Thursday, November 3, 2011


After my baby quit me I wouldn't even go outside
And when my friends tried to fix me up I'd crawl beneath the bed and hide
I knew I was never gonna change my luck til I got my courage up enough to try
And when i went ahead and spread my wings I found out that I could fly
Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith.............................................

That verse from one of my favorite singers Delbert McClinton just about sums it all up for me. Many years ago I really related to those words after the one I loved just up and left me. And after many tears many laughs and many experiences I once again found love and that is when  i met my soulmate whom I have been happily married to for over 16 years now. But youknow what? I still return to hear those words form Delbert every time I start to feel like Im stuck and in  a rut. And as always it seems to help me unlock my consciousness so I can once again rise up; from the ashes of  "bad" experiences and jump back into  the fire. That leap of faith is sometimes all we need. My hope is that right now you find yourself happy and going along filled with joy and celebrating life to the fullest. But in case things arenot the way you want them to be I do hope you will find the strength to take that leap of faith and once again jump back inot the fires of this wonderful human existence. I leave you with thoughts of love peace and joy. "hugs' to all

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