Monday, October 24, 2011


Piero Ferrucci once stated:"To remember is to live. To forget is to die." If only all of us could "remember" who we really are. We're lots more than this human body, lots more than the human mind,lots more than we give ourselves credit for Im sure! I believe we all all made from the One Whole Perfect Spirit that prevades all of life.When we are born into this 3 --D world we quickly lose sight of the light and the truth of who we are. It is then up to us to "remember" who we are and to take the necessary steps to achieve that freedom of knowing. In the Science of Mind it is stated that Man(woman) has the ability to choose what they will do with their life, and is unified with a Law which will automatically produce their choices. If this is true then it should be plain to see that we can and will acccomplish much more good and have made manifest the things we wish to see when we remember.My hope is that each of you will quickly rise to the point in your life when you realize you are already a "perfect" spiritual being.Then I would hope after this realization you will begin your journey of helping others upon this path we call life. Take care my friends, enjoy each precious moment and please do something nice for someone just because you can.


S said...

I so enjoy this post, it made me sigh in a really good way.

I will that something.


captron52 said...

Thank you my dear S. It makes me happy knowing that someone enjoyed my blog AND that it made someone feel joy!I appreciate you taking a moment to leave a comment and I do hope you willl come again for another visit any time. Take care my friend and I hope you and yours are having a most blessed day!