Monday, November 21, 2011


Well friends once again it seems someone out there thinks I need to learn some lessons or something of the sort.Seems they printed some of my blog writings and sent them anonymously to one of my brothers so he could check on me to see if I am just crazy or what the deal is. This goess back to some time ago when I was writing on the subject of how I believe we are al a part of God and that there is no seperation of any sort between God and I or me or anyone .And as for the course once again some folks misinterpeted what I was sayinig and tried to say I waas claiming to be God myself. Well all I can say is that their interpetation was not what I was saying at all. But that being the case is not what I am talking about right now. What I would like to know is this--If you happen to be the one who felt it necessary to copy my words and send them to a family member I would like for you to tell me why you couldnt have just came to me in the first place. And why hide your idenity? Now I sure cant find fault with my brother who I know happens to love me even if he is pretty sure I am living a life of sin. He has come to me with good intentions to help me "find" the right way to God which happens to be by organized religion according to him. And even if I am slightly put out by having to try and tell folks that I am ok with where I am and who I am I stil can see why someone may want to help "save" me. At least my brother came to me in person to talk and didnt hide behind the cover of an anonymous letter such as the one someone sent him with my writings.What Im saying is directed to the one who did this and here is waht I say to you--If you have a problem with me or what I am doing with my life and my spiritual beliefs then at least confront me in person without hiding. Thats all I ask. I dont aim to change to make anybody more comfortable with my beliefs and I sure as heck will not apologize for doing what I feel right in my heart about doing.All I  can say is that if you dont agree with some of the things I say then either confront me personally or just get out of the kitchen entirely. And to all you good people who do understand some of my beliefs Im sure you have been subjected to some of the same kind of things in your life as I have. I dont have all the answers for sure and I dont claim to be God or anyone special but I do ask that as long as I give you the freedom to believe as you see fit then gi ve me the same right. That's all I ask. To those who truly do understand I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendship and unconditional love.


Breath-e said...

But, there IS no separation of god and self. It's a rather Buddhist basic, for goodness sake. We bring out our "godness" in prayer and hopefully in life.

I love that your family worries about you. Sorry they are so messy about it.

Love you too!

captron52 said...

No seperation of God and self How right you are Sarah!!!Thks for stopping by hope you and yours are doing great!