Sunday, November 27, 2011


Be honest with yourself for a moment and ask:Is there anythiing from my past that is keeping me from fully enjoying each precious moment I have as a human being? If you listen with really open ears you will probably find out there is lots of stuff from the past that still haunt you in ways as to demean your presence here on earth. Sadly, most human beings tend to carry around all their past mistakes, disappointments, lost loves, golden opportunities gone astray, grudges against others, and on and on I could go. And by doing so it makes their lives a lot less lovable, a lot less caring, and a whole lot more stressful than it should be. How about just trying to relax sit quietly and let your mind wander to the days past and see if you can catch a glimpse of all those old "demons" you still carry needlessly around. And as you find them, right then, on the spot and in the one eternal moment you are now in just let it go. Curse it off if need be, laugh it out if that is easier, shout it out to the moon, write it out on apiece of paper, or do anything you need to to just let it go. All those "OLD" hurts, those grudges, those missed opportunities, all the negative things that are weighing you down and keeping you from flying on the wings of perfect love!If you can do that I can almost assure you that your days will be much brighter, your nights much more peaceful and your entire life a lot less stressful. Please, do yourself a favor and just try it. If it works right away thats great but if you are like me and most others in human form it may take more than one time to really clear out all the negatives. But if you will exert the right amount of time and energy and just keep on keeping on then one day you will arrive at the point of complete void of all things negative.Then your soul will be able to take flight right here right now! Not some later date in an "afterlife" but right now!Of course if you are able to arrive at this state of total Peace and perfect love you will have to continue to practice getting rid of the negatives every day because life will sure give you a bunch of negative s--- to deal with.But once you have experienced this state of "perfect love-perfect peace" you should always feel the "need" to go there again and again. Its not easy for sure but it is attainable. And even if all you get out of it is only one fleeting moment of feeling "perfect love and peace" bel;ieve me it will have been well worth the effort.My hope is that each of you can quickly find this state of "enlightenment" and then be quick to share with the world what it is you have learned! I leave you now with a quote from Martin Sheen who once said:"I'm not asked to be successful, I'm asked to be faithful to myself." May the new week ahead be filled with much love peace and wonder of life for you and yours!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today I see that one of my "followers" on the blog has opted to stop following it. Maybe it was the same person who copied my blog and mailed it to my brother. If that is the case I'd sure love to talk with whomever it was. Oh well, I always knew one cannot make everybody happy at the same time! To all of you other friends who remain readers of this blog I will say I love ya I wish the very best for you and yours and if by chance I ever do say something that upsets you or that you do not understand or that you totally disagree with then by all means please feel free to call or write me so we can talk. May the rest of this weekend bring all of you much love, peace, joy, and enlightenment!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Well friends once again it seems someone out there thinks I need to learn some lessons or something of the sort.Seems they printed some of my blog writings and sent them anonymously to one of my brothers so he could check on me to see if I am just crazy or what the deal is. This goess back to some time ago when I was writing on the subject of how I believe we are al a part of God and that there is no seperation of any sort between God and I or me or anyone .And as for the course once again some folks misinterpeted what I was sayinig and tried to say I waas claiming to be God myself. Well all I can say is that their interpetation was not what I was saying at all. But that being the case is not what I am talking about right now. What I would like to know is this--If you happen to be the one who felt it necessary to copy my words and send them to a family member I would like for you to tell me why you couldnt have just came to me in the first place. And why hide your idenity? Now I sure cant find fault with my brother who I know happens to love me even if he is pretty sure I am living a life of sin. He has come to me with good intentions to help me "find" the right way to God which happens to be by organized religion according to him. And even if I am slightly put out by having to try and tell folks that I am ok with where I am and who I am I stil can see why someone may want to help "save" me. At least my brother came to me in person to talk and didnt hide behind the cover of an anonymous letter such as the one someone sent him with my writings.What Im saying is directed to the one who did this and here is waht I say to you--If you have a problem with me or what I am doing with my life and my spiritual beliefs then at least confront me in person without hiding. Thats all I ask. I dont aim to change to make anybody more comfortable with my beliefs and I sure as heck will not apologize for doing what I feel right in my heart about doing.All I  can say is that if you dont agree with some of the things I say then either confront me personally or just get out of the kitchen entirely. And to all you good people who do understand some of my beliefs Im sure you have been subjected to some of the same kind of things in your life as I have. I dont have all the answers for sure and I dont claim to be God or anyone special but I do ask that as long as I give you the freedom to believe as you see fit then gi ve me the same right. That's all I ask. To those who truly do understand I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendship and unconditional love.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Take a moment to look within yourself and ask "Am I where I want to be?" Im afraid many of us would probably answer that with a resounding NO! I sure hope that is NOT the case you find yourself in right now. If you can truly say you feel like you are in the "perfect" place for you then I give you props and hope you can stay right there for as long as you want. By asking "where" you are Im not meaning the physical "where" as much as the mental "where". I can ONLY look at myself to answer that question. I cannot answer that question for you as you cannot answer it for me. I have found tho that in my quest for "spiritual" wisdom that it is very easy to delude myself into thinking I am now at the "where" I wish to be.As I look back at my life I can remember several occasions when I truly thought I had arrived at the place I wanted to be never to go back. But each time this has happened to me life then usually picks me up, turns me upside down, shakes the tar outta me, and then drops me someplace I'd rather not be for awhile. It is at those times when I have truly learned the most important lessons from life. Those moments when I am humbled by the power of "life" and have to once again start digging deep within my inner most being to rise up from the ashes of "troubling" situations and find my way back to some spiritual enlightenment. The one thing that I try to keep foremost in my conscious mind is the fact that I am truly an "unlimited" being and that I am capable of changing any circumstances into a learning experience and become a better human being for it. My wish for all of you is that you now find yourself on the path that is bringing you the best of everything and that you are truly fulfilled as a human being. If you do find things are not just "Quite right" at the moment I hope you can remember that you too are an "unlimited"  being and have within you the tools necessary to make any changes in your life that you desire.As you begin the new week ahead may you find yourself living in the moment and enjoying life at its very best.I will leave you with a quote from Eric Butterworth who has stated:"We are human in expression, but divine in creation and limitless in potentially." I leave you with thoughts of love peace and joy to you and yours. And as always if you can, please try to do something nice for someone just because you can!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Just taking a quick look at the way things seem sometimes can be really disillusioning. I dont know why but it seems as if human beings have the tendency to see things in a negative light more often than in a positive way. I suppose its partly because we at times take the "good" things in our lives for granted while bemoaning the things we donot have. But it may behoove us all to take another look at things in that positive light. And while looking  at the "negative" things we may find the positive in it simply by taking a closer look. Marcel Proust has been quoted as saying:"The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes." So if you are experiencing any "problems" in your life right now why not take another look with the "new eyes" you can look through? I do hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful day and that  tomorrow will be even better for you and yours.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


After my baby quit me I wouldn't even go outside
And when my friends tried to fix me up I'd crawl beneath the bed and hide
I knew I was never gonna change my luck til I got my courage up enough to try
And when i went ahead and spread my wings I found out that I could fly
Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith.............................................

That verse from one of my favorite singers Delbert McClinton just about sums it all up for me. Many years ago I really related to those words after the one I loved just up and left me. And after many tears many laughs and many experiences I once again found love and that is when  i met my soulmate whom I have been happily married to for over 16 years now. But youknow what? I still return to hear those words form Delbert every time I start to feel like Im stuck and in  a rut. And as always it seems to help me unlock my consciousness so I can once again rise up; from the ashes of  "bad" experiences and jump back into  the fire. That leap of faith is sometimes all we need. My hope is that right now you find yourself happy and going along filled with joy and celebrating life to the fullest. But in case things arenot the way you want them to be I do hope you will find the strength to take that leap of faith and once again jump back inot the fires of this wonderful human existence. I leave you with thoughts of love peace and joy. "hugs' to all