Thursday, August 17, 2017


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Ronnie McIntosh I really can understand your frustration with this Susan. In that big beautiful heart of yours lie the answers you seek. Is it ok to be angry? To be sad? To even feel disgust with your fellow man? Of course it is! This is what makes us human beings. But above all else us humans can simply Let It Be. If we see an injustice should we speak out? Of course we should! But one reminder here, as long as we focus on the negative it only gives it strength. On the other hand when we focus on unconditional love that also gives strength to Love. We must be the change we wish to see manifest. So as long as we are filled with anger, hatred and such that is what we will continue to see. Vice versa when we focus on love we begin to see that instead. Those who still live in Darkness are the ones who need our love the most! Instead of judging and hating and feeling angry all the time may we instead send as much love as possible to those folks. Give love, accept love, be love for that is truly all we are. Of course all this I have said is only my personal belief. There are many ways one can be a part of the solution instead of the problem. I suppose it is up to each of us to decide which way we need to go.Please remember that you have such a warm and beautiful heart that it will from time to time ache when you see some of the B/S that goes on in this world, but at the same time you possess the power to Love! I send much love to you and yours as always my friend.

I wanted to share with you the above answer to a friend's feelings about all the hate and negativity that seems to be so rampant not only here in the United States but around the world.I am not saying I have the answers to what is going on. I am only expressing one man's opinion and that opinion is just my Truth. I am only suggesting that all of us take an honest look within our hearts and see what lies within. The answer given to me long ago when I was in a meditative state was this, "Give love, Accept love, Be love for that is truly all you are." And to this day that is what I try my best to do. Do I come up short at times? Yes, sad to say but I do. But I keep on trying. And I keep on dreaming of a world where we all walk hand in hand. I've been called a fool, I've been taken advantage of(if that is even possible) and I've had my share of hard knocks. But at the core I have remained true to my beliefs. And I have found that is the only way it works for me.The paths to one's inner peace and enlightenment are many of this I am pretty sure but I wonder. Religion? That fails to work for me because in religion there is always a belief in fear of some sort. Fear of being cast out for a belief contrary to the church's teachings. Also most religions teach a separateness of people. Either be one of us or you are doomed! Heaven or hell they say. Maybe they are right, who am I to say? But once again there is the fear factor. Either do it our way or burn in hell. As for myself I don't claim to know what happens to us when we leave this human form. As a matter of fact I know NOTHING!Only what I believe is what I know and I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am only suggesting that we try unconditional love and have an open mind that can accept everyone's beliefs and differences without trying to force anything on anybody. Politics, That fails to work for me too. Once again there is the fear factor. Do as we say or look out! They too teach we are separate from one another. The lower class, the middle class, the upper class, the ones superior who makes all the rules that manage to keep the classes fighting against one another. Keep them at odds with each other and in the meantime we can continue to rule with an iron fist and enjoy the "easy" life we have come to know. I could go on and on but instead i am choosing to stop all this nonsense. And you know why? Because if I continue to think about all this negativity it is going to jerk me away from the life I wish to live. And when I do allow that to happen I begin to feel those negative emotions. Fear being the most destructive one of all. All of us can choose the path we wish to trod as a human being. And whatever path you happen to be on I send you blessings today. I will not judge you, I will not condemn you, I will only love you. And for me that is the best I can do. Am I a fool? Maybe? I don't really know anymore. And yet I don't really care either. You can choose to hate me because I happen to be a white male, or black woman, or a heretic or whatever else I may choose to be. But you know what I can't do anything about that other than to just love you. This world may look dark to lots of folks right now and that I can understand. But I remain steadfast in my belief that to be a part of the solution I must listen to my heart and realize we are all ONE. I bless all of you and wish you the very best of everything. Be good to yourself and even better to others.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Many of us use the phrase I love you many,many times during the course of our day. But how many of those times are we "feeling" what we are saying, and how many times are we just repeating a phrase we have grown accustomed to? Often times I wonder about this. I realize that the word love may mean different things to each one of us. But here is something I have thought about for many, many years now. Sad to say but it does seem to me that most of the people who say I love you are really saying I will love you as long as you continue to do or be something I think I need in my life. And by this I don't mean just giving material things but things also like compliments, a helping hand, or anything else that may make them feel good about themselves. But then, the minute you stop doing any of the things they "need", they no longer have any desire to be around you or to even remain a friend. I see it happen to people all the time. Now, please don't get me wrong, if that is the only way they can define love then who am I to expect them to behave any differently. It may be the only kind of love they are able to give. As for myself when I say I love you that means I love you simply because you are a human being who is a part of myself, a mere reflection of myself. I truly wish there was more of this kind of love going around. This is just one reason why at times I feel I have been misplaced and thrown into a world where I don't belong. But at the same time I know I am always right where I am meant to be. Another paradox of the human life of illusion I suppose! I am tired, I am a little weary, I am ready to go back home! Back home, where all is pure unconditional love! But I know I must remain until that time has come. So in the meanwhile I sure hope to continue to be able to say I love you and really feel the essence of pure love when I do say it. May that little phrase never, never become just something I say without the true meaning behind it. I am at peace even in a world where it seems that hatred, violence, egotism, greed, and so much B/S is the norm. But yet, I keep on dreaming and I can truly say from ,my heart that I love you! May your day be richly blessed. Be good to yourself and even better to others!