Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hello friends. Today I was thinking of past experiences and how they had all played such an intrinsic part in me becoming the human being I am at this moment. Some of the past experiences were ones that caused me many a sleepless night and days filled with doubt and feelings of insecurity. And on the other hand so many of the past experiences that brought me much joy and peace of mind. I have found that the experiences I have had of doing something good for someone else have been the most rewarding. And also the ones that caused me so much heartache were the ones I needed the most! I hav e spent much of my life looking for my "reason" for being here at all.But at long last I have arrived at the point where I am sure that I am one with everything and that everthing and everyone is a part of me also! So how can I be "mean" and do anything to hurt another when I know I would only be hurting myself? And why shouldn't I try my best to "help" everyone I can when I am then truly helping myself also? I leave you with this quote from a person named Owen Rowley:
"You fight your way through the demons, stand before the holy of holies, and when you rip away the veil, there's nothing there but a mirror."
I sincerely hope and pray that all of you will be well, and that the new week before you will be filled with much love, joy, peace, and all "good" things.

Friday, November 27, 2009


No matter the hour, the day, or the season. No matter what the circumstances may be. No matter your age, your race, your occupation. No matter where you live. No matter who you know. No matter how much education you have. No matter how much money you make. And no matter what you think to the contrary, there is no reason of any kind that can keep you from allowing your love light to shine brightly. We have all been born with this inner "light" and it never never disappears. Yes, I admit there are times when it may be a little hard to "see" or even "feel" this light, but I guarantee it always remains at the center of your being and if you look long and hard enough you can find it even when everything seems to be going downhill! My wish for each of you is that your lovelight is easily discovered and that you share it abundantly with all of us. I will leave you with the following quote.
"To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest."__Anonymous

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I really dont think there are very many readers of my blog but those of you who do stop by I want you to know that I appreciate you sharing a moment with me. And to all of you I want to extend my heartfelt wishes for a grand and joyous Thanksgiving Day. May you and yours be richly blessed always."Hugs" to all of you.

Friday, November 20, 2009


There is no future, the past is gone forever, so that leaves only this one eternal moment. So that then begs to be asked: What will you do with this one moment? Will you spend it by worrying about the past which has turned into nothingness, or maybe thinking about the future which is only an illusion?, or will you spend it wisely by being the very best human being you can at thismoment? I sure hope you will choose the latter forI truly believe that if you do you will find that this life really can be a joyous and love filled one with truth and happiness as your guide. I sincerely hope that all of you wonderful folks have a safe fun filled weekend. I leave you with a quote from Pema Chodron: "Now is the only time. How we relate to it creates the future."

Monday, November 16, 2009


Don't ya just love to be uplifted? Ya ever been feeling down and lonely and then out of the blue someone you either know or have never met says or does something that uplifts your mood and seems for a moment anyway to make everything alright? That is one of those times that someone else has been inspired to uplift humanity and it is indeed a precious and very special moment in time. I know how hard it is to be upbeat all the time and it is ok to need a little uplifting of your own from time to time. If all of us could only be inspired to do a little "something" for others on a regular basis it could be the start of the healing of this beautiful planet we call earth and to the ills of all humankind. I leave you with a couple of quotes and a prayer that you may be inspired this very moment to do something good for someone. The first one is from Elbert Hubbard--"If I can uplift or inspire,let it be by example, inference, and suggestion." And from the Science of Mind "I uplift, therefore,I am uplifted."

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Just last nite I was lying in bed trying to quiet my mind so I could go to sleep when I heard in the distance a train whistle blowing as the locomotive came chugging down the tracks toward a railroad crossing a few miles from our home. Immediately, this beautiful sound enraptured my very being and I felt a big smile come across my face. Now I really have no explaination as to why a train whistle sounds so beautiful and warms my soul so much. Why do I love locomotives, railcars and cabooses? I cant answer that one either. Just like why I cant answer why I love frogs of all kinds. But thats another story the frogs. Today its the trains Im thinking of. I can recall as a small lad living out in the country walking down the railroad tracks just hoping a train would come along at any moment.And lying in bed at night listening as the train whistle gently blew. For some unknown reason it just always made me smile and it felt as if I was riding away on the vibrations of the whistle.Speaking of trains have you ever thought about all the wonderful songs written about trains? I have and I love all of them.From Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues"If they freed me from this prison if this railroad train was mine, I bet Id move it on a little further down the line, far from Folsom prison thats where I want to stay and I'd let that lonesome whistle blow my blues away" and Creedence Clearwater's version of an old blues song called The Midnight Special to the line in a Marshall Tucker song that goes like this-Gonna buy me a ticket down at the station dont care where I go,gonna climb a mountain the highest mountain jump off nobodys gonna know--Gonna take a freight train as far as I can I ain't never coming back, gonna take a southbound all the way to Georgia til that train he run outta track, and I could go on and on. But anyway Im sure there are lots of folks who love trains like I do. And its so nice to be able to have something so relaxing that doesnt cost a penny. Now you see why I love old trains. May all of you have a most wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Here's a great quote from Mark Twain I'd love to share with you today.
"The public is merely a multiplied me."
For better or for worse I truly do believe old Mr. Twain sure got that one right! My hope and prayers for all of you and me is taht we learn to live in peace and harmony with everyone real soon before we indeed destroy this entire planet. Let us start living right now as if this was our final day on earth. Then maybe we could let go of all "old" hurts, slights, (both real and imagined) grudges, and worn out evils we have perceived along the way. Hope your day is a great one!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Well its been a while since I posted anything on here. Things have been going ok and Im really enjoying this beautiful weather here in western Kentucky. The colors were absolutely gorgeous this year, they just didnt last long enough because of all the rain we had a couple of weeks ago.But this past week has been so really nice. the temps in the the 60's and even low 70's during the day and 30's and 40's at night. Lots of beautiful sunshine and a nice breeze. Just wish this would last until the end of the year. For any of you who have never been to Kentucky I will tell you it is a really beautiful place all year round. Even the ice storm we had last Janurary was beautiful in its own way. Ive been feeling better since my last post. I went and got some shots for my neck pain and its helped a lot. Ironic as it is on the day I went for the shots my wife and I had stopped at a red light light on the way to the Pain Center when we were rear ended by a teenage driver who was not paying attention. Both of us had a little whiplash but not hurt badly so we continued to the pain center for my shots. Now Im dealing with the insurance company on fixing the wifes car. The accident messed up the rear bumper and it needs to be replaced. Over 600.00 for that little fender bender. No wonder our insurance rates are so high for all of us. That was the first wreck Ive been involved in since 2004.And even though no one was hurt it once again got me to thinking of just how fragile this life is. If this driver had been going real fast the collision could easily have killed all of us. I mean one second just sitting waiting for a light to change and then wham it all turns to blackness! Thats how quick ones life can come to a screeching halt! Kinda scary if you think about it. So again Ive been thnking of all my loved ones and how precious this life really is.I know we should never take 1 little moment for granted but like the rest of you I still do it from time to time. And since life is so short that is why I feel it is absolutely a must to live each moment in the now and enjoy everything. And also so important to tell those you love just how much you do love and appreciate them.Also to let old hurts and slights go of and to forgive those who have hurt you in any way. I try to let those I love know just how much they mean to me and Im quick to say I love you. Some folks think Im a little crazy cause I tell people I dont even know very well that I love them.But I really do you know.To all the folks who have been even a small part of my life, again I say I love you. I love you. I love you. So maybe I am a little crazy but at least when my time is up I will be able to say that I let people know how much they meant to me. Thats for what its worth. I realize not very many people read this blog and thats ok. Ive thought a time or two on stopping this journal but then something always happens that makes me keep on going with it. Ive got a dear friend in Evansville (K.J.) who is such a lovely spirit. She sent me a message once saying that my blog entry for that day really made her feel good about herself and that it was just what she needed to hear at the time.Its things like that that keep me going. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said ,and I paraphrase "If you have caused even one life to have breathed easier because you were here-that is to have succeeded." So my friends I bid you all a fond farewell and wish for you and yours the most beautiful weekend ahead.May your joys be many and your troubles be few! God bless!