Friday, March 17, 2017


Here lately I have been thinking about just how fleeting this earthly experience really is. I have been wanting to post my thoughts of the following since January but have been putting it off. But now it just won't let me alone so I'd better get it done cause tomorrow just may be too late. I was so saddened this past January when I found out one of my favorite ladies in the entire world had lost her oldest son at the tender age of 21. It is so hard to lose anyone we love in this life but especially so when it is a fine young man whose life has been cut so short. On the day of the Memorial service as I sat listening to the loved ones speaking I was once again reminded of just how quickly anyone can suddenly be taken from our mist. Since that day I've done a lot of thinking about how we sometimes take those we love for granted and think they will always be with us. I've also thought about how we at times get peeved with loved ones about oft times very minor things. Human beings can hurt those they love at times over such silly things. But to make matters worse I have also seen loved ones hold grudges against each other and refuse to make amends. Seems as if they had rather continue to play the part of a victim of some misunderstanding and withhold love as a way of getting even for some either real or imagined hurt. Personally I feel one should never under any circumstances withhold their love, especially when there has been some kind of misunderstanding. That I feel is when love is needed the most. But the worst part of that is when a grudge or ill feelings become permanent and the parties involved never do reconnect in a loving manner. So much love that could have been enjoyed by both parties instead wind up being a void filled with anger and resentment. So sad! I have also seen times when situations like this happen that when one of the parties involved dies the other one is filled with not only grief but also guilt. Then they begin to ask themselves Why didn't I just take time to forgive and let go of my hurt feelings? But by then it is of course too late to make things right again. I try to not give advice but may I just suggest that if any of us harbor any ill feelings toward anyone, especially those we love, that we immediately let go of all our pride, our hurts, and resentment and just go to the one who is estranged and let them know we would like to just forgive, forget , and move on by continuing to love each other. You may not agree with me and I well understand that. I have heard people say someone has just hurt them too bad to forgive them and if you feel that way I would never tell you that you are wrong to feel like that. If you choose that path that entails holding on to pain, resentment, grudges, and the like I'm sure your reasons are valid ones. But I just can't help but think of how much brighter one's path may be if they would choose to embrace unconditional love instead. My hope is that right now if you find yourself harboring any ill feelings toward anyone, especially a brother, a sister, a wife, a husband, a family member, that you contact this person and say, Hey, I love you, I forgive you, I wish you only the very best. If nothing else I can almost guarantee you will at least feel lighter after ridding yourself from any negative feelings toward another human being. But if you do want to do this may I once again suggest you do it now. Tomorrow may just be too late. Love to all of you beautiful people.