Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Maybe you're on a rocket shooting for the moon and the stars
Sometime it ends up right in your pocket or tapping on your reservoir
Maybe you're on a mission trying to get a leg across
But nobody wants to listen cause everybodys getting lost
Maybe you'd like a rainbow forever up in the sky
Or some kind of mythical figure on which you could rely
Maybe you'd like a reason for keeping it all alive
You better be ready to change like the seasons
Instead of keeping it all inside
All you need is love
When it comes to push and shove
All you need is love

Ric O'casik

"You can love other people only to the degree that you've come to love and accept yourself."
Shakti Gawain

I am an open channel for good to flow in and through me, freely, generously, cheerfully.
Science of Mind Textbook

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am so thankful for you folks who read my blog and take the time to leave comments. It is through this process that I learn from you as well as delving deep into my own subconsciousness to find things I wish to write about. my entry a few days ago called Where was God when the tornado hit brought into this blog L.M. and his or her thoughts on the subject.Trying to explain my beliefs about the God I live with can be a little hard to explain especially when someone has an entirely different philosophy about things.As hard as I might try to "explain" my God I know things of this area at times cannot be expressed in mere words.But just this evening I ran across the following quote from one of my favorite writers(Ralph Waldo Emerson) and I thoughtI would share it with you.---Emerson said: St. Augustine described the nature of God as a circle whose center was everywhere and its circumference no where. I would have to agree with that statement myself. Again I am only offering one mans opinion on this blog and sure hope I never offend anyone and their belief system. Goodnight my friends and I hope you will have awonderful day tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


OH my, so many beliefs about God and such a short time to try and figure it all out. The funny thing is that I know we as human beings will never be able to fully understand God or anything else that is infinite in nature simply because we all have a brain that is finite. But I must say it sure is an interesting ride in reading and studying all the different belief systems people have of God or the Creator or whatever else one may call life. Personally I think that if one wants to truly see God all they need do is take a look in the mirror.And if they cant see Him then I'd say they have some serious thinking to do. How come it is so easy for lots of us to accept God as a Being off afar somewhere yet so hard to accept that all of us are already God.I sure wish I had the answer to that one. I am God You are God everything is God---just saying that seems a little sacraligious but still it rings true to me. Sure hope all of you are having a wonderful evening. May God bless!

Monday, June 7, 2010


First of all let me say I sincerely do not want to step on any toes or to make light of anyones religious beliefs with the following entry. I am the first to say that each individual has the right and the freedom to believe anything they want to when it comes to the subjuect of God or religion or spirituality. Myself I have spent most of my adult life trying to make sense of it all as I tread down the path i alone have chosen to take.And I admit that my path has often changed or veered as new information came my way. And Im not about to claim that my beliefs are the true beliefs for everybody. Again each person is capable of choosing their own personal path and that is the way it should always be.As a young child Iwas raised up in a religious family and was made to go to church every time those doors were open.My parents were well meaning folks who thought they were teaching me the "right" way to live so I never have blamed them for any beliefs I have had to overcome to find my true enlightenment.But as I look back at some of the beliefs I was taught as a child it sends shivers down my spine. For you see I was taught at an early age to be afraid of God becasue if I didnt live up to His standards(which were the church's standards)I would eventually die and my soul would be doomed to a hell where the fire burned my soul eternally.And you know what--that belief sure did scare the hell(excuse the pun) out of me. I had no reason to doubt those beliefs even thought to me it seemed a little overboard to punish someone forever.So as the years went by I started to feel discontent with what the church was teaching. And even tho I had to attend the church sessons I was only counting the days til I was old enough that I could make my own decisions as to my spirituality. So as soon as I got out of school and on my own I immediately quit the church cause the teachings by this time seemed really outdated and much too closed minded for my taste. However at the same time there was those deeply ingrained beliefs I had accepted as an innocent child and they kept nagging at me. I suppose I was still afraid that Iwas doomed to an eternal life of hell fire becasue I had abandoned the church. My next step was to unlearn some of the teachings taht had been fed to me as a child. And believe me it has taken a very long time to rid myself of some of these beliefs and I dont kid myself and I know that maybe somewhere deep in my subconsciousness there my still be a thing or two I have hidden from myself. God I hope not but I may never be quite satisified that I have gotten all of them out. Now thats not to say that he church didnt teach me some good qualities because they did. I kept the beliefs that were of a positive nature and most importantly I have tried to live my life by the Golden Rule which the church taught. Today after many years of studying, research, questioning,soul searching, and reading any material of a spiritual nature I have arrived at a good place in my own m ind. Again I remind you this is only MY beliefa nd Im not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking.But one thing I have found is that I cannot and will not accept any teaching about God or Spirit that teaches to be fearful of God.I see all of us as individual entities of this God or Spirit, and I cannot see any figure that resides in the ethereal world watching us and waiting to judge us one day to see if we got to Heaven or go to Hell.As a matter of fact I really dont see how anyone can accept a loving God or Creator that would allow such things to happen to His creation over the years.I know the beliefs that some say God lets us make our own choices and thts why bad things happen at times. Maybe so but how could a loving and kind Father figure who knows all and sees all allow say nature to ruin the lives of good people for no reason?I just saw where a tornado hit in Indiana and killed several peo[ple. Now where was God when this happened?If He was sitting off somewhere knowing this was about to happen why didnt He stop it. One may say He could but he allows bad things to happen to teach us lessons.I dont know about you but that sure doesnt sound like a loving kind father to me. Look at the innocent children who are borninot this world say deformed or braindamaged. Does God allow this to happen a nd if so Why? It just doesnt make any sense to me thats all Im saying and forgive me but if that is the God you worship then count me out as a believer.I wish I did have the answers but at least now I know I can make my own decisions based on different paths and different spiritual works and I dont have to "belong" to any church. And its also a great freedom to me in my world at least i dont have to be worrying about a Devil going around causing me grief.But that shall be another post about the old Satan. Until I see you again my wish is that you and yours have a most wonderful week ahead. Be safe and enjoy every moment cause you nev er know when this experience is up! "HUGS" to you all.