Friday, November 29, 2013


People moving out, people moving in
Why, Because of the color of their skin
Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Vote for me and I'll set you free
Rap on brother, rap on
Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the preacher
And it seems nobody's interested in learning but the teacher
Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration
Aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation
Ball of confusion, That's what the world is today
Evolution, revolution gun control, sound of soul
Shooting rockets to the moon, kids growing up to soon
Politicians say more taxes will solve everything
And the band played on
So round and around and around we go
Where the world's headed, nobody knows
Oh, great googalooga can't you hear me talking to you?
Just a ball of confusion
Oh yeah, That's what the world is today......................................................

These words above are lyrics from an old Temptations song from the early 70's or maybe even the late 60's. I wanted to use these words in my entry today because I feel they still are just as true and as poignant today as they were when originally penned. For the past few weeks I have been trying to come to terms with my innermost feelings and beliefs. I have been in dialogue with folks who are much smarter than I probably ever will be and they have given me much to think on. Mostly it concerns my way of "seeing" this 3D life. I consider myself a simple man and I have been just trying to follow my heart in everything I do. As I ponder all the questions, all the possibilities, all the teachings, and belief systems I still cannot fully comprehend why I am here and what it is I am supposed to be doing. For a long time now I had myself convinced that if I tried to be a human being who demonstrated unconditional love for everyone then I was fulfilling my purpose for being here. So many possibilities have made me become quite dizzy trying to "understand" it all. Where did I come from? How did I get here? Have I always been here? Is there a God? Were ancient astronauts from other galaxies the ones who put us here? Is reincarnation for real? Am I going to one day "die"? If so, what happens then? Am I judged to be either "good" or "bad"? Do I get a reward? Or do I go to a hell? Will I remember anything of this earthly life when I die? Will I ever be reunited with the ones I've loved so much? I could go on and on with all kids of questions but I won't do that. I suppose the one thing that has been bothering me most these past few weeks is questioning myself as to what I am doing here. I've been told this is all an illusion, that in reality I am pure consciousness being led astray by other beings who have conjured up this world. I have heard that if someone shakes a war veteran's hand as I have and said thank you, by doing so I have given the illusion of war more strength. That maybe I should not say anything about something that is not "real". I don't know. After searching my heart the only thing I can come up with is that I should continue to show love , be love, accept love, for that is really all I am. Love is really all any of us are. You may not understand, you may even violently disagree with me but that is okay too. I really don't think I will ever live long enough to fully understand things a s they are. Maybe I should just stop thinking about all the different possibilities and just focus on being the best human being I possibly can. I hope I can do that from now on. As I see it, it really doesn't much matter if I can explain it or not. Just as long as it continues to feel right in my heart. I intend to keep an open mind on things and as always I remind you that these beliefs are mine and only mine. I don't claim to know what you need to be free and happy. I would ask all of you though, to take a short pause and think of something you can do right now to bring a little more love into this world. Life may well indeed be some kind of shadows or illusions but I figure the shadows need a little love also. Do something nice for someone because you can. Be good to yourself and even better to those you meet! "HUGS"

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Over the past few days I have been prodded by some very great thinkers to once again look at the path I am on in this 3D world of ours. Without dear friends like these folks who always inspire me to look deeper within myself I would probably just dry up and blow away! So to these folks I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. And please keep on prodding me to explore things I have yet to see. For today's entry I want to share with you these thoughts that come from the Science of Mind magazine published in January 2011. I share this now because I feel it relates to what I have been thinking on these past couple of days. These words are as follows----People yearn to feel happy, creative, and appreciated, and to be loved and to love.  As we look at our lives today, I know some are dissatisfied with how things are going and some are satisfied. How about you? There's always that yearning to keep life growing; there's always tomorrow---and what can be. We give enormous power to outside forces----things, situations, and people---that we perceive are running our lives; however, the very process of thought by which we assign power to those outer forces is exactly the same process of thought that, used differently, could heal, uplift, and transform our lives right now. That's why our founder Ernest Holmes said, "That which you are searching for, you are searching with." So my friends I hope these words will at least help you look within and see where your innermost thoughts are taking you at the moment. And my hope is that each of you will  rediscover the truth that we are all ONE. In parting I want to wish all of you the very best of everything in all you do, and especially in your own personal search for "Truth". Be good to yourself and even better to those you meet each day.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Possessing the freedom to love sounds easy. But is it really? Let's take a quick look at his possibility. I believe we are all born to express love as we know it. That is not to say that all of us do that. There are way too many folks born into this world and are taught to hate instead of love. Even though love is within us as human beings it can be completely covered up and when this happens it is up to each of us to once again dig deep, way past any limitations others have taught us, and to discover that eternal spark of Divine Love within. Not all will agree with my thinking on this subject but personally I want to discover all the love I can. Keeping in mind that there are many "different" types of love I have long been in the process of defining love as it relates to me. Love is an emotion, I think most would agree with that. And being an emotion it is very hard to define and to understand. When I speak of love I am referring to "Unconditional Love". This is the love that is just that, pure love and nothing else. How many times you heard someone say they could love another if the other person would only do this, or that, or believe or act in a different manner. That kind of love is conditional and it will never last! Unconditional love is eternal as long as it remains just that- Unconditional! Here is the kicker though. If I want to give unconditional love to another person then I must first possess that love. I sure can't give away something I don't possess! So in order to love anyone unconditionally I feel I must first of all clear my mind of all the garbage and negativity I may have allowed to enter my sub consciousness. This is harder than it sounds. At least it is for me! But by doing the necessary mental work I am then able to love in what I feel is the "right" way. I remind you that these thoughts and beliefs are mine only! It may not work for you it may sound silly, it may go against everything you believe. My hope is that any of you, who are trying to attain the state of Unconditional Love, are able to find your own way to achieving this state of mind. For in my world at least, nothing else means much unless you live a life of love. But again that's just me. I will leave all of you with the following quote from Deepak Chopra who stated: "You  have to go past the turbulence of internal dialog to connect with that abundant, affluent, infinite, creative mind." Oh how I agree with that! May I also once again remind you to do something nice for someone today while you still can. I wish all of you folks the very best of everything!

Monday, November 11, 2013


I know I waited longer than I should have today in giving a big salute to all the vets who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much for this country of ours. I was never able to serve in the military due to a broken neck I sustained when I was 19 years old. Even if I had not of had that auto wreck that probably should have killed me I probably would not have served any way unless I had gotten drafted. I was still a selfish, ego driven young man at that age, and did not fully comprehend living a life of service. Today, I have lived long enough to better understand things like war and peace, countries and the such. Right now is not the time to talk about all that except to say I sure wish there never had to be another war of any kind. To me war is only an illusion brought about by a lack of positive thoughts. Strictly speaking from the knowledge I have gained I now hold the highest regards and esteem for all of our service men and women who have served in any kind of way to help keep our great country free. A very special thanks to all of you on this day that is set aside to honor all of your service and sacrifices. From the deepest part of my soul I say thank you. "HUGS"

Friday, November 8, 2013


A very special little lady who is so dear to my heart asked me the question: "How do I find happiness?" Well, ever since yesterday when she asked me that I cannot stop thinking about how one might find happiness. I feel fairly secure in my own happiness, which is not to say that I don't have many challenges come into my life as we all do, but at this stage in my life I have finally learned to try my very best to stay in the one eternal moment which is really all any of us have. As long as I can do that I then am able to choose what thoughts I allow to come into actuality. Not that it is always easy to command one's thoughts, no I'd say its really rather hard to focus on "good" or "happy" when it seems like everything in your world is crumbling down. Believe me I've been there a time or two in my life also. It does take effort and a lot of soul searching to allow the illusions of "unhappiness" to just fade away back into the mist of thoughts that once seemed important but no longer serve our purpose. For me this way of living comes from a lifetime of trial and error, times of despair and even feelings of hopelessness but also times of bliss and total contentment. By no means do I claim to have any answers for you that will make you find happiness. I suppose that is what makes the question so hard for anyone else to explain. For example, one person may say they are happy because they have many loved ones but when you see them they seem to always be short on money or material things yet they still radiate a sense of great happiness that seems to gently touch every soul they meet. Then there are those folks who seem to have everything they want and need in abundance. You know the ones I mean. They take exotic trips, buy only the best of things and live in mansions most of us can only dream of. Yet if you asked them if they are happy they may surprise you and tell you they are miserable with life. I have personally seen both of these examples play out in life. Now why is one of them happy and the other one unhappy? Only they can tell you why. And when they do tell you it still may not make any sense at all to you. Therein is the "problem" I have in trying to tell anyone why I am so happy. I will share this much with all of you though and maybe you will get a feel as to how I manage to stay happy, at least most of the time. First of all I have learned foremost what it is that makes me think the way I do. I have come to except that the only important thing to me is other people. I have so richly blessed with having surrounded myself with "good" people who accept me as I am and therefore help me to grow spiritually more ever day. My regular readers have heard me talk about the love of my life Susan Marie before so now I'll just repeat that she is my everything, my soul mate, my best friend, my wife, my lover, my Forever Valentine! That is one very big reason I am happy. I was happy when I first met her many years ago and I'm even happier today. And with her came so many beautiful people into my life. Kids, grandkids, parents, and friends. So I consider myself again as being richly blessed. Sharing a part of my life with other people have kept me sane through all the '"hard" times. I have never had what one would call lots of money or material things but I've always managed to have enough and even a little left over to share with others. So that in a nutshell is why I have been able to get happy and stay happy. Not that that's gonna help you very much in your own search. After thinking about happiness these past 2 days I can only say that in my belief the only way for anyone to find happiness is to find out what it is that makes them feel like they are doing something good for not only themselves but for the world in general. Then I think they should learn to listen to what their heart tells them. This has always worked for me. Go where the heart says go and try to control your ego self so that it doesn't override the heart! The human ego is another subject for a later date I'm sure. But for me especially it was not until I halfway learned to control my ego that I finally begin to be able to really listen to my heart. Don't get me wrong, I still have issues with my ego from time to time. Yes, it still would love to control my thoughts and be in "charge" of my life but I refuse to give in. To sum it all up about the only advice I can give anyone as to happiness is this. Do the very best you can in everything you do and don't be afraid to fail. Risk getting hurt to allow unconditional love to enter your life at some point. Always take the high road if you can in dealing with others. And one of the most important things is to take time for yourself! Learn to get alone with yourself, your inner thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, and your passions. For until you find a way to "heal" yourself from unhappiness, you will not be able to give happiness away to others. No one can do it for you. For me it is still a work in progress and my hope is that today all of you are happy and that you will continue to spread that happiness to everyone you meet. Be good to yourself and even better to those you love. I will now leave all of you with this thought which comes from the book Walking Through Illusion by my friend Betsy Otter Thompson who was thoughtful enough to share her work with me. Betsy states: "Every scenario in which you've forgotten to love is waiting for a miracle!" How true how true. My love I extend to each of you with a warm hug and thoughts for a better world for us all. "HUGS"

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Where does one begin when trying to define the most powerful emotion ever there was? My regular readers of this blog know where I stand on love and what it means to me. However, after reading a comment by one of those regulars (Dark Star) I have been thinking a lot about what love means to me. If any of you have read Dark Stars blog you know that he has  quite an interesting way of looking at life in this 3 D world we call home. If you haven't read any of his writings I think you should check it out. Ian is a very deep thinker and one of those rare individuals who has the ability to express himself and his beliefs in ways I can only imagine. There are things he believes that I do not personally accept as my own "truth" but he always gives me food for thought and I am ever so grateful to him for sharing his beliefs and thoughts with others. In one of his comments he asked me if I could explain what love is to him. Therein lies the spur that has gotten me to thinking about just what it is that I ascribe to when it comes to love. Before I begin though I would again remind all of you that just because I say or think something is real, imagined, or anything in between, the words I use and speak are my "Truth" only. That means while it may be true for me it doesn't make it anything for you. You can certainly either agree or disagree with my beliefs and that will not change a thing as I see it. So many things in this 3-D world is only illusion and what I now believe is true may become something entirely different by night's end. The one thing I do try and do is to always keep my mind OPEN to any and all possibilities. Because in my experience whenever I start to think I have all the "answers" to life's questions, that is when the Spirit of Life turns me upside down and shakes the living daylights out of me. Just to say so you think you know it huh! It has happened to me over and over and I assume it will continue to do so until the day I die. Because every day, every moment, I am afforded the possibility of learning something entirely new. I think it was Gibran in his book THE PROPHET who stated the following: "If you think life is done with you and that you have no more learning to do, look in the mirror and if you are still here then it isn't done. I had to paraphrase that statement since I cannot readily find the book. Which by the way is a great book to read if you have not already done so. But now back to the reason for this entry--How do I explain what love is? Well here goes my admittedly lame attempt to explain something that words cannot do justice for. Okay, Love is when I wake up and look into the eyes of my beautiful soul mate Susan Marie! And I sure hope that all of you have that special someone in your life as I do. Cause that makes everything else much easier. I see love when I am walking down the street and see people shaking hands and smiling with each other. I see unconditional love when I see a puppy jumping up and down just because their "owner" has arrived. I see love when a stranger holds a door open for someone. I see love watching grandparents smiling as the kids play on the swingsets. I suppose I can "see" love in almost everything going on around me. But then again, just because I see it does that make it "real" I can't say for sure. When it comes down to it I really don't think any of us can truly define love. Not in words anyway. And as always actions speak more clearly than words. After all is said and done I have arrived at the conclusion that love is whatever I claim it to be! Does that make love real? I dunno for sure but it is good enough for me. There are so many different beliefs and belief systems that I will never say I have it all figured out. The best I can do (at least for now in this stage of my life) is to continue to "see" love everywhere and in everything. And if I by chance I happen to see an event where love seems to be nonexistent hopefully I will be able to bring some love into the circumstance. I'm sure that all of you will have your own way of defining love and that is the way it should be I suppose. But I do hope that each one of you will try your best to share some love with everyone you meet and that together we can help this world be a little more kind and loving to us all. As I end this entry I would again like to ask each of you to do something nice for yourself and also for another. Whether this world is real, Illusion, dreams etc we are all in it together. Personally I like to think that the best any of us can do is to try and become the very best human being we can. As John Lennon once said :"There are no problems, only solutions!" May we all strive to become a part of the solution instead a part of the problem. "HUGS" to all. And in closing I would like to say thank you again Ian(Dark Star) for helping me to look a little deeper into myself.