Monday, July 23, 2012


Sometimes it seems as if a lot of us folks have a real hard time being humble.The human ego is made in such a way that most of us derive a sense of pleasure when we feel as if we are "right" and the ones who cant agree with us are wrong. I know I have battled that issue more than once in my life. After all, if something seems so genuine and real to us then we think it stands out to others in the same way and we cant understand it when they dont agree with us.That is just a human being being human to me.But with that being said I also realize it would behoove all of us to be a little more humble in the way we share our beliefs with others.I have worked really hard on myself to arrive at that point in my own evolution where I can now freely admit that my beliefs are mine only and may not be "right" for you or anyone else as far as that goes. And I hope I am humble enough to always view your opinions as being equally as "right" as mine. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of folks who have their own beliefs so secured within their minds is that they are quick to defend them as the only way.But I think if one will humble themselves just a bit and accept the notion that their beliefs may not be right for everyone that they will be better off.As for me I have my beliefs which I freely share with anyone who wants to hear them but in no way shape form or fashion will I ever "defend" my beliefs. I hope that all of you are secure with your beliefs and that they bring you much joy and inner peace.When we can all be content within ourselves and just be who we are I think the world will be a lot better off than it is  now.In closing I would like to share a quote from Joan Borysenko who has stated:"We know the Godseed within us is growing when we feel the joy, the gratitude, and the optimism of true humility. Humility is the freedom of having nothing to prove because we are completely secure in our identity as children of the Divine." May I once again remind you to try and do something nice for someone right now so you can feel the satisifaction of being part of the solution for the betterment of all life everywhere.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Within all living things lies the "perfection" that oft times goes unseen by others. And as human beings I believe that we at times forget "who" we are and that we also fail to remember that underneath all the "layers"we have that "perfect' center that no one nor anything can ever take away from us.We may lose sight of this perfect place but I believe that it always remains ready to once again be discovered by oneself.Why we can easily discover our baser side but have trouble seeing our perfect side remains a mystery to me.But when one remembers they possess this center of perfection and do the necessary work to bring it to the front of our minds, they then realize and accept the inner peace and will be rapt in the one eternal moment they find themselves in.I know from personal experience just how "hard" it can be at times to rediscover this center but I truly believe we all can find it and keep it at the forefront of our conscious mind.I would like to share with you a quote from Emma Curtis Hopkins who has stated:"The only words you can speak and be identified with, wisely, are, "I am my own understanding of God." These words bring you face to face with the highest part of yourself." And another quote from the Science of Mind Textbook states; If day by day, we have a greater understanding and a clearer concept, if daily we are realizing more of the Truth and applying It in our actions, then we are on the right path and eventually we shall be made free. My hope for each of you folks is that you have already discovered this "center" within your deepest consciousness and that you are able to call on  it at any time and in any place. For if you have learned to do that I truly believe you will find yourself living a life filled with much love, peace and joy! And if I may suggest that you try to do something nice for someone today tomorrow and forever.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I firmly believe that each passing day is bringing me closer to home.I see this human experience as one where we are here to experience everything we can and to learn how to be a better human being, while at the same time discovdering who and what we truly are.Past all the paradoxes and illusions of this 3d world lies that spiritual "place" from whence we come and to where we will one day return.And I mean all of us not just a select few of "believers" or "people of God". Could I be wrong? Yes, I will readily admit that I do not know for sure what happens to the human being at the point of so called "death". But I do not believe in a literal place called "heaven or hell" as both places in my mind are just a metaphorical existence made up by human minds in order to better control or correct human behavior.Now before any of you are quick to write and try to "save" me from my delusional thinking, or to even curse me as an "evildoer" or putting on any label you can think of for me, instead just remember these are only MY thoughts and that doesnt necessarily make it true for you or anyone else. If believing in hell or heaven brings you much comfort and peace then I am happy for you.If your belief in a God that is destructive, petty, and vengeful, brings you calm and peace of mind then again, I am happy for you. Just dont judge me too harshly or condemn me because of what I believe.Personally I believe in a God that is ever present within each of us and in all of life and who will be with us when we once again arrive at our true "HOME" The Science of Mind  Textbook states that an evolved soul judges no one, condemns no one, but realizes that all are on the road of experience, seeking the same goal........... I agree with that statement and I will not be forced to defend my beliefs and I am truly sorry if you choose to turn away from my friendship simply because you do not agree with my beliefs.But for those of you who really "know" what I am saying I anticipate eagerly of holding your friendship in the highest esteem and I will one day no doubt see you when we all get home. Until then remember to try and be the very best human being you can and try to do something nice for someone today just becasue you can.Keep on smiling and enjoy all those marvelous adventures that await your discovery."HUGS"

Monday, July 2, 2012


Well its alright riding around in the breeze
And its alright if you live the life you please
And its alright remember to live and let live
And its alright the best you can do is forgive
And its alright even if the sun don't shine
And its alright we're going to the end of the line

Those lyrics which were sung by the Traveling Wilburys some years ago have always rang so true to my way of thinking! Can you imagine a world where everybody could live their life as best they see fit without having to be bombarded by the so called "do gooders" who think their way of living is the one and only right way to live? As long as one lives their life doing the best they know how and it is not hurting anyone else then I say leave em be! Quit trying to "save" them or to change their ways so it then is relevant to their way of living.As the song "The End of the Line" states the best you can do is forgive. So lets all forgive and get on with living life in peace--what do you say?Hope that sounds good to you all. If today you hold any ill feelings toward a fellow human being I would then dare say you are only dying a slow death by allowing any hatred or hurtful feelings to eat away at your soul.Forgiveness, genuine forgiveness, will free your soul and then you may fly. I'd like to share with you now a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.--"We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us." I now leave all you fine folks with thoughts of love peace and forgiveness.