Thursday, August 10, 2017


Many of us use the phrase I love you many,many times during the course of our day. But how many of those times are we "feeling" what we are saying, and how many times are we just repeating a phrase we have grown accustomed to? Often times I wonder about this. I realize that the word love may mean different things to each one of us. But here is something I have thought about for many, many years now. Sad to say but it does seem to me that most of the people who say I love you are really saying I will love you as long as you continue to do or be something I think I need in my life. And by this I don't mean just giving material things but things also like compliments, a helping hand, or anything else that may make them feel good about themselves. But then, the minute you stop doing any of the things they "need", they no longer have any desire to be around you or to even remain a friend. I see it happen to people all the time. Now, please don't get me wrong, if that is the only way they can define love then who am I to expect them to behave any differently. It may be the only kind of love they are able to give. As for myself when I say I love you that means I love you simply because you are a human being who is a part of myself, a mere reflection of myself. I truly wish there was more of this kind of love going around. This is just one reason why at times I feel I have been misplaced and thrown into a world where I don't belong. But at the same time I know I am always right where I am meant to be. Another paradox of the human life of illusion I suppose! I am tired, I am a little weary, I am ready to go back home! Back home, where all is pure unconditional love! But I know I must remain until that time has come. So in the meanwhile I sure hope to continue to be able to say I love you and really feel the essence of pure love when I do say it. May that little phrase never, never become just something I say without the true meaning behind it. I am at peace even in a world where it seems that hatred, violence, egotism, greed, and so much B/S is the norm. But yet, I keep on dreaming and I can truly say from ,my heart that I love you! May your day be richly blessed. Be good to yourself and even better to others!