I admit there are times when it may be a little hard to "see" or even "feel" this light, but I guarantee it always remains at the center of your being and if you look long and hard enough you can find it even when everything seems to be going downhill! My wish for each of you is that your lovelight is easily discovered and that you share it abundantly with all of us. I will leave you with the following quote.
"To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest."__Anonymous

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I really dont think there are very many readers of my blog but those of you who do stop by I want you to know that I appreciate you sharing a moment with me. And to all of you I want to extend my heartfelt wishes for a grand and joyous Thanksgiving Day. May you and yours be richly blessed always."Hugs" to all of you.

Friday, November 20, 2009


There is no future, the past is gone forever, so that leaves only this one eternal moment. So that then begs to be asked: What will you do with this one moment? Will you spend it by worrying about the past which has turned into nothingness, or maybe thinking about the future which is only an illusion?, or will you spend it wisely by being the very best human being you can at thismoment? I sure hope you will choose the latter forI truly believe that if you do you will find that this life really can be a joyous and love filled one with truth and happiness as your guide. I sincerely hope that all of you wonderful folks have a safe fun filled weekend. I leave you with a quote from Pema Chodron: "Now is the only time. How we relate to it creates the future."

Monday, November 16, 2009


Don't ya just love to be uplifted? Ya ever been feeling down and lonely and then out of the blue someone you either know or have never met says or does something that uplifts your mood and seems for a moment anyway to make everything alright? That is one of those times that someone else has been inspired to uplift humanity and it is indeed a precious and very special moment in time. I know how hard it is to be upbeat all the time and it is ok to need a little uplifting of your own from time to time. If all of us could only be inspired to do a little "something" for others on a regular basis it could be the start of the healing of this beautiful planet we call earth and to the ills of all humankind. I leave you with a couple of quotes and a prayer that you may be inspired this very moment to do something good for someone. The first one is from Elbert Hubbard--"If I can uplift or inspire,let it be by example, inference, and suggestion." And from the Science of Mind "I uplift, therefore,I am uplifted."

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Just last nite I was lying in bed trying to quiet my mind so I could go to sleep when I heard in the distance a train whistle blowing as the locomotive came chugging down the tracks toward a railroad crossing a few miles from our home. Immediately, this beautiful sound enraptured my very being and I felt a big smile come across my face. Now I really have no explaination as to why a train whistle sounds so beautiful and warms my soul so much. Why do I love locomotives, railcars and cabooses? I cant answer that one either. Just like why I cant answer why I love frogs of all kinds. But thats another story the frogs. Today its the trains Im thinking of. I can recall as a small lad living out in the country walking down the railroad tracks just hoping a train would come along at any moment.And lying in bed at night listening as the train whistle gently blew. For some unknown reason it just always made me smile and it felt as if I was riding away on the vibrations of the whistle.Speaking of trains have you ever thought about all the wonderful songs written about trains? I have and I love all of them.From Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues"If they freed me from this prison if this railroad train was mine, I bet Id move it on a little further down the line, far from Folsom prison thats where I want to stay and I'd let that lonesome whistle blow my blues away" and Creedence Clearwater's version of an old blues song called The Midnight Special to the line in a Marshall Tucker song that goes like this-Gonna buy me a ticket down at the station dont care where I go,gonna climb a mountain the highest mountain jump off nobodys gonna know--Gonna take a freight train as far as I can I ain't never coming back, gonna take a southbound all the way to Georgia til that train he run outta track, and I could go on and on. But anyway Im sure there are lots of folks who love trains like I do. And its so nice to be able to have something so relaxing that doesnt cost a penny. Now you see why I love old trains. May all of you have a most wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Here's a great quote from Mark Twain I'd love to share with you today.
"The public is merely a multiplied me."
For better or for worse I truly do believe old Mr. Twain sure got that one right! My hope and prayers for all of you and me is taht we learn to live in peace and harmony with everyone real soon before we indeed destroy this entire planet. Let us start living right now as if this was our final day on earth. Then maybe we could let go of all "old" hurts, slights, (both real and imagined) grudges, and worn out evils we have perceived along the way. Hope your day is a great one!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Well its been a while since I posted anything on here. Things have been going ok and Im really enjoying this beautiful weather here in western Kentucky. The colors were absolutely gorgeous this year, they just didnt last long enough because of all the rain we had a couple of weeks ago.But this past week has been so really nice. the temps in the the 60's and even low 70's during the day and 30's and 40's at night. Lots of beautiful sunshine and a nice breeze. Just wish this would last until the end of the year. For any of you who have never been to Kentucky I will tell you it is a really beautiful place all year round. Even the ice storm we had last Janurary was beautiful in its own way. Ive been feeling better since my last post. I went and got some shots for my neck pain and its helped a lot. Ironic as it is on the day I went for the shots my wife and I had stopped at a red light light on the way to the Pain Center when we were rear ended by a teenage driver who was not paying attention. Both of us had a little whiplash but not hurt badly so we continued to the pain center for my shots. Now Im dealing with the insurance company on fixing the wifes car. The accident messed up the rear bumper and it needs to be replaced. Over 600.00 for that little fender bender. No wonder our insurance rates are so high for all of us. That was the first wreck Ive been involved in since 2004.And even though no one was hurt it once again got me to thinking of just how fragile this life is. If this driver had been going real fast the collision could easily have killed all of us. I mean one second just sitting waiting for a light to change and then wham it all turns to blackness! Thats how quick ones life can come to a screeching halt! Kinda scary if you think about it. So again Ive been thnking of all my loved ones and how precious this life really is.I know we should never take 1 little moment for granted but like the rest of you I still do it from time to time. And since life is so short that is why I feel it is absolutely a must to live each moment in the now and enjoy everything. And also so important to tell those you love just how much you do love and appreciate them.Also to let old hurts and slights go of and to forgive those who have hurt you in any way. I try to let those I love know just how much they mean to me and Im quick to say I love you. Some folks think Im a little crazy cause I tell people I dont even know very well that I love them.But I really do you know.To all the folks who have been even a small part of my life, again I say I love you. I love you. I love you. So maybe I am a little crazy but at least when my time is up I will be able to say that I let people know how much they meant to me. Thats for what its worth. I realize not very many people read this blog and thats ok. Ive thought a time or two on stopping this journal but then something always happens that makes me keep on going with it. Ive got a dear friend in Evansville (K.J.) who is such a lovely spirit. She sent me a message once saying that my blog entry for that day really made her feel good about herself and that it was just what she needed to hear at the time.Its things like that that keep me going. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said ,and I paraphrase "If you have caused even one life to have breathed easier because you were here-that is to have succeeded." So my friends I bid you all a fond farewell and wish for you and yours the most beautiful weekend ahead.May your joys be many and your troubles be few! God bless!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Im not one to ask for much, especially from those I love and since I love everybody(see my disclaimer on the profile page) I dont ask for much at any time. However I am making an exception this time and Im gonna ask all of you dear folks to send me some healing thoughts and prayers. For those of you who do not know I suffer from chronic pain because of an automobile wreck in which I broke my neck. That was way back in 1974 and the pain didnt really start bothering me until the early 1980"s. Now it just gets a little worse each year but I am able to deal with it thanks to all the love and support form those I love. Also I go to a Pain Management Center every 3 months and receive injections directly inot the neck and this helps to ease the pain somewhat.It isnt a cure but it helps me to live a pretty normal life.I am due at the Pain Center on tuesday this week at 7:30am. Im asking for your warm thoughts and prayers because it seems the pain is intensifying every day. I know I will be lots better after tuesday but I still would love those warm thoughts from all of you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I sincerely hope that all of you wonderful people have a really great week ahead. Be safe and remember that I love ya!

Friday, October 16, 2009


How simple a thing for one to reach out and pick up something they see lying on the floor Have you ever really thought about what is actually happening at that one particuliar moment? Probably not if you are like most of us "ordinary" people. I say ordinary with a big grin cause I really dont see any of us as ordinary.But when we do reach out and pick something up we dont have to tell our hands to move, they just do it as if on automatic pilot.And even tho we aren't thinking about it consciously we are using the one power of mind at our beck and call to do our bidding.All through the day we go about using this great power without putting any real thought into what we are doing. Its no wonder so many of us never get what we truly want out of this life. We never take the time and effort to learn how to use this power of mind to bring into our experiences those things we truly desire. But we do use this power to unconsciously bring into our experience many things we really dont want to have. Just think about it and I think you can see what I am talking about. So heres to hoping that both you and I will become a little better at using this power of mind to bring our greatest desires into being. Hope all o f you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Don't ya just love changes? Well, I've come to realize that most of us tend to resist changes because as human beings we seem to like being in a comfortable little "bubble" where we know what to expect from this life. Some changes(even tho they are for our best) are so hard for us to accept. I've even known people who had rather stay miserable and know what was coming than to open themselves up to accept the changes life gives to us each day. One thing for certain in this life is that everything changes--I mean everything-- not matter how hard we try to keep things the way we want them to be. Just as sure as the summer turns to autumn, autumn turns to winter, winter into spring, and spring back into summer, so are our lives and everything in it constantly changing. But still many of us resist change and have all kinds of trouble just giving into the changes and seeing how they will make us better people. I hope today that all of your changes will be ones that take you to the heights of bliss and enjoyment. But those that seem to be disasters can be turned into good ones also.. I love the quote from Bertolt Brecht which says,"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are." So enjoy every moment and try to accept the changes that are coming your way this very moment. Hugs to all of you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hi friends. I really do wish I could talk with the person who made the trojan virus that attacked my computer a few days ago and made me have to completely start over and redownload everything that I had on here.The trojan froze my computer up and caused me to lose everything on the harddrive. I had to start from scratch and reinstall every program and every application. This was not only time consuming but we lost a bunch of our photos because I had never made a backup file. Oh well at least I managed to get it back to running still downloading things as I come across them. And this is the 2nd time Ive had to do this stuff in the past 3 yrs simply because some mean spirited person decided to make something that would destroy someone elses things. I mean what pleasure does one get from doing such things? After they write the virus and turn them loose do they sit back and wait to see the destruction they have caused and get their jollies from that? I really just dont understand it! If these types of people would use their time to try and invent something to help others instead of things that destroy or disrupt others lives maybe then we would be on to something. Any way I have had my little rant and now Im going forward and not holding any ill will toward the person who invaded my computer and caused me so many headaches. But if by chance you do run into this person some day tell him or her I hope that they really enjoyed making my life a little worse for a day. And if thats the worst that happens to me this week then Im gonna be ok. May all of you have a truly wonderful week ahead.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Good morning, Good night, Good day, Good bye, Good riddence, Good for nothing, Good grief, Good God. Good for you, Good evening, Goodness Sakes,Good going, etc etc. Ya ever noticed how many times we all say something with good as the first word? Wonder why that is? Ya think maybe its because we inwardly know all things are "good". Well maybe not "all" things but most anyway. Its one thing I believe to be a "good" person but another thing to really apply that goodness in a way that will make this world just a little better for all of us. Think about your day that has just passed by for a minute or so. Was it a "good" day? Did you do anything "good"? Well, did ya? Only you know that for sure. Im guessing that the most of you folks reading this are by nature "good" people. Again each of us will have our own definition of what is good and what being good means. I also am pretty certain that all of you (and myself as well) could have done just a little more good than we did. No matter what you did today Im sure there was an opportunity for you to have done just a "little" more "good". Maybe instead of just thinking about an old friend you havent seen in a while you could have called and spoken to them. A small thing I know but you may be surprised just how much you can lift someones spirit by a simple phone call.Oh I know Ive done it a thousand times myself, Ill think of someone and say Im gonna gi ve them a call later on this evening or tomorrow, but then thats as far as it goes and the next thing I know its been weeks or months since I first thought about calling them and still I havent gotten around to doing it. Im sure you get the idea Im talking about. So instead of just being a "good" person today why dont ya do a random act of kindness? I think I will try to be a little better at being good" starting right now. I hope you will all join me. Hugs to all of you beautiful folks. May the rest of your week be filled with much love, peace ,joy ,and good health.And may the sun shine down on your backdoor always. I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite writers Henry David Thoreau----"Be not simply good; be good for something."

Friday, October 2, 2009


On vacation at theGulf of Mexico this past month with my wonderfull wife I managed to spend several days at the beach swimming against the waves of the ocean. The waters were pretty clear and warm and the white sand was beautiful. When I was not in the water I sat under the umbrella watching the waves roll against the shore and was almost hypnotized by the sound effects. I have used the analogy of a river or an ocean to our human lives in the past and once again I thought about that as I took in the warm sun.Like our individual lives make up all of humanity each individual drop of water make up the ocean.When I was in the water I accidently swallowed a bit of the salty ocean water.(It was quite easily to do because the waves hit me in the face at times whenI wasnt fully expecting it to.) As I now think about the drops I swallowed I can see the relation to our human lives once again.Once the drops were out of the ocean and into my body was it still a part of the ocean or not? Did I destroy the drops of water or just change its condition? Will it ever again become part of the ocean? These questions are akin to asking what happens to us when we are taken from the ocean of human life by so called death. Are we then seperated from the ocean of life forever. Have we been destroyed or just altered? Will we once again become one with the ocean of life? Ask yourself these questions when you are in a quiet moment with just you and your consciousness. you may be surprised at the answers that come forth from what I call Spirit. You may call this force God,Allah, Buddha,Universal Mind or any other label you think best.As for myself I truly believe that I never destroyed the drops of the oceans water, I only caused it to be altered into another form. For all I know it turned into urine while in my body, then outward once again from my body to a toilet into a sewer and eventually back inot the ocean. I cant really say for sure but I do know it continues to be a part of the "Ocean" of life. All energy is eternal and cannot be destroyed only altered. And as such I truly believe we all will forever continue to be one with everything. And that surely includes being one with each other right here on planet earth. So Im hoping and praying that everybody will soon learn to treat each other with love respect and kindness. May all of you have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and remember to keep on smiling! "Hugs" to all of you!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Acorns to Oaks

You ever wondered how a big majestic oak tree could be made froma really small acorn? Or how any seed can be planted and with proper nourishment it will grow into exactly what it is supposed to be. Its like magic as I see it. How can a little seed produce the crops we eat? All it takes after being planted is some water, some sunshine, and often times some loving care and it will ALWAYS manifest as it is supposed to. It cannot become anything else other than its inherent consciousness. Im amazed by all this stuff myself and think about it often.And when I turn my thoughts to my own inherent consciousness I am remined of who I am and where I have come from and where I am going. At least I hope I know all this. One thing I do know for sure is that everything comes from the ONE SOURCE and by natural law it will return to that source at its proper time. This same POWER that puts within the small acorn that process to turn it into the beautiful oak tree, is the very same Power that makes me and runs through my every cell atom and molecule. And that truth is the same for all of us. Thats the way I see it and even if Im wrong it doesnt really matter because in the proper time I will again return to the dust of the earth and my newest journey will begin. I hope that you can feel this power that runs through your being right now and that you can connect your consciouosness to this power and that in turn should fill your soul with great awe and wonder. Just knowing that you are part of this great Intelligence that I choose to call Spirit should inspire you to want to become the best human being you can possibly be. Take care my dear friends and remember you are already a hero just for being here on earth. God bless all of you!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I wanted to say hi to everyone and see how things were with all of you. We just got back from a weeks stay in Destin Florida and Im still trying to catch up with things. Ive missed you all while I was gone and hope that all of you have had a great week. I will be posting again as I find the time. May God bless you and yours now and always.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today I would like to express my thoughts and beliefs on unity or oneness since I do believe that all of us are "one". By that I mean I feel all of us have come into being from the ONE SOURCE of everything. That Source is what lots of folks call God or any other name they feel comfortable with. I prefer to use the term Spirit or Universal Mind simply because the word God seems to mean so many different things to so many different people. And wehn you mention God most folks take that as something religious. Not that I have anything against religion but I feel religion only goes so far in helping one to find their meaning in life.But geting back to the point of us all being One I cant seem to imagine it being any other way. I know we all come from different backgrounds, different races, and differnet places in the world but I feel we are all spiritual beings who have incarnated into this 3 dimensional plane to experience our personal spiritual growth. And sine I believe we are all one that is why I cant understand why we treat each other so horribly at times. When we attack another we are only attacking ourselves at the same time.If we could all just live as if we all were brothers and sisters we could quickly put an end to the absurdities of life. As the late great John Lennon once said in song"Imagine all the people living life in peace" --Now thats a really nice thought. Anyway I am trying to live my life by treating everyone as if they are "one" with me and I hope more of the worlds people will begin to do the same. I will leave you with the following 2 quotes--The first is from Swami Vivekananda He says "All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything." And from the Science of Mind Textbook comes the following thought--No false sense of seperation can come between people, nor disturb the realization of the unity of all life. I wish all of you continued happiness and joy in all you do.God bless you and yours now and always!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It is with a heavy heart I find myself this moment. I have just found out that one of my friends here at Blogger has just lost a dear friend due to a car accident. My friend spoke so highly of the young man I felt a terrible loss to this world by his passing.I know all I can do is keep all of the people affected by this horrible accident in my thoughts and prayers. And this also serves to remind me of just how fragile our time on this earth really is. Ive been blessed to be here for over 50 years and then again here is this young man in his teens already taken from us.If wecould all only keep in mind of how quick our loved ones can be taken from us in one swift moment maybe then we would be quicker to forgive and more eager to tell our loved ones just how much they mean to us. Do it now before its too late--tell everyone you love them. Tomorrow could be just too late. Take care my friends. I love you all!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I really really do hope and pray that all of you wonderful folks find yourselves feeling great and being happy. A lot of you are enjoying an extra day off from work and planning a big day for tomorrows celebration. I believe that for anyone to be really happy they have to become stress free and that is a monumental achievement for many of us.You all know just how stressful this life can be at any given time. You can have a great day going and just one act or comment from someone can totally ruin it for you. There is stress in the workplace, in the schoolroom, on the golf course, at the beach or any where else one may find themselves. And stress can come from the most unexpected sources and at the worst times ever. It seems to be everywhere and it will find you sooner or later probably sooner. And sad to say but the ones we love the most can be the ones that apply this stress into our lives. Stress affects us in many unhealthy ways. It makes our blood pressure go up, it causes us to not be able to get a good nights sleep, it affects our digestion system, it causes us to make bad choices etc etc. Personally, I believe that stress is the biggest problem that any of us will have to endure from time to time. Fortunately there are many different ways to deal with stress. I choose to use meditation, taking a long walk in the woods, and just becoming aware that the stress will eventually pass and I will still have lots of loved ones who care about me.Just counting my many blessings always helps. I sincerely hope that all of you can and will find a good way to deal with your stress and can keep it from making your lives miserable.Be aware that whatever the reason for your stress you are bigger than the problem. You can adjust to any situation and you can survive anything! I love the quote from Marcus Aurelius in his book "MEDITATIONS" He says "If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment."
I hope all of you have a safe, stress free, and happy monday. Be safe, have fun, and God bless.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I know all of us have busy lives that at times seems to be stressful and jjust wears us out trying to manage all we think we have to do. That's just the way it seems nowadays especially here in the good ol USA. Ive heard that overseas the folks shut down their businesses for a lunch break and take an hour or 2 off to eat and rest maybe even a short nap. I dont know if they still do that overseas but Im alsmost sure noone does ithere in the USA. What a shame too! No wonder we are a country of overweight unrested unfullfilled group. We have let our lives become too much of a stressor to really enjoy the best things in life.I mean how can we be at peace within our own minds when we seldom slow down to just "be" for a little bit?I know all the arguments---I have to work to take care of family and pay the bills, I have to be an overachiever just to get to the top of my profession, I cant afford to slow down someone is just waiting to take my place if I pause for a moment, etc etc. And I do realize that these arguments have some very valid points and I know at times there really is no way to slow down but waht cost are we paying? A very high price I do believe.Personally I believe the greatest gift we have is that of being at peace within our soul and living a simple life. The more simple the better I do believe. There is a quote in the Science of Mind textbook page 539 which says "Peace, like an ocean of Infinite Life, reflects Itself through me and calms every turbulent feeling." I really believe this is true if we can only take the time to practice doing it--that is to relax breath deeply and remember who we really are. I also love the following quote from Lao-Tse which says "I have three things to teach; simplicity, patience, and compassion. These three are your greatest treasures." I sincerely hope that each one of you will have a great week ahead and that you can find at least 1 hour during that time to relax meditate and find that center at your true being that will calm the spirit and allow you to fully express the absolute wonderful person that you really are. Bless your hearts my friends! I love you!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


In my mind at least the hardest job on earth would be that of being a mother. I know Im a man and I can never fully realize all the sacrificies a mother makes and of I sure as heck dont know anything about the pain of giving birth itself but from what Ive witnessed in my years is that a mothers job has got to be the hardest ever.I had a wonderful mom myself and when I look back on my life and hers I am still amazed at the things she did for her kids. And never once did I ever hear her say she was sorry she had chosen her path as a mother.I realize that not everyone had a great mother and that all mothers cant be really good ones but the majority of them just give and give without complaining. So today I salute every mother both living and deceased and give them my regards for a job well done. I will leave you with a quote from Tenneva Jordan:"A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four piecies of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." Be well all of you dear people and keep on smiling!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ok, so how many of you wonderful folks have ever dreamed about doing something really great that made you famous, paid you lots of money, or otherwise just made you feel like you had accomplished something fantastic that really changed the world? If you are like me I'm sure there are times when you think about your true calling as a human being. I often wonder why I am here right now at this moment and if I am doing all I was meant to do.It can almost drive me crazy at times(or at least it used to). But as I have gotten older I have come to realize that maybe I have been doing what I was supposed to all along. When I was a younger man I really thought my reason for being was to write stories that would help others find their way a little easier.And even though I was fortunate enough to have had several of my writings published back then it still never felt like I had done enough. So I changed my thoughts and started looking for other ways to find my "true" calling.And it took me several years and lots of "hard" lessons to finally arrive at the conclusion that I was already fulfiling my purpose for being here. I gave up on the notion of writing a book that would become a best seller and help lots of people improve their lives.(If ya do know a good editor somewhere I still have a couple of unpublished books Ive written just lying around). It was, at first like I had given up on my dreams but I eventually saw that not all of us were meant to do something spectacular. So I gave up on that and decided to just do the "little" things in life that would be a life of service and one that I could be proud of.All of us can make a big difference by doing the "little" things. By the little things I mean like holding a door open for someone, saying hello to people you pass on the street, being quick to smile and to lend a helping hand to others, calling an old friend for no reason than to say hi I love you,rremembering someones birthday and sending a card, etc. I could go on lots longer with "little" things one can do. Now I know I will never be famous nor probably rich (unless I hit the lottery) but I now know and feel like I am being true to myself and doing all I can possibly do tomake this world a little better place for all of us.And anything I can do everyone else c an do also.So maybe the next time you find yourself wondering what your reason for being is maybe you should just take a look and see if you are doing any of the "little" things. And if you are I say great, keep up the good work, and if you are not then maybe your life would become more fulfiling if you gave it a try.Dont get me wrong, Im sure not trying to tell anyone how to do it Im only saying put a little thought into it and you may be amazed to find that you are already fulfiling your reason for being and just didnt know it.I will bid all of you a goodnight and leave you with the following quote from a very special lady who was named Helen Keller. This great lady once said "I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble."

Friday, August 21, 2009


So, just how many things are you thankful for in your life? Im sure all of you have been blessed with at least a few things to be thankful for. But it is always so easy to overlook those "good" things and for us to be worried about the things we dont have. Why do you suppose we as humans are prone to look at life in that way? I wish I had the answer to that one. Our lives can be filled with many many blessings but instead of giving thanks for them we go round bemoaning the lack of things we want or think we need. And since life gives to us that which we think about the most is it no wonder so many of us find ourselves unfulfilled and less than totally pleased with our circumstances? If we can train our minds to give thanks for our good every moment then it will become second nature for us to accept only the good things we desire. I Know it sounds easy but I also know from experience just how hard it can be to look at our good when it seems everything is going haywire. But if we look closely we can find that our good really does outweigh any "bad" stuff.I really like the following quote from Meister Eckhart:"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was "thank you" that would suffice."So let us all begin to give thanks for everything that comes our way and lets see if that doesn't make our lives so much more fulfilling. I hope and pray that all of you are now doing well and that you and yours will have a really terrific weekend!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Right now I sincerely hope that all of you are experiencing only the good things in life that you desire. But if I'm correct Im sure that some of you could be feeling less than satisified at the moment. And thats because I know that life doesn't always flow easily for us. But there is always a way out of our current affairs if we only take the time and make the effort required to change those conditions we find less than wonderful.And one thing I really believe we have to do is to carefully watch our every thought and word we speak. Even when we are just joking around we say things like I am so unluckly, I never can do things right, Im always in the wrong place etc etc.Well whether we really mean those words or not when we speak them the Powers that be take those words as being true and give unto us what we said . And those Powers also do not distinguish between our words and our thoughts. They are all the same to this Universal Mind. What we say what we truly think is what we will keep on getting in this life. And when we try to change our thoughts it is easy to say something like Im gonna be real successful, Im gonna find my soulmate, Im going to win lots of money etc etc but extremely difficult to really change our inner beliefs. As Wayne Dyer once put it "You will see it when you believe it" and not the other way around. So right now may all of us reclaim our own Power and start right now to make our lives the ones we truly want to have.I will leave you with the following 2 quotes:
The first quote is from the Science of Mind Textbook: Any thought which tends to inspire, to comfort, and to give peace to the mind is good.
The second quote is from one of my favorite authors of all time Ralph Waldo Emerson: But power dwells with cheerfulness...while despair is no muse, and untunes the active powers.
I truly hope that each one of you and your families and friends have a very wonderful week ahead. May each day be filled with lots of love, peace, and joy. God bless you all!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


How often do we as human beings quit trying to become better at anything just because we lose our trust in our own abilities? More often than one would like to admit I'm sure. Its been said that to accomplish the thing you set out to do you should keep it to yourself until you have done it lest others will try to convince you that your idea is crazy or utterly unattainable. I agree with this but I also think the biggest problem we have is that we just don't trust ourselves enough to get it done. How many great ideas have you had in the past but failed to act on them because you just didnt trust yourself enough? I know I have been guilty of that more than once myself. So let us all this day be reminded that we are made of "Godstuff" and can accomplish anything we set our minds to. I will leave you with the following quote from Shakti Gawain:
"When I'm trusting and being myself...everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously."

Monday, August 10, 2009


I believe that without hope all things in this life may just be too much to bear for us. May all of us continue to have hope for a brighter future not only for ourselves but for our world of humanity.Never lose hope and never give up. I love the following quote from Emily Dickinson:"Hope" is the thing with feathers/that perches in the soul/ and sings the tunes without the words/ and never stops at all."
I sure hope all of you wonderful folks are having a great start to this brand new week!"hugs" to all of you.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hey folks. How ya'll doing these days. I sincerely hope things are going just the way you want them to and that your lives are filled with much joy, peace, love, good health, and happiness! If you are like me I believe that you can see a new consciousness taking shape in todays world. When you think about it it hasnt been all that long ago that the average person lived to their 70's, today the 90's are a norm it seems. We were here in the U. S. still a divided state with some of the states still believeing in slavery. Women were told to stay in their place which was to stay home, raise the kids, and do what their husbands said. They couldnt even vote believe it or not! I must say our forefathers were just a bit of a male chauvinist. Im surprised that you ladies let us get away with it for as long as we did!!! Im sure you get the picture, we have come a long way in our thinking even if we still do have a long way to go. But the collective consciousness of humans are beginning to take shape and I believe for the better. I am so thrilled with our young folks today(most of them) even if they do dress a little funny at times. We are starting to see a nation of people who accept each other and color makes no difference.Thats not to say that things are perfect. You and I both know there is still a lot of prejudice in the world.But the younger folks are so much better at accepting each other than a lot of us "older" folks. I beliv e that eventually we will be able to overcome our differences and finally learn that for us to survive as a people we must start living by the golden rule. Such a simple concept but one if lived by would make most of our 'problems" go away.This world is changing one thought at a time and if we want to be a part of this greater "good" I think we must change our thinking patterns and start becoming part of the solution to this planets problems. As each of us becomes more aware of who we really are the consciousness of this planet will be lifted up.I bless each of you today with thoughts of love and harmony. I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite authors Eckhart Tolle:

....both the Old and the New Testament....speak of the collapse of the existing world order...."A new heaven" is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness, and "a new earth" is its reflection in the physical realm.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


You never saw a fish on the wall with its mouth shut.
Just a little something to contemplate. Hope all of you are doing great!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Procrastination! That is a big word that usually causes us as human beings from achieving all of our lofty goals. I know that I really have a hard time on occassion to make myself get up off my butt and do the things I know I need and want to do. It is just so easy to tell myself it can wait until tomorrow. But as they say tomorrow never comes. And I know from experience that there are a lot of folks just like me. We have good intentions but at times let the old procrastination take over. Hers a story Id like to share with you about this thing called procrastination.
There was once a painfully shy young man who fell in love with a young woman. He sensed that she felt the same way about him but he couldnt find the courage to ask her out. He kept putting off asking her. He did decide to mail her a love letter every day for a year tehn he would ask her out after the year was gone. Faithfully he followed his plan, and at years end he was finally courageous enough to call her--- only to discover she had married the letter carrier.
I do hope all of us ,myself included, that we will not wait a moment longer to act on what we know we need to be doing.May all of you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I must say it is one of the intriging things about us human beings. We aspire to earn and to save all the "good" and the "beautiful" things in this material world and then we hide them away in lock boxes, safes, holes in teh ground or any other place where we think these items will be "safe". I've heard of folks who buy a 50,000 diamond bracelet, stow it away in a safe and then buy a "cheap" duplicate to wear out in public.We take our rare gold and silver coins and lock them away for a "rainy" day while using our "plain" old paper dollars in the "real" world. And Im afraid we also at times hide our greatest assets(love, a friendly smile, hugs, a sense of caring, compassion etc) while using in the real world our tired old grumpy selves. I think its about time we pulled all those "beautiful" assets just mentioned out of their hiding and begin to share them with not only those we love but with everyone we meet. I'd love to hear any of your thoughts on this subject. Remember to be good to yourself and even better to those you meet everyday. A kind word, a warm hug, a smile, a pat on the back to someone you happen to cross paths with will do much greater good in this world than you realize. Take care my dear friends. Hugs to all of you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well, I finally did it. I broke down and bought me a new playstation2 game machine. My philosophy is If ya got a good horse ride it but don't break it down. I'm not one to change things too much if all is working well. I know I am more than just a little behind on all the new technology but what the heck. Way back in 1988 I was in a beautiful relationship with a wonderful lady who had 2 darling little girls when I met her. I absolutely adored and still do those 2 girls. They were so beautiful and I loved them with all my heart. And I'm so thankful that today they both are grown and married with families of their own. And even tho I dont get to see them very often since they both live in another state I do keep in touch.Anyway back in 1988 I bought them a Ninento 8bit game console.I remember we had so much fun trying to save the Princess in the Mario Bros. game. As a matter of fact I played it more than they did.So at the time I bought another one of the consoles to have a t my house. Well after my relationship with the girls mother came to an end and I had no one to play Mario with me I kept the game console and bought some sports games to play on it. It served me well during the years I was a "bachelor" again and I kept it even after I met and married my sweet wife in 1995. All these years she would ask me why I didnt get a newer game machine and I always said I was gonna get a new one some day. But the years kept racing by and still I kept the old game and played it quite often. I would even pull out the old Mario Bros game every once in a while and save the Princess just for old times sake. And I never failed to think about those 2 wonderful "little" girls Rina and Renee while I was playing that particuliar game. I suppose that hundred dollars I spent on the original Ninento was one of the best investments I have ever made. As I put in away in a box with all the games the other night it was kinda like burying an old friend. And I do reckon that one of these days I will get it out and play some more just to remember all the good times of the past.And it still works as good as it did on the day I bought it. And yeah, I admit the new Playstation and the games are a lot better graphics and more real but I can only hope I get half as much fun from it as I did my Nintendo. And I sometimes wonder what the girls ever did with the one I bought them.Just call me a dinosaur if you want but sometimes I wonder if newer is really better than a golden oldie.Happy gaming to all of you.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I truly believe that above all else in this life a peaceful mind has to be one of the most important assets that we acquire. I know that one has to have love good health money and a few other things to be quite satisified but all of these without a peaceful mind still leaves a gaping hole in our lives and I think we will find ourselves unhappy. I'd much rather be a poor man ,alone, sick, and hungary but have a peaceful mind than to have all of the aforementioned without the peace. Each of us must find the key that opens our lives to finding the peace of mind we deserve and need to be happy and fulfilled. I will share with you a piece I ran across the other day. It says "Have patience with all things but first with yourself. Never confuse your mistakes withyour value as a human being. You are a perfectly valuable, creative, worthwhile person because you exist. And no amount of triumphs or tribulations can ever change that. Unconditional self-acceptance is the core of a peaceful mind."
May you all have a most wonderful weekend filled with much love joy fun and above all else peace of mind!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


You can make more friends in a month by being interested in them than in ten years by trying to get them interested in you.
Charles L. Allen--Roads to Radiant Living

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There was a little boy with a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him to hammer a nail in the back fence every time he lost his temper. The first day the boy drove 37 nails into the fence. Then it gradually dwindled down. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence. Finally the day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. His father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone. The father led his son to the fence. "You have done well son, but look at the holes in the fence," he said. "When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like the nail holes. You can put a knife in a person and draw it out. It won't matter how many times you say I'm sorry, the wound is still there. A verbal wound is just as bad as a physical one."
So heres hoping that your "fences" are intact and without any holes. Bless your hearts!

Monday, July 20, 2009


If our lives here are like a ship on the ocean then its probably time we set our course for greater and higher destinations. I know from experience that a lot of us tend to get mired down in a routine and find ourselves altho not unhappy just a wee bit restless. Atleast I find myself feeling this way from time to time. And even though I really like where I am in this life at the present moment I have no doubt that there are still places I need to go and things I need to get done. I love the quote from William Shedd that says;"A ship in a safe harbor is safe, but that is not what a ship is for." I agree with that wholeheartedly so Heaven help me get up off my lazy rear in the future, get out of my little ruts and set my course to a larger part of the ocean. My hope is that all of your particuliar journeys will be filled with much excitement, much love, joy, and much learning. May this present moment be your most fulfiling one ever!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


HI folks. I sure hope all of you beautiful people are enjoying this very moment right now and that things in your life are going the way you had envisioned. But just in case some things may be a little worrisome or not quite going the way you would like I thought I'd put this entry in for ya. I know from my own personal experience that oft times things get really screwed up (never my fault of course--Ha! You outta know better than that cause I can at times really screw up badly!) and it is at those times when we wonder why we even bother and try to get things going. Just seems like its one thing after another that goes wrong and robs us of being happy and content. Well as the title of this entry states it ain't alwas what happens to us as much as it is our reaction to it. We all have to "eat" stuff at times that doesn't go down real good. But Ive found out that if I "chew" it really good I can always find something positive from the experience. And yes, I have to chew things sometimes for days or longer before the "positive" comes into my mind. I really do hope that you are well satisified with things in your life at this moment and I hope that is always the case. But when things do go wrong just remember "It ain't what ya eat, its the way how you chew it." Take care friends and remember to be good to yourself and even better to those you love. And while you are at it why not do something nice for a stranger? Bless your hearts. I love ya all.

Monday, July 13, 2009


When one looks at all the so called "problems" of this world it sure can seem a daunting task if we as individuals can really make a difference. But too many times good intentioned folks will just shake their heads and do nothing because of the magnitude of the problems. You, know as well as I do that we can make a difference even if it is just a simple thing we do. All of us have a unique talent to give to this world if only we will. My favorite story concerning doing small things to help is one I read about years ago.Famous Amos( the cookie king) was walking along the beach early one morning and saw a young boy picking up starfish that had been washed up on the shore and tossing them back into the ocean. The shore was covered with thousands of these starfish. Amos caught up with the young boy and asked him what he was doing. He said Im throwing these starfish back in the water before the sun kills all of them. Amos asked him if he really thought he was making a difference just throwing a few of them back in the water because there was no way he could throw all of them back. The boy picked up a starfish, tossed it into the waters and said " I dont know but it sure did make a difference to that one." And the lesson here is for us to do what we can when we can to help as many people as possible. I will use the quote from Anita Roddick to end todays entry."If you think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't been in bed with a mosquito."

Saturday, July 11, 2009


When everything around you is going crazy, when no one understands you, when you are just about ready to give up, then remind yourself to never never give up. Good things are always just around the next corner. Did you know that after Fred Astaire's first screen test in 1933 a memo from the MGM testing director said,"Cant act. Slightly bald. Can dance a little." Good thing he didnt give up huh? Astaire kept that memo over the fireplace in his Beverly Hills home.
Did you know that a relatively unsuccessful marketer of resturant equipment named Ray Kroc didnt sell his first hamburger until he was 52 yrs old? At a time in his life when many are considering retirement he built McDonald's from a handful of hamburger stands into the world's largest food chain. Good thing he didnt give up on being successful.
When his older brother was killed during WW11, this man first withdrew into a shell and almost gave up. He then began to listen to the radio to ease his pain. Soon he was dreaming about hosting his own radio show. That led Dick Clark to start American Bandstand.
Did you know that Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper for lacking ideas? He also went bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland.
And Finally author Richard Bach had his manuscript for a book rejected by several hundred editors before he found one to publish Jonathon Livingstone Seagull(My personal favorite book of all time). A movie of the book followed as did several more great books by Mr Bach. Im so glad he didnt give up.
One more thing Id like to add and this is my own personal experience. After many many failed attempts at finding the one woman of my dreams at the age of 42 we finally found each other. That was in 1994 and we have been blissfully married since May of 1995. And to think I had almost gi ven up on even looking for my soulmate! So whatever your dreams and no matter the past results or what anybody tells you I say hold on tight to your dreams and dont ever gi ve up! Bless your hearts. I love you all.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello folks. Today I thought I would share with you some quotes I came across in a little booklet called Good Stuff. Hope you like them and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love peace and joy.

There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day.--Alexander Woollcott

Hate is like acid. It can damage the vessel in which it is stored as well as destroy the object on which it is poured.--Ann Landers

The best thing to do behind a friend's back is to pat it.--Ruth Brillhart

There are two types of people-those who come into a room and say, "Well, here I am," and those who come in and say"Ah, there you are."--Frederick Collins

It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top.--Anon

Only those who risk going too far will ever know how far they can go.--Anon

A smile is contagious; be a carrier.--Anon

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Faith:1. unquestioning belief, especially in religion 2 particular religion3 loyalty. This is the definition given us by Webster's New World Dictionary. But to me the definitions just dont quite go far enough. I feel faith is something we all use every moment of our lives whether we are aware of it or not. And the funny thing about having faith is that we as humans oft times misdirect our faith and bring untold misery into our experiences. For example what exactly is worry? We all seem to worry way too much. I would define worry as faith that has been misdirected. Our thoughts are very powerful things but we tend to give more power to the negative ones than the positive ones. We worry what tomorrow will bring instead of just having faith that all of our needs will be easily met. And what our thoughts are is what our experiences will be in the future. So why dont more of us use our thoughts and our faith to envision all the good things that this life will abundantly give us if we so desire it.I have heard friends of mine say things like I never get a break, I have to work really hard just to make ends meet, I dont really have any dependable friends, I never win anything etc etc. And as sure as the sun will burn tomorrow that is what they keep getting inot their experiences. And if I tell them to change their thinking and to have faith that things will work out they look at me as if Ive gone plumb loco! They have told me they dont possess any faith---hogwash--- everybody has faith in something. How many times do you jump into your car and crank up the engine and go on your merry way without ever doubting the car will start and get you to your destination? Well, that is faith my friend no matter what you may call it. So I truly believe we all have inside of us a faith that is unceasingly strong if only we look for it, nurture it, and allow it to work so called miracles in our everyday lives.My wish for each of you is that you quickly discover the inherent power that lies within and begin to use it to fulfill all your dreams quickly.I know from experience that there are times when our faith grows weak and all seems to go awry. Why Ive had times in my life when I have had to really work to pull myself back up from the deepest corners of despair and literally crawl back to that place of inner solitude and knowing that always sets me free once again. In those times of grief and heartbreak try to remember things will get better--you will survive-- and always try to keep the faith.And if by any reason you ever feel that no one cares about you or understands you feel free to contact me. I will always care I promise. Take care my friends and remember to do something nice for someone for no reason-you will be surprised just how good that makes you feel-- and remember to be good to yourself and even better to those you love."hugs" to all of you. I leave you with the following quotation from Christian D Larson's book The Pathway of Roses

"When there is anything you truly wish for, do not stand passively hoping that something may happen to make your wish come true; go out and make that wish come true; have the faith that you can, believe in the power that God (Spirit) has given you and God will give you more"

Monday, July 6, 2009


Just how hard is it to expect the best of everything to happen to us? I dont think it should be that hard but it does seem to be for most of us anyway. And the opposite is also true that we can more easily expect the worst of things to happen. And this being the case then of course the worst does occur. Im really amazed at how easily some people get into the habit of expecting everything to go against them. And then if things only go half wrong they seem to be disappointed as if life is treating them unfairly. After all they did invest much time and effort into thinking and worrying about the worst of things happening. I wonder if its because we as humans have just become too complacent with running our own lives and find it much easier to just blame others or bad luck or whatever else we can so we dont have to own up to the fact that we alone are responsiblile for what direction our lives are taking. That is not to say that things will always go our way but we do have the final choice as to how we will deal with things when they do go wrong. I believe if we could change our mindset to believe in expecting the best we would soon see a big change in our lives. But we must be willing to put forth the effort to change our thinking and we must face things as they come and do whatever we can to make things better. Just thinking positive only goes so far, we must back that thinking with action and that is where a lot of us get derailed. Many times we fail to do anything for fear of being wrong. And doing nothing equates to our lives continuing to be like a ship without an anchor. Maybe we should try to become more conscious of our everyday thoughts and if we see a negative one replace it with a positive one. Let us all expect the best today, do what we can for ourselves and for others and then see what tomorrow brings into our lives. I wish you all good luck in this endeavour and hope you quickly see the changes in your life you want to see. I will leave you with the following quotes.....

When you do not succeed, when no one seems to care for your service, or for your talents, there are two things to do: do your best and love much.
Christian D. Larson,The Pathway of Roses

We should EXPECT THE BEST, and so live that the best may become a part of our experience.
The Science of Mind

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Just what would you define success as? I have found that most of us have our very own unique definition of what success is. Sadly( I think) too many of us define success as how much money and material possessions we have amassed. Now I believe there is nothing wrong with having lots of money and fine beautiful homes and other things that make this life comfortable but to define success only in this way is a mistake I do believe. As I take a look at my own personal life I can see how my definition of success has changed from time to time. As a younger man I guess the material things and money meant a lot more to me than they do now. And I tended to think success was how I matched up to others. After years of trying to keep my ego in check I finally found out it didnt matter how others perceived me and my own self worth wasnt to be measured in what things I had.And that was a good thing because Ive never really had lots of fine "stuff". Until I married my sweet wife I lived in apartments and old houses. I drove old cars but did manage to own a Harley motorcycle. Luckily for me my wife to be never judged me by what I had in material possessions but she was able to look into my heart and see the love within. Over the years I had defined success as being the best person I could possibily be. Im still working on that but at least I am content with my rate of "success". Now I tell people I consider myself a success if I wake up breathing in the morning.A vey simple view for a very simple guy! Now I dont know how you define success for yourself and I sure dont want to try and tell ya how to do it, Im only saying put some thought into it and you may be surprised to find that you are already successful and just didnt know it. Anyway I wish for all of you the success you truly are searching for and may it arrive at this very moment. I will leave you with the following quotes from Science of Mind and its founder Ernest Holmes. May God bless you and yours now and forever."Hugs"

"The thing that stands between you and the greater good is a thing of thought and nothing else. It is not Reality that you must change, but your mental reaction to It.
Ernest Holmes--This Thing Called You

Declare your freedom. Know that no matter what others may say, think or do, you are a success now, and nothing can hinder you from accomplishing your good.
Science of Mind

Friday, July 3, 2009


My wish for all of you is that you and yours have a very safe fun filled and joyful holiday weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


If life made you out of Itself.... and if you are an individual just a little different from all other individuals who ever lived, then Life not only created you as an independent being, It also implanted a unique something within you.

Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I was thinking about what it really means to be free and Im sure everyone has their own perceptions as to what freedom entails. My beliefs are quite simple really since I consider myself a very simple kind of man. Living in the United States right now ensures us Americans some freedoms that maybe other countries do not offer. At the same time I feel we aren't really as free as we would like to believe. I love the U.S. and could not imagine myself living anywhere else right now. Of course all that could change in a heartbeat. I know there are other great countries around the world that also offer one many freedoms. Now as most of my family and close friends know I am not much into politics.Man made governments leave much to be desired even here in the good ol U.S. Right now Im kinda holding my breath and hoping President Obama and his staff will be able to get things in a much better shape. But I must admit I do have my doubts. I dont like seeing our government getting involved in every private business and slowing eroding our founding Fathers rights they fought for all those years ago. Look at the political agenda if you will---again this is only my humble opinion-- but it doesnt feel right when our elected officials dont have to live by the same rules the population does.Every one here is worried about Social Security but for different reasons. The working men and women are concerned that it will go broke in the not so distant future and the politician is worried the collapse will cause them to lose their high paying and powerful positions in the government. Did you know that the elected politicians dont ever have to depend on Social Security to supplement their retirement like the working class has to? No, instead they are guaranteed a very lush rich retirement plan that pays them the rest of their life after serving only 1 term in office. Now how did this come to be you ask? well, they enacted this into law for themselves.Doesnt seem quite fair to me, if they had to live like the rest of us things would be different Im sure. I am amazed by the way my fellow Americans stand by and let our elected officials do things like this over and over and over again. Im thinking that maybe one day the masses will finally realize just how duped we have been for so many years--does Custards Last Stand ring any bells? Oops for a simple guy who isnt much into politics Im going on and on I know. So I will get back to being free. And the easiest and fastest way to find ones own personal freedom is to FORGIVE. I didnt say forget all the nastiness that others may have done to you in the past but I did say forgive! Hanging on to every wrong that you feel has been done to you is the surest way to be unhappy and stay chained to the past and their events. We all get screwed by others from time to time, its sadly just a way of life it seems, but we always have the final choice to forgive and just go on. And if we can manage that then we are well on our way to personal freedom. Personally I feel that I have been able to forgive all for the wrongs done to me either real or imagined and it has surely helped me to be the type of person I want to be.My hope for all of you is that you find yourself at a good spot and that you consider yourself free. If by chance you are holding onto any old grudges against others I believe you would be better served to forgive the person and also forgive yourself for any wrongs you may have done in the past. May your life always find you being free and happy. As for my rant against the US politicians I sure hope I didnt offend any of you in any way. Everything I say here on this blog will always just be one mans humble opinion. I bless you friends and hope life will always be good to you and yours.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am reminded of the song by Charlie Rich in the late 70's titled Rolling with the flow. I keep on getting older but just keep on rolling with the flow. Great lyrics! How simple and how easier are our lives when we finally learn to relax a little and just go with the flow. This will Im sure mean many different things to each person. What I consider the flow may be totally different than the one you find yourself on this very moment.That really is besides the point I do believe.I recall some of my younger days when I oft times found myself failing to roll with my personal flow and it always semed to cause me many heartaches misfortunes and lots of stress. As I finally began to ease into the person I intended to become it made things easier to just roll with it and have a devil-may-care attitude. But at the same time I would still allow stress at times to overtake my better sense of judgements and find myself again struggling to get along. Today I still have lots of work to do on myself but find it much easier to stay within the flow of life as I see it. I look at the big river that flows right past downtown Paducah and Im constantly reminded of how my life has seemed to go thru the years. The river just flows easily at times, and at times after a lot of rain it flows like a raging torrent. But whatever the circumstances it keeps on rolling. If it comes upon an obstacle in its way it will flow around it or thru it whichever is the easiest. It always looks for the path of least resistence.And altho this river can be altered by man made dams etc it remains always true to itself.Rolling along ever rolling just being what it is. It will continue to flow freely as long as it never dries up. Such is our lives I think. Life will be smooth sailing at times, at other times it will be a flooding raging torrent. It will come upon obstacles from time to time and have to either go around or thru them. If we can manage to take our lives with the path of least resistance we shall be beter off for it. Every circumstance every encounter for us is like a new drop of water in the river. It quickly mingles with the greater source and becomes one with all.My hope and my prayer for all of you is that your life will be forever flowing gently but when the rough times do come that you will be able to remind yourself---Roll with the flow-- I will leave you with the following quotes and bid you all a wonderful week ahead. Bless your hearts!

.....the minute I know that God(Spirit) is love, I have no more problems. That ends them. If I know that God is Infinite intelligence and that is is His good pleasure to give me the kingdom, what kind of problem can I have?
Joel S. Goldsmith--The Art of Spiritual Healing

It is only as we allow the Divine current to flow through us on and out, that we really express life.
Science of Mind

Friday, June 19, 2009


It has been proven to me that fear is the one thing that will keep us all from becoming the person we want to be. Even silly little fears keep us sometimes from doing things we want to do. Every one of us have had times when we have given in to our fears and allowed that to dictate to us the shape of our lives. There are times when fear is a necessasry part of being human and it serves to keep us from doing some really dumb things. But I truly believe we all tend to let our "little" fears rule our lives. But from experience I have seen just how much better life can be when we face our fears and overcome them. It is then we can see the unlimited possibilities we possess to be anything and to do anything we desire. My wish for you and yours this day is that you can look yours fears right in the face and go ahead and overcome them. Because fear is really only faith that has been misplaced. I will leave you with the following quotes and wish all of you a grand weekend ahead. And a very happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.

"Experience the apprehension and do it anyway! It's the doing that brings you to a new level of inspiration, so don't deny your fear....."I'm scared, but I'm also taking action."
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Inspiration

Accepting the lessons and experiences of the past, and taking the best from everything, we should press boldly forward, looking ever for the Truth, and ever ascending higher and higher into the heavens of Reality.
Science of Mind

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Life gives us so many new doors to open and experiences to grow. How sad that we often times let fear or any other excuse keep us from opening the doors before us. Some open to great experiences that leave us happy and totally "up" on life and all that it entails. Others sometimes lead us on paths that make us uncomfortable, dumbfounded, or just at a complete loss. But all of these doors and experiences serve to teach us the lessons of life and it is our responsibility to either learn the lessons and grow into a better human being, or refuse to learn and remain as a ship drifiting upon the seas with no idea of where we are headed. My hope for myself and for all of you beautiful folks is that the door now standing before you will open up and the path you find will be one that leads you to much happiness, joy, love, kindness, and understanding. I'll leave you with the following quotes. May God bless you and yours now and always.

Every moment will be a demostration of the power of truth, every experience will be an open door to a larger, more beautiful world, and every person, thing, or event that we may meet will add to our welfare and joy.
Christian D. Larson, The Pathway of Roses

Let us waste no further time looking for the secret of success or the key to happiness. Already the door is open and whosoever will may enter.
Science of Mind

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'd just like to say that I really do admire all those single parents out there who are or have raised children by themselves. Ive personally seen in my life those mothers who have had to raise kids by themselves with no support from the father. And I really do admire all the sacrificies they had to make. In my humble opinion there is no harder job than being a parent or step parent. And having to go it alone makes it even more amazing. I have also seen single fathers do the same for their kids. So to all you single parents out there I offer you my admiration and say "Good job" For when all is said and done our kids are the most important asset any of us have and they are the future. And to those of you who are now raising kids of your own I wish you the very best and say thanks for raising your kids to be honest, caring, and loving children cause our world sure needs those kind of kids to become our future. God bless all of you.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Let us in everything we do have a clear purpose in mind before we undertake the steps getting to where we want to be in this life. If we dont have a clear intent and purpose before us we will tend to drift here and there like a ship on the storm tossed sea. You know as I do that this life will be turbulent at times and if we dont have our purpose outlined these storms will just push us further and further away from where we really want to be. As Wayne Dyer put it in the title of his book--"You'll see it when you believe it."-- not the other way around. So whatever you want your life to be first start by outlining your purpose and then be strong enough to withstand the storms of life by having faith and keeping your mind open to all possibilities. I now leave you fine folks with the folowing quotes: for a great purpose, and hold the central idea of that purpose constantly before mind.
Christian D Larson, The Pathway of Roses dealing with the subtle energy of Spirit,... the molds are made in our own subjective minds, through conscious and specific thought, purpose, and direction.
Science of Mind

Monday, May 25, 2009


I sure hope that all of you had a really fun filled weekend spent with family friends and loved ones.Most often we hurry through this life trying desperately to fulfill our wants and desires and at times our families and friends suffer because of this.Parents today dont seem to have enough time to spend with their kids,they are so busy trying to earn enough money, and therefore the kids wind up suffering.There's nothing wrong with a parent working as long as they find quality time for the family.But that can be a hard task at times,that's just the way our society has become. Some say the problem with our society is drugs, violence, greed, etc. I say the biggest problem is the breakdown of the family unit.In the not so long ago past the family unit was always revered as something holy and most mothers stayed home while dad brought in the money. But alas, todays society doesnt put enough effort into keeping the family units together. Kids are growing up with no father figure with single moms having to work 2 jobs just to pay the bills and the kids left alone to fend for themselves.I know there are lots of problems in this country but I truly feel if the "old" way of raising our kids was to once again be the norm I think we could at last stat working on solutions to our problems. I understand how parents have to do things now and Im not judging anyone, as I know being a parent has to be the toughest job ever. I just hope that all of you can find time to enjoy your family and friends as much as possible. For when all is said and done the only thng we really have that is important is our families and our friends.Thank God we are all protected by the Great Spirit and we have the opportunities to live our lives here in the U.S. as free men and women. And today let us remember all those brave souls who have fought and died to keep our country free. Our protection in this material world comes at a high cost in times of war and strife.May we always remember we are protected in the spiritual world at no cost whatsoever.I leave you now with the following quotes.May God bless you and yours today and always!

The secret of protection lies not in seeking God to save us from some danger, but rather to understand that safety, security, and peace are dependent on our remembrance of the truth of God as one.
Joel S. Goldsmith, Practicing the Presence

The loving presence of Spirit is with me now and forever, so that I am divinely protected.
Science of Mind

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Every day every minute, we are using our minds to create our lives thought by thought. Whether we are aware of it or not each thought goes out into the creative "One Mind" of which we all are a part of. This "creative mind" doesnt question why our thoughts are the way they are, instead it just acts upon each one of our thoughts and brings into manifestion the result ,whether we like it or not. This "Mind" doesn't try to change our thoughts. Its only duty is to bring into expression each of these thoughts as our experience. This "Mind" knows neither right, wrong, big, little,etc. And It judges not our reasoning. Again Its only purpose is to express. And this being the case ,that means that each thought we think, each word we speak goes from our human minds to this "Spiritual Mind" and thus becomes our everyday experiences. Let us all become more aware of each thought and make sure we want that particular experience before we speak or think. I leave you with a couple of quotes and my hope is that each one of you will have the most beautiful weekend ever! Take care my dear friends.

It(the creative process) is a state of giving thought to what you want with such clarity that your Inner Being responds by offering confirming emotion.
Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Law of Attraction

...we all use the creative power of the Universal Mind every time we use our own mind.
Science of Mind

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As we consciously bring ourselves back, day after day, to the actual awareness of God as oneInfinite being, God, manifesting and expressing Itself as individual being, we understand more fully that all power flows out and through us,as a benediction and blessing to the world.
Joel S. Goldsmith--Practicing The Presence

...making mistakes....carries a blesing with it when we learn how to garner knowledge from experience.
Science of Mind
May all of our mistakes be small and easily overcome. Most impoertantly let us all learn form our mistakes and try harder not to keep repeating the same ones over and over. I know Ive made my share of mistakes but I have learned a lot about myself by going thru them.My belief is that we can only hope to do as few stupid things as possible each day cause we all are human beings and we will commit our share of mistakes. Just remember to forgive yourself as well as forgiving everyone else. My hope an dprayer is that each one of yu are doing well and that this day is filled with much love peace and joy.

Friday, May 8, 2009


In this world there is nothing I mean nothing that is as special as a mother. I hope all of you mothers and grandmothers have a truly awesome day! Bless you all!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


At first, this is all in the realm of the mind, but by constant practice, it leaves the realm of the mind and comes down into the heart, into the awareness, into consciousness, and then it takes over and lives our experience.
Joel S. Goldsmith, Practicing the Presence

To practice the presence of God is to awaken within us the Christ Consciousness.
Science of Mind

These past few days have given me time to once again stop and look at my life and what I am allowing to happen.I may have a chakra out of place but I know its still my choice as to how my life goes from day to day.Guess I just needed to slow down let the blues cascade over me and make me think everything was just what I didnt need when in reality I know that the opposite is true. I got exactly what I needed even if it really sucked to feel the way I did for a week. One thing for sure tho, when I go thru a period of dispair and begin to feel sorry for myself I know that I am in the midst of learning something important. This time Im still not quite sure what the lesson is supposed to be but Im sure the answer will come shortly. Its still rainy here but there have been times of some sunshine and that helps a lot.I sincerely hope that all of you have a marvelous weekend and that your "lessons" will be easy ones! Hugs to you all.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Thats the title of one of Buddy Guys cds. And right now I feel just like that, I've got the blues and cant seem to get myself doing much of anything. I know it will pass and hopefully soon. All the friggin rain here in Paducah sure isnt helping I love the rain but not this friggin much!! Cmon sunshine! Hope all of you are doing great

Thursday, April 30, 2009


If God(Spirit) is, then I am. I cannot say, "I am yesterday," and I cannot say, "I am tomorrow." All I can say is "If God is, I am."
Joel Goldsmith
God as man(women), in man, is man.
Science of Mind
As we go along in this often times bizarre world we find ourselves searching for something but not quite knowing what that something is. There are times when we feel we know what we are searching for but for many of us these times are relatively few compared to the times we dont know what we are looking for. Spirit will keep gnawing at us until we heed Its call to discover who we are and what we are meant to be doing in this life.If we ignore this prompting I am afraid that we will suffer in many ways and not even be aware as to why.If on the other hand we do surrender to Spirit and look within to find our true selves we will find our lives filled with much meaning and this in turn will bring us much happines and joy and all good things into our lives. We need to be aware that we dont let our search become one of looking at outside forces and things other than what is inside us already. We are made perfect for the job we were put here to do so looking outside ourselves will only bring disappointment and heartache.Look within and know that you and Spirit are One now and always.Mayyour jurney be one filled with much happiness and love. I bless your hearts!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"A Thinker lives in a world of his or her own, Conscious Creation."
The Impersonal Life
When we know within ourselves, we are knowing at the point of that Individualized Spirit which we are.
Science of Mind

Sunday, April 26, 2009


"Let us, by our thinking and living, speed thinking when the oneness of mankind(humankind) will be not only theorized but practiced."
Our bodies are One with teh Whole Body of the universe. Seeds, plants, cabbages, and kings are all made out of the same substance.
Science of Mind
Its true friends. No matter what your beliefs, your skin color, your nationality etc we are All made from the same source. It doesnt matter what you name it:Spirit, God, Allah, Buddha, etc. If one will just lay aside their pre-conditioned beliefs , their prejudices, their fears etc and really think about it Im sure most of you would have to agree.
So being made from the same source would make us all brothers and sisters wouldn't it? So why dont we all start right now to treat each other as if this was true now and always?
My hope is that each one of you will have the most wonderful week ahead filled with lots of love, peace, and happiness. Hugs to all of you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


"Men(and women) have lingered too long in the dark places; truth is calling us into the light.
The unfoldment of these inner and finer forces through man is what we call his evolution.
Science of Mind
My hope and prayer is that each one of you on your own individual journey will quickly find the light that makes your pathway bright. May the "dark" places be quickly dissolved as you find the light that always burns brightly within your soul.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


On the first page of the book One by Richard Bach lies this quote. "I gave my life to become the person I am right now. Was it worth it? I think that says it all so Ill not add anything to it. Just think about that little sentence and see how it applies to your own life. Hugs to all of you my fellow human beings and friends. Bless all your hearts!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just ask any money manager the fastest way for someone to make money and they will tell you to put your money into some kind of vehicle which will draw compound interest. For when your money works like that it will grow at the fastest rate possible.
So if one wants to deposit into this life or creative mind more peace, more love, more kindness, and more of every good thing one has to give then be assured that Spirit will bring all of these good things back into your own personal experience with compound interest. Or to state it more simply life returns back to one what they sow into their own lives. Of course Spirit does not discriminate so if one sows disharmony, hate, prejudice, or any other negative thing it too is returned back to them with compound interest. So be careful what you sow along the way and may all your days and nights be filled with much love , peace, and goodness. I leave you now with the following quotes:
"Begin now to deposit joy,peace, and good humor;busy your mind with these things; then the subconscious mind will give you compound interest."---The Miracle of Your Mind
See with perfect clearness and never become discouraged nor overcome by a sense of limititation.--Science of Mind

Thursday, April 16, 2009


If only we could all learn how to see clearly the whole truth of how life really is. But we all color our visions according to what we have been told and what we have accepted as truth from an early age on into adulthood. Some of us never take the time to question what we believe, we just spend our entire lives doing what we have always done. This isn't either right or wrong its just that maybe we wernt meant to live our lives the way we were brought up to be. I dunno! But Im so glad that at some point I was able to question my own beliefs and was able to reach my own conclusions. I may be wrong but at least I think I did it the right way. And I suppose thats the only thing that really counts.Its just that I think we all sometimes accept things as being the way they are and thats it when in reality we could change the "bad" things with a newer vision. I will leave you with the hope s of a wonderrful weekend for all of you and the following quotes.
"It is your destiny to see as God(Spirit) sees, to know as God knows, to feel as God feels."
Meister Eckhart
Let us learn to see as God must, with a perfect vision.
Science of Mind

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


To those of you who know me and are aware of my beliefs know that I subscribe to the idea that all of us ( humans, animals, and plants) are one and that we all come from the same source which I perfer to call Spirit or God. This post may seem to belie those beliefs but I will try to explain.
This past weekend has been filled with much anger for me on the inside.Being a human I totally accept all of my human emotions and embrace them even if they happen to be of a negative nature.I am not being hypocritical when I say we all should be quick to forgive one another and free ourselves of the negative emotions we sometimes have to deal with. I know I will get over this latest "hurt" and will be able to forgive the person who managed to bring these emotions into my life.
Without going into great detail Ill explain what happened. My beautiful wife came home from work last friday with tears in her eyes due to the fact that one of her managers at work had falsely accused her of things that just wer not true. I spent all weekend having to deal with my anger because this manager was not coming back to work until today. So this morning I went to face him with his actions andf immediately he got defensive and we both got angry. I admit I was mad and maybe I was wrong but nobody I mean nobody is going to mistreat my beautiful wife without having to answer to me. She is the most beautiful soul in the world and would never do anything wrong to another person.As a matter of fact even with this manager's actions toward her she tried to talk me out of saying anything at all to him. She was willing to just drop it and let it go but this time I felt I had to stand up for what was right. I must say I did manage to push this guys buttons enough this morning for him to call the police to come escort me out of the store. So having had my say and letting him know he is alittle back stabbing weasel I left before the cops got there.Kinda like the Charlie Daniels song Easy Rider!
Anyway, I can now put this episode to rest and hopefully in a few days forgiv e this guy and just let it all go. I know my wife and I's greater good is coming about because of these circumstances and I have no doubts that the law of karma will bring to him his just rewards some day.Im glad I dont feel I have to do anything else Ill gladly leave it up to lifes own laws.
So even if I happen to have to deal with one of lifes "pricks" from time to time I still believe we are all one even if I dont agree with anothers actions. I sure hope all of you had a better weekend than I did! And I hope your dealings with any "pricks" are few and far between. Hav e a great day. Hugs to you all!

Friday, April 10, 2009


"When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye
"I turned to look but it was gone, I cannot put my finger on it now
"The child is grown the dreams are gone and I have become comfortably numb.
I use the lyrics from an old Pink Floyd(one of my favorite bands of all time,you really should check out there wonderful old songs) for todays thoughts that have been rummaging thru my mind. I can remember all the things I dreamed of doing when I was a lad and had not yet become jaded by the collective consciousness of the world. There was nothing I couldnt do, all I had do was declare what it was I was going to do with myself as I grew into an adult. I was blessed to have wonderful parents that never told me I couldnt do anything I wanted.I was going to be an astronaut but probably after I had retired from being a pro baseball player.Oh how i can sweetly recall those dreams. What happened?
As I entered high school things begin to change. My interest changed alright but I also began to lose sight of my dreams.The next thing I knew I was out of school and working to make money to live on.Mydreams of the "big" things somehow got lost in the shuffle of working and trying to find my way.I spent many years kinda "lost" or just getting by. Little by little the nagging feeling that I had lost my dreams of my youth kept haunting me.I suppose that is why I loved the song by Pink Floyd. It kinda summed up my life.
But thankfully at a still young age I managed to reach back into the depths of my mind and find some of those old dreams. Of course the pro baseball career and the astronaut things was no longer an option so I decided on making new dreams come true. During this time I began to feel a tug from the ONE SPIRIT that makes up all of us.It has taken me down several paths, some hard some easier but all of them enlightening in their own way.
One thing for sure was that this calling sure got me out of the comfortably numb state(there is hardly ever a dull moment following Spirits guiding words) I had lapsed into.But at times even these days as I read of all the bs in this world the awful things we do to each other etc I start to drift back into that state as kind of a protection. Thats when I have to dig deep and again start believing in my dreams of a world of all people living in peace and living as one. And with a lot of help from my friends such as yourself I will keep on dreaming.I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend posible.Hugs to each one of you!