Wednesday, August 31, 2011


One thing for sure is that if you are a human being and live long enough you will experience some pain and sufffering as you travel upon your chosen path. But that's not to say that we can't alleviate or even do away with the pain completely. Its just that as human beings we are prone to learn things the hard way. Why do you suppose so many parents just shake their heads while trying to get their kids to realize that they(the parent) have already learned a particuliar lesson the hard way by enduring pain and suffering, but even though the kids will not listen and will instead choose to learn the same lesson the hard way? Its because we must experience something for ourselves and no matter how many times someone else explains it to us we still cant see it clearly until we have gone through the experience for ourselves. Therein lies the reason we continue to experience more pain and suffering than we need to.But the ray of hope and truth that shines within our souls will show us the lessons without the physical and emotional pain when we learn to listen and truly take heed to that "small still voice" that speaks to us when we get our "little bloated ego" selves out of the way long enough.There are always many ways to "learn" the lessons of life we need without so much as a dusting of emotional and physical pain. It is a learned asset and I think we must take time to get to truly "know" ourselves. In the Science of Mind Textbook it states that this world is beginning to realize that it has learned all it should through pain and suffering. But even so I personally think we as a human family have a ways to go before we can really stop all the pain. But we have the potential to do that and I sincerely hope we can find the right methods to get this done quickly. And I hope all of you now find yourselves having learned "all" you need to by suffering any pain. May the future lessons be ones not fraught with pain and suffering. I will leave you with a quote from Nena O'Neill who states:"Out of every crisis comes the chance to be reborn." May all of you have a most blessed evening and new day tomorrow.And dont forget to do something nice for someone just because!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Why is it we oft times feel depressed, sad, hurt, angry, or any other negative emotions? There can be many reasons I'm sure but I do believe all of these negative emotions can be overcome when we find our true center and attune our every thought within that center of perfect peace, perfect love, and perfect understanding.I think we must look within our own hearts and subconscious minds to again reunite with that sacred center. But no matter how long we have felt "removed" from this center you can be assured it is still there. Always has been and always will be. Our lives can be made so much more content and joyful and better in every regard if we take the time to find and connect and remain attuned with this center of our true being. Ralph Waldo Trine once stated the following:"To find one's center, to become centered in the Infinite, is the first great essential of every satisifactory life."  I have to agree with Mr. Trine on that! My sincere hope is that each of you have right now found yourself totally immersed with the Infinite Sacred Center of your being and that your life is one filled with much love peace and joy. May your new week be a great one! I would ask that as you go along in living that you try to do something nice for someone today and that yo share your love with all!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Human beings are a funny sort I do believe.We make things harder than they should be and then blame something or someone else when things dont go as we want them to. And after that we go back again and retry expecting a different outcome even though we are still doing things the same way! Go figure that one out! And of all the things we want to understand the most is the thing that really is the easiest. That being ourselves.We try to figure out what makes us tick, why we do things in a particuliar way, why we like the things we do and detest the other things.And more often than not we continue to look "outside" of ourselves for the answers we seek.And all the while we already have all the answers lying in sweet repose deep in our subconscious minds. The problem as i see it is we are looking for things while not realizing that we are the "answers" we are seeking or as  its been said  what we are looking for we are looking with! To do an honest assessment of who we are and what we are here for does take a lot of deep soul searching and we must come face to face with our doubts and fears and get past those to truly find the "bliss" of the soul where all answers are found. And yes we can find help from others in our search but we must always be mindful that anything we "hear" or or told by another is just their truth expressing and it doesnt necessarily answer our questions for us. It always comes down to the fact that we have to closely examine our own minds and then maybe we can find those answers we crave.I do hope all of you wil have a truly terrific weekend ahead. Be safe and have fun! And try to do at least one good thing for someone else just because you can!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ervin Seale once stated:"Because it is Infinite it is One, and because it is One it must be everywhere."
I agree! And I feel that the Infinite Spirit which is flowing through all life as life is all of us right here right now. Sure our little ego "selves" will one day fade into the nothingness of the land that once was and we will again return to the perfect spiritual state of being with the Infinite One. If this is the case tehn I think it would behoove all of us to be a little kinder, a little more loving and a little more understanding of each individual lifeform as they appear in our lives as friends, lovers enemies, or whatever label you decide to use.What a terrific world this could be if everyone loved everyone  else and went out of their way to be nice to everybody.I surely hope each one of you will have a truly blessed new week ahead of you. May it be filled with much love peace understanding and kindness. And please remember to do something nice for someone just because you can!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I surely hope all of you are feeling well and that life is bringing to you all those things you desire. I have found that in this 3 dimensional world which is just chocked full of illusions and paradoxes that it can be just a little tricky at times for one to stay attuned with their center of being or consciousness. And therein I believe lies the root cause for most of humanity's struggles. For when one of us becomes distracted from their "true" self it not only hurts that person but it affects all of us in a negative way.Now you may think that another's problems or lack of inner peace woujld not affect you personally I would have to disagree.All thoughts whether positive or negative carry the same effect on us as human beings. This is often referred to as the collective consciousness of the world. In much the same way as stated by others before me akin to the belief that when a butterfly flaps its wings it also affects the world everywhere.To me that is like the universal law which says for every action there will be a reaction- and whether or not the action is positive or negative it makes no difference to the Law of life. This Universal Law only knows to be true to Itself and cannot do any thing other than that. I wish we as humans could be more like that.For if we can ever reach the stage of enlightenment where we truly know who we are then we could be as the Law and only be true to who we really are.  But in this world of illusion there are just so many things that we allow to affect us to the point that we "forget" who we are and what we should be doing in this world.From the time we are born we begin to lose sight of who we really are. This usually happens because we are "taught" by oft times well-meaning adults as to how we should live and what we should deem important. And on top of those teachings we are often told(and most times incorrectly) how to go about fulfilling our innate desire to discover who we truly are and how to rediscover our spiritually.From the moment we are "born" in this world, we begin to quickly lose sight of who we are and what is really important to learn as we grow.Personally I cant buy into a belief that says we are all born in "sin". That really doesnt feel anywhere close to being "right" to me. But Im not knocking that belief for those who do believe that because I know many many people who do believe just that. And that's ok by me if they are truly happy and feel secure with that belief. Because it is surely not my intention to tell anyone their belief system is "wrong". This world is full of so many different beliefs and religions and rituals etc that it is no wonder so many of us have a hard time trying to get back to our center where the answers to all our questions remain.Many try to find that place by looking "outside" of themselves. I think we should look "inward" instead. I also dont mean to put down any religion but I have found that for me at least religion just doesn't answer my questions. If I may say though any thing you hear or read from anyone you are only hearing their "truth". And their truth is colored by their own personal convictions and circumstances. Just as my beliefs are colored by my perceptions of life.And personally I don't think any man or woman is any more a man(woman) of God than I am. Sure they may carry a title of Reverend, Pastor,Elder, Preacher, Priest etc but to me that doesn't make them any smarter or more versed in spiritually that you and I are.They are mostly teaching the thngs that have taught to them and thats fine in my way of seeing as long as it doesn't make them think their way is the "only" way to find spiritual enlightenment.And speaking of finding spiritual enlightenment for me meditation has been one of the most useful tools I have found to aid me in shaping my spiritual understanding. Most everyone has heard ofmeditation and lots of folks use this method. To me at least when I need to find an answer or just get back to my calm "center" of being this tool has been so very important.Meditation sounds easy but I know from experience that it can be rather trying at times to get alone and be still long enough for it to do any good.If you have tried this method Im sure you know what I mean. If you haven't tried it yer may I suggest you give it a try. There are many forms of instruction on meditation real handy.Villa Faulkner Page has stated the following:"Contact through prayer or meditation or the silence releases one from the influence of sensation, emotion, objective or mortal thought, desire, and will." And I really believe if one is to find this place of inner peace and tranquility it is imperative to get the mind off the aforementioned items that Villa used in that sentence.And a quote from the Science of Mind says this:{Spiritually} springs from within. coming from that never-failing fountain of life....... So there are my thoughts on meditation and finding ones center. And I sincerely hope all of you have already discovered the "real" you that is oft times misdiagnosed as your "ego" self and vice versa. And I feel it is so extremely important to be able to always know the difference if you acting from the ego self or the true you.I leave you all now with thoughts of peace , love, harmony, joy and good health.May your today be beautiful and all your tomorrows even better!And please try and remember to do something nice for someone right now!"HUGS" to all.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


What has this day brought into your life may I ask? And looking back upon all the things that arrived at your doorstep how many of those do you accept responsibility for? I do believe we are constantly drawing into our "reality" those things which we are keeping closest in our everyday thoughts.If this is true then it makes sense that if one is constantly thinking of negative things then life will be more than happy to bring them more negative experiences. And just the opposite is true also,, that is if one thinks and mentally accepts "good" things to appear then life does that for them as well. And if you believe that then I would say that we all need to become more aware of ALL our thoughts at all times. Even those thoughts or words we use even in a joking manner will be taken in by the Universe and then sent back to us in a form that matches our thoughts or words. For example if one would say I bought a lottery ticket but I know Im just giving my money away or maybe say I just dont ever win anything etc. Then life will take those thoughts or words even if we were only kidding and act on them as if it was truly what we wanted. Life knows no difference about "truth" or "lies" or Jokes" etc it only has to do according to the deepest thoughts we harbor.If I may suggest take a few moments and look deeply inside your subconscious and try to find your deepest feelings and thoughts about your life. It may take a long time and lots of work but if you can do that then I would say you are on the path to understanding and that your life will begin to be the one you have always wanted. Just beware of the "illusions" and "paradoxes" of life and also beware of the beliefs of others who will tell you their way is the "only" way to enlightenment. Take for instance these words of mine I have written in this blog. I firmly believe I am following my "path" of enlightenment and also sharing my "good" with others. But I am also aware that my beliefs are just that-MINE! And with that being the case I know that my beliefs are surely not the only way to find enlightenment and I would never tell you to follow me and just accept my words as truth.You should first think upon what I say and then listen to your heart and see if you can hear a small "inner voice" that says- yes this does make sense to me and I am going to try and see where this leads me. On the other hand if that voice says to you this guy is full of B/S and his beliefs are crazy then I would by all means say to you- thanks for taking the time to listen and Im sorry you dont see what I am trying to share and that is ok too. Because I believe there are many different "ways" for us to attain enlightenment. My way is "right" for me but may be entirely "wrong" for you.I would like to share a quote from Christian D. Larson who states:"We must decide where we are to live, think, and act when we use our faith, speak the word, affirm the true, and vision the perfect." And one line from the Science of Mind Textbook which to me holds so much truth is this:What untold grief of heart might be relieved by words of cheer and forgiveness. How true my friends is that! Here's hoping that all of you wonderful folks are having a terrific weekend loaded with lots of fun, love, peace, and all good things. And as always may all of you remember to do something nice for someone today just because you can!Until later I leave you in love and peace.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Whatever it is that you desire more of whether it may be love, money,happiness or whatever else, you must first learn to give away that which you already posess to then be able to receive more. As the old saying goes Life Abhors A Vacuum! It may sound opposite as to what your ego self is telling you but there is a Natural Law of the Universe that has no choice but to give back to you that which you first give away. That may sound like a paradox but then again I do believe this world is just full of paradoxs and illusions. So if you want more love in your life--give more love to others in an unconditional way and Im sure you will receive more love back than you ever imagined.Its a little harder I know to give away money when you find yourself unable to even pay your debts but with faith and confidence you can learn to accept that by giving you are receiving more. As Daniel Boone Herring states:"Let us begin to see what we can give, and start the limitless well of refreshment within our own souls to flowing outward." I sure hope all of you are enjoying a great moment right now and that the following moments will bring even greater pleasure for you and yours. Please try to remember to do something nice for someone today just because you can! "HUGS"

Saturday, August 6, 2011


As human beings it is so easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking we are alienated from our brothers and sisters and even our Creator. Often times we get "lost' in our thinking due to circumstances that seem to tell us we are apart from all the "good" we desire. We see others as being "apart" from us when in reality they are a part of us.Funny what a little space in that word does--a part or apart. See what I mean. In my humble opinion all of us yes all life forms are a part of each other. We are made from the same substance, and animated by the same Spirit that has created All things both big and little. I can honestly say I feel connected to each soul here on earth while at the same time feeling the same connection to our animal friends, to the sky, the ocean, the flowers, and on and on.Our differences are those we "learn" as we grow up and are "taught" the things others think we should assume as being the truth. But I would say just beware what anyone tells you is the truth because they are only expressing their truth and it may not be right for you at this time. We must all arrive at our own personal truths by learning to silently listen with our spiritual ears and seeing with our spiritual eyes. And most importantly I do believe is for us to learn to truly listen to what our hearts are telling us. This 3 dimensional world we call home is just a haven for paradoxes and illusions. It then becomes our task to discern what is truly the truth and what is merely an illusion or paradox.This I believe is a life long task and we can learn something new every day if we keep our minds open to what the Universe is telling us.May all of us learn to accept each other as a brother or a sister and then maybe we can begin to treat each other a little better. C. F. Potter states the following:"If you can feel yourself a child of the Universe, or as some put it, a son (or daughter) of God, you will never feel unrelated anywhere." And from J.B. Goldstone comes this nugget of truth:"To improve our circumstances, we must first increase our knowledge and enlarge our consciousness." The Science of Mind states this:Life is a motion picture of subjective causes. And also from the SOM comes this statement-Suffering may be salutary in that it leads us to a place where we learn that it is unnecessary!  I sincerely hope each  of you folks are having a most wonderful weekend so far. May the rest of this  day bring all  of you much love, peace, joy and all good things.Please try and remember to do something nice for someone today and in doing so you will be doing something nice for all of us including yourself!"HUGS" to all of you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What does the word harmony mean to you? Webster's New World Dictionary defines harmony as follows:1. pleasing agreement of parts. 2. agreement in ideas, action, etc 3. pleasing combination of musical tones.  So using these definitions we can say harmony is a "good" state of being. Those times when you find yourself feeling happy full of life, and ready to conquer the world you could say you are in harmony with life. And just the opposite would be true when you are struggling with the details of every day living. With this being said doesnt it make sense of us to strive to find a way where we can get our lives in harmony with the Universal Laws. By doing so we are then able to relax, set our intentions to accomplish whatever it is we want to see made manifest. And I would also say that every moment spent in disharmony is time spent unwisely except for the fact that we can take those times and learn some lessons. I firmly believe that all things in mind and spirit as well as the physical are meant to be in harmony. And it is omnly when we "lose" that state of harmony that we really suffer. Elizabeth Carrick-Cook states:" All things return to harmony, for harmony is the natural state of being; upon it rests the principal of mathematics, of music, of all intelligent understanding." I agree with that statement wholeheartedly! And the Science of Mind Textbook says this: A sense of real completion can come only to that soul that realizes its Unity with the Great Whole. I also agree with this statement. I sincerely hope that each of you right now find yourself in total harmony with all of Life and that you are feeling  on top of the world.If this is the  case then may I suggest you share some of your "goodness" with at least one of your fellow brethren of this world. If on the other hand you are not feeling the "connection" or harmony with life then I am sending some positive thoughts to you right now in hopes that your "fog" will be quickly lifted and that you can once again attain the state of inner harmony with all of life. May the rest of this week be a really great one for you and yours! I leave you now with love, peace,and joy!