Monday, September 29, 2014


W. Frederic Keeler once stated: "Forgive others  and forgive yourself. You have that power."  That is such a simple statement but to me it holds the key to living a life of fulfillment. Oft times we go through our daily routines while holding grudges or ill feelings toward someone we feel has wronged us. But more often that that we go through our entire lives sometimes and never forgive ourselves for the things we feel were mistakes in our own choices. And I feel that is just as harmful to us as not forgiving others for their poor choices. You want to feel light and beautiful today? If so just forgive everyone who has caused you trouble and don't forget to forgive yourself of the things you have done whether real or imagined. Any negative condition in your life can be healed. The Science of Mind states this: We must know that the All-Powerful Spirit is ever available and ever equal to the healing of any discordant condition.... Here's wishing that all your troubles will be few and that you will allow your light of perfect love to shine brightly at all times! Do something nice for yourself cause you deserve it. And after that do something nice for someone else. Forgive and live large!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


This world of illusion we find ourselves in at the moment sure seems contradictory to the world I would rather see. To me seems like most everything we human beings try to accomplish is things that will gain us fame, fortune, and respect. Don't get me wrong, I believe there is nothing wrong with trying to gain these things for ourselves and those we love. The problem is, as I see it, is that we don't seem to care who we have to step on to get those things. The law of Karma will always see to it that we reap what we sow. It may take a while for this law to catch up with us but indeed it surely will. Speaking of karma my blogger friend Deepian just recently wrote a wonderful entry about karma. I think you would find that interesting so if you get a chance check his blog out. Seems to me we are going about seeking our "good" on this plane by going in the opposite direction we should be going. Instead of living a life of wanting others to be of service to us, we might be a lot better off by trying to live a life of service to others. At least that is my humble opinion. And living a life of service doesn't mean doing without what we want for ourselves in this life. Rather it means that living a life that includes doing good for others will enable the karmic law to attract to us those things we "need' to be happy and content. I truly believe with all my heart that the more good we do for others the more good will appear in our lives. It isn't rocket science to see this. One can only attract into their own lives the good that they are willing to give to others. And the good news is this  my friends, you don't need money, fame, or anything else to do a kind deed for someone. All you need to live a life of service has been afforded you since the day you arrived on planet earth. Most of us have only allowed that "Inner Eye" of pure unconditional love at our core of being to get covered up by all the dark, dense, and cloudy vibrations of this 3D world. But I assure you of one thing, all of us have within the innate ability to once again let that light shine ever so brightly. It is up to each of us to determine how we do that. For me it is by living a life of service. It is a path I have chose to follow and my hope is that you will come along with me and all the other souls here who sincerely want the very best for everyone! I love the advice given by Daniel Boone Herring who has stated the following: "Let us begin to see what we can give, and start the limitless well of refreshment within our own souls to flowing outward." Great advice Mr. Herring! The more people who decide to live  a life of service will undoubtedly push this world to a far better state of being! Here's to hoping all of you are enjoying this one eternal moment and finding your life filled with love, wisdom, kindness, and utter joy. If not, then may I suggest you at least try doing something nice for someone right now. If you want more love in your life, then give more love to others. If you want more wisdom, then share what wisdom you already possess. (Yes, you have more than you even realize). If you want to be treated with respect and kindness, then treat those you meet with more respect and kindness. I'm sure you get the picture. And along the way if you ever get discouraged and think you are just spinning your wheels, remember all of us have those times of doubt but the light always dispels the darkness.Please, please, just let your love light shine! And also remember that you are loved and you are very special! "HUGS" to all.

Monday, September 15, 2014


All of us have times in our lives when everything seems to being just the opposite of what we had envisioned for ourselves. We suffer loss of some  kind, we have a bout with some illness, we find we don't have enough money to pay the bills, we find our relationships going downhill, etc. Those are times when we may even question why we want to be here in the first place. My experiences have taught me that these times of suffering is not only normal it is also destined to happened. No matter how carefully we arrange things, no matter how many solid walls we erect to protect us, no matter how hard we try there will always be those "hard" times. That just comes with being human. Even though these times are very trying and most uncomfortable it is these times when we learn our most valuable lessons. The one thing I have found is that as long as I still have family and friends to help me through those tough times I will always survive and actually become a much stronger person because of the difficulties I have just been through. So I might suggest that all of us take time to cultivate our friendships and all of our family relationships so that in those times of trial and tribulation we will have those who can and will gladly help us to survive. The Science of Mind gives us this quote: Suffering may be salutary(beneficial) in that it leads us to a place where we learn that it is unnecessary!. I agree with that! But when we do find ourselves in a state of "need" or "want" maybe we should heed the advice that J. B. Goldstone once wrote. He said: "To improve our circumstances, we must first increase our knowledge and enlarge our consciousness." So today I wish you and yours all the best of everything. May your life be filled with much love, joy, peace, and contentment. If you care to right now do something nice for someone that should be a great start on making sure you will always have those who care about you when you need someone the most. Keep smiling and remember to enjoy the Moment for that is really all any of us have.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


When we wake up to a brand new day it is one that we can choose to do anything we want. Like a blank canvas just waiting for us to put our mark on. No matter what the situation has been , no one has lived in this moment but you. It is yours, a gift from the Universe. It has no strings attached to it, you are free to choose what colors you wish to put on it. My hope is that you will choose to give love , accept love, be love, for that is truly all we are. Enjoy the weekend and try to do something nice for someone while you have the opportunity!