Tuesday, December 1, 2009


If one desires something in their lives all they have to do is state what it is they want, believe it has already manifested even tho they cant see it yet, and then step back and stop trying to force anything to happen, and then just like magic the thing will appear in their lives. So my hope and prayer for each of you is that you finally decide exactly what it is you want to manifest in your life and that you can develop enough faith in things unseen so that your desires will be quickly made manifest in your outer world. I now leave you with a quote from the works of Christian D. Larson called Pathway of Roses:
"Desire that which you desire, and desire with all the power of mind and soul."
I sincerely hope all of you fine folks are having a truly magnificent week so far. Be safe, keep on smiling, and do something good for yourself as well as another person. God bless!

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