Sunday, October 30, 2011


Nothing and I mean Nothing ever remains the same. I know, I know, you may say some things never change and it at times may seem that way, but believe me everything does change, somehow ,someway sometime. And whether or not the change is for the better or the worse is entirely up to us. You know what I truly love about this life? Well one reason is because no matter how bad or how good things seem at any gi ven moment life is always giving us the opportunity to make it even better. Yep, thats what I said Better! Now thats not to say that every change we go through is a pleasant experience quite the opposite is true lots of times. I have come to find out that the most heart wrenching, the most physically painful, the most mentally exhausting experiences are in fact the ones that will ultimately bring us the most satisfaction and the greatest spiritual growth in our lives. Thats just the way life works. If we let it that is. There are those who absolute refuse to grow and just curse their experiences as "bad luck" or whatever label they attach to the experience.I truly believe that every experience, no matter if we label it as good bad or anything else in between is really another opportunity for us to grow and become the best human being we possibly can. And as we face these challenges from day to day we can either face them with a positive attitude or one of utter disdain which will I think make our experiences "worse" than they have to be. One thing for sure tho is that with each experience, each challenge, each moment we are being transformed into either a "higher" or "lower" conscious being. I would hope that all of us can and will decide to face our daily experiences with anticipations of becoming a more loving, kinder, peaceful, and helpful human being. Please remember this statement from a person named Jan Richardson who has stated the following:" What we choose changes us. And who we love transforms us." My sincerest hope is that each of you wonderful people will have a most beautiful moment right now right here! I leave you with thoughts of love peace and goodwill now and forever. And if you will please take a moment right now to do something nice for someone just becasue you can and that you wish to. "HUGS" to all of you beautiful people.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Piero Ferrucci once stated:"To remember is to live. To forget is to die." If only all of us could "remember" who we really are. We're lots more than this human body, lots more than the human mind,lots more than we give ourselves credit for Im sure! I believe we all all made from the One Whole Perfect Spirit that prevades all of life.When we are born into this 3 --D world we quickly lose sight of the light and the truth of who we are. It is then up to us to "remember" who we are and to take the necessary steps to achieve that freedom of knowing. In the Science of Mind it is stated that Man(woman) has the ability to choose what they will do with their life, and is unified with a Law which will automatically produce their choices. If this is true then it should be plain to see that we can and will acccomplish much more good and have made manifest the things we wish to see when we remember.My hope is that each of you will quickly rise to the point in your life when you realize you are already a "perfect" spiritual being.Then I would hope after this realization you will begin your journey of helping others upon this path we call life. Take care my friends, enjoy each precious moment and please do something nice for someone just because you can.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Instant karma's gonna get you gonna smack you right in the face
You better get yourself together darling and join the human race
Why are we here? Surely not just to live in pain and fear
Who do you think you are? A superstar? Well how right you are
And we all shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun
Instant karma's gonna get to you knock you right off your feet
You better recognize your brother in everyone you meet
And we all shine on..........................................................................

I truly believe that in the above song by the late great John Lennon, that he was trying to get us to realize that how we treat others in this life is how we are treated ourselves in the near future. He used the word Karma but the smae principal has been repeated under different beliefs and tenants. One thing for sure tho I do believe is that for every action we take there will be a reaction of some sort. And I do believe if the action we take is a positive one that it will quickly return to us as a positive in our lives. And the opposite is just as true. And if that be the case then I think it would behoove us to be careful about the actions we take  toward others. Beware of that Instant Karma that can sometimes knock you right in the face! With that in mind I would hope all of you wonderful people will take a moment and do something nice for someone just because you can. May your tomorrows be excellent ones indeed!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Are you at this moment in the midst of living out your dream? I do hope so. And hopefully you have discovered the secret to living a life that you want and not just existing in one because you are here.I firmly believe all of us have within the ability to transform our lives and to make them what we desire.As we wind our way along the many paths of human existence we are faced with many twists and turns and opportunities to learn and to improve on those things we wish to.Whatever your goals are just try and remember that life gives back to you what you inwardly believe. If you desire something its not enough just to say it is true you have to train your mind to accept the thing as already being a fact even tho it may not have manifested in the material realm just yet.And if by chance you find yourself "stuck" and unable to move forward then its time to do the inner work and start training your mind to believe. Any goal you set for yourself is always possible no matter what previous beliefs you may have held. Writer Anais Nin once stated:"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Most of our spiritual growth comes with both pleasant and not so pleasant experiences.But the pain one experiences while growing in spirit will in time become most pleasurable. My desire for each of you is that you will attain all the "goodness" you desire and that when given this goodness you will always be quick to share with others. I will leave you now with a quote from the Science of Mind which states:Know your own mind. Train yourself to think what you wish to think; be what you wish to be; feel what you wish to feel, and place no limit on Principal! As you progress through the present day you have been freely given, please try and remember to do something nice for someone just because you can! Then you will be part of the solution this world desperately needs.And remember that I love you no matter what.Take care my friends and enjoy every moment!

Monday, October 10, 2011


I've often wondered why some folks are considered a great person and others are not. To me it seems we are all one and if true then all of us are great. But again great is just a term given to others as we again try to "label" everybody and every experience instead of just observing. What would we ever do if we didnt have our precious labels to put on others? Anyway getting back to what makes one great I suppose would depend on ones own sense of self-worth and the accolades of others.I tend to agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson who stated the following:"Not in his(hers) goals, but in his transitions is man great." Humm I just wonder, what will you do today that will inspire me to call you a great person? Hey that is an easy one for me to answer! If you will just do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return then I already consider you a "great" person. I leave you with thoughts of perfect peace, perfect love and perfect oneness.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Ever tried to describe yourself to someone else? It's not an easy thing to do. And sometimes I think we don't even know who we truly are. And if that is the case  then no wonder its hard to describe yourself. Just take a moment right now and ask yourself the question--Who am I? Think about that and watch the thoughts begin to bombard your mind. I'd like to share a quote with you from Martin Buber who has stated---"I am the sum of my commitments, or in other words, I am what I choose to stand up and be counted for, and those choices define me." We are all free to choose the kind of human being we wish to become. My hope is that each of you will make a conscious choice to become the very best human being you can by developing a life immersed in unconditional love. If one can do this then they will be nicer to everyone, they will be more forgiving, kinder, more loving , peaceful, and willing to share the good they have with others.We each have the ability to become whatever type of person we want to be. The Science of Mind gives us this quote---Freedom of will means the ability to do, say, and think as one wishes; to express life as one personally desires. I hope each of you will be blessed with a wonderful weekend filledf with much love peace and joy.And if you can why not do something nice for someone just because you can!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Are you looking for grand and epic truths? Truths that if lived by will set you free! If so please dont forget that these truths are more often found in the mundane experiences of life instead of being bestowed upon you by a Master or a Voice from the clouds.Enjoy all the "little" things and the simple pleasures in your everyday experiences and in those moments you will see the truths you search so desperately for.My hope is that each of you are doing great and are remembering to let your light shine brightly. I leave you now with a quote from Abraham Maslow who has stated:"The great lesson from the true that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one's daily life, in ones neighbors, friends, and family, in ones own back yard."

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Meister Eckhart once said:"God is in, we are out, God is at home in us, we are abroad." And from the Science of Mind comes this quote:We are all immersed in the atmosphere of our own thinking, which is the direct result of all we have ever said, thought, or done. Let us all be reminded that we are already the Peace, the Pure Love, and the Intelligence we are looking for!  I truly hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and new week ahead!