Sunday, September 9, 2018

Thursday, August 30, 2018


I was looking through some of my old notebooks for a story a friend of mine had requested I send to her when I ran across some old pieces of poetry I had written over the years. So I thought why not share a few of these old poems with you. The first one I want to share is Illusions In Grey. I wrote this piece several years ago and had the privilege of reading it at a poetry slam held at the Paducah Market House Theater some years ago. Illusions In Gray A simple life, yet woven thread by thread Blending into the tapestry of life's illusions Each experience colored by shades of gray Distinguished by one's own perceptions Judgments, yea right, wrong, good, evil Truth's, still unknown, concealed alike nuggets Buried, awaiting one's precipitant discovery The light ceases to shine, but doth it really? No wait, there, it cascades it's beacon outward Twas only obscured potential masked by clouds Which contain doubts, fears, and a restless unknowingness Light shines through, where doth the darkness burrow? Thru the mist of gray it's rays burst forth With many a sliver of radiant beauty Distant, afar at first glance, tho it be It caresses tenderly those colors of gray Transforming the hues to reds, yellows Blues, greens, all color that lies between I see a tint of green, you say blue Whose dream is this? Mine or yours? I say mine, so green it must surely be It makes no difference that I can discern For all the shades, the tints, the ambiguous hues From the One Source they all did arrive So make your dream one colored in blue, that's alright This One Source I speak of, make it your heart's delight For that's all you really have, believe it or not! This Source, this Light, it possesses no judgments It awaits your call, tis your humble servant It has only to offer an unconditional love It serves each one equally, there are no favorites If I want red, it pours down red If you choose yellow, then yellow it is I speak of colors, tho not the only illusion Each path chosen to be trod upon by each one I imagine twill be filled with many a winding turn Taking one here, one there, one everywhere What is it you choose? Where would you love to go? What is it you would love to have manifest? Tis all up to you, I hope you can plainly see What color journey does your soul desire? Which illusions to disrobe? Which ones to retain? Whichever the road, what ere the dream Walk proud each step, know you are never alone Remember teh Light, the One Source of all It dwells within, awaiting your beckoning call Try heeding it's tranquil summons to unconditional love Enjoy your illusions, your colors, your dreams Allow others theirs no matter how they seem Take freely from life, but be quick to share Be the color you choose, and do it with passion After the greatest illusion you've shattered The soul is allowed to return to it's Source Then you will know, you're at long last Home Where all is One and One is all Go swiftly my friend, I'll someday meet you there. I leave all of you folks with thoughts of pure love, joy, peace and Oneness. Be good to yourselves and even better to others. Let your Light shine brightly!