Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ernest Holmes who founded the Science of Mind philosophy once said:"That which you are searching for, you are searching with." This makes perfect sense to my way of thinking as I can find no seperation of any kind between that which I am and that which I wish to become. One problem I have seen folks encounter on their way to spiritual enlightenment is that they cannot seem to understand that they are a perfect piece of All there is- Right now right here!- Lots of us seek God or Spirit or Buddha or whatever else we call IT as an entity outside of our self. And thus believing we are APART from this entity it causes us to seek our Good from something outside of ourselves.And often times that will become an endless search kinda like the proverbial dog chasing his own tail. God or Spirit as I like to call It, is the most powerful agency known to the human mind.And being human beings we tend to think we are not as "big" as "powerful" or as anything that this Spirit is. However in truth this God or Spirit is a part of us and thus we have to be just as powerful as that entity which resides in our own soul. There is no "big" nor no "little' in Spirit or in God. As I see it, all is ONE. In his book titled The Art of Spiritual Healing Joel Goldsmith states the following:" Change the nature of your prayer(thoughts) so that you are not trying to get a big God to do a little tiny "you" a favor." I just love that statement and I hope you find it somewhat helpful in your personal journey. As each of us go through a new day may we all realize that the most powerful agent in existence is within our soul and inner consciousness right now and that we can call upon this agent to guide us through the changes of life and help us to see clearly the way before us. I leave each of you now in peace, in love, and in joy. And I thank you for allowing me to be even a very small part in your life. I am truly honored to call each of you "friend". May tomorrow bring each of you much love, peace, understanding, and inner joy. And please remember to do something nice for someone just for the heck of it!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Everything changes! That's a solemn truth that all of us are aware of. And changes to us and our lives often come in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. And more times than not these changes are tough to accept. But if we are to survive in this world and remain joyful and at peace witin ourselves we must learn to deal with the changes in a way that does not cause us to return to that point of consciousness where we have to "blame" someone or something else for the changes that do occur. As human beings we can be a strange lot to say the least. Lots of us are more comfortable in a state of disarray as long as we have our "safe" routine to stay in.We may say we are miserable with the way things are but yet we had rather stay miserable than to take the chance on changing something. Many spouses remain in a horrible relationship becasue it at least tells them they are in a relationship and dont have to be alone. Me personally, if I was miserable in any relationship Id hurry to leave it and take my chances alone. But many of us wont even do that. We often times feel we are powerless to do anything about our lot in life and we just accept that and go on the best way we know how. But I have found from my personal experiences that ones "Inner Self" or "Soul", or Higher Self" or any name you may give to it will still strive to make the changes It knows will help set you free from your misery. But we still fight these inner urgings to change until at last Life forces upon us some changes It knows we need in order to grow.Still it is not easy to accept these changes because so often as I said before these changes bring with them much turmoil and soul searching. But I firmly believe that if we will surrender to this Inner Knowing and embrace the changes life gives us we can and will succeed in making our lives something we can take pride in. Just remember to try and stay centered and in that peaceful state when these changes do come aknocking at your door. My wish for all of you is that the changes you now face or will face will be fairly "easy" for you to accept and that your lives will be made more beautiful with every change you endure. I leave you now in peace and with hopes of a great evening for you and yours.
Here is a quote from Pema Chodron from the book When Things Fall Apart: "Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth."

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sounds simple huh? But oft times we can be pretty hard on ourselves. And sometimes over the silliest things we do! And what do most of us do when we find ourselves needing a little tlc? Most of the time I think we look for this tlc outside of ourselves. And while this may work sometimes and helps us to feel better about things I do believe we would be better served to look within to find our own tlc. Why? Because if we do that we are not at the whim of another being to give us our tlc. If we look within we can Always grant us the tlc we are seeking. And also if we do that first, then almost like magic the tender loving care starts coming to us more abundantly and from all different sources we have not even imagined. Try it the next time you feel a little down, sad, depressed or any out of sort feeling and see if it helps. Sometimes its easier for us to be good to someone else than it is for us to be good to ourselves. ElizabethClare Prophet, in her book titled "Alchemy of the Heart" states:"When you need nurturing, don't hand the job over to someone else." Wise words indeed. So as I leave you now with hopes of much love, peace, joy,enlightenment, and abundance in your lives, my hope is that each of you will always remember to be good to yourself-Especially when it seems no one else is! And also please remember to also be good to others so that a perpetual circle of kindness can remain on a path from you to others and then back to you once again."HUGS" to all

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've long been a fan of Mad Magazine's Poster Child Alfred E. Neuman whose favorite saying was "What, me worry?" If you are not familiar with Alfred look him up and I think you will see why I think so highly of him and his philosophy. But for right now I want to get back to the worrying part of life that we all tend to do from time to time. Most of us fret over this or that, some things big, most things very minor in the whole scheme of life or anything in between. Seems like we worry when things are going bad, when things are going good or again in between somewhere. And as you probably know by now all the worry in the world does us no good at all. Worry will cause us to miss out on the joy of the moment, it can cause us much grief such as missed opportunities, physical and mental disease and just about hold us prisoner in our own lives.After all worry is in reality only faith that has been misplaced from positive to negative. There is in my opinion a Universal Law that is Always at work with us. And this law will take our subjective thoughts and then give to us what we are thinking of on the deepest level. That being said it stands to reason that if we are worrying about something it is in a negative state and life will see that and do what? Yeah, that right. Life will give us more of that negative stuff right back because this Law knows no "right" or "wrong" no "big" nor "little" it only knows to respond to our worry and this causes us even more worry. Its a vicious cycle and will continue until we change our thoughts and instead of worrying start thinking in a positive way and keep our inner mind filled with positive thoughts. Then the Law will give back to us the thing it recognizes.That being on a positive nature. And the Law of Karma which again is a Law that knows nothing else except to be true to its nature and give back to us that which we are giving out to others in our own lives. So understanding that truth ,if we put all our actions out as positive, kind ,joyful ,abundant etc etc then we need not worry cause the law will give back to us the same. So therefore we no longer have to worry about anything! But even with that being said and being so true also , I am not so naive as to think that I will never have to worry again. Because I know there will be times when I start to worry about something and it is then that I hope to be able to stop and think things through so I can once again stop the needless worry and instead put my positive faith to the test and just "know" things will be ok again. As I leave you now with thoughts of love, peace, serenity, and joy I hope that your "worries" will be small ones indeed, and that you can stop the worry and focus on the positive. Take care my friends and may all of you have a truly blessed week ahead!"Hugs" to all!
P.S.From the Science of Mind magazine comes this quote:We need not worry how things are coming out; the law takes care of everything and returns to each exactly what is his(her) due.

And from the author J. Krishnamurti comes this one:This is my secret. I don't mind what happens.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I'd like to take just a moment and share with you a link you should check out if you love music. My friend Chris leads a band called the Thrift Store Poets and you can check them out as well as other artists at the following website Check em out and Im sure Chris would love to hear from you any feedback you may have. Thanks and peace be with you all

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love the conversations with my beautiful soulmate when she will mention the past or the tomorrow for any reason. It's then that I tell her "There is no tomorrow, cause when tomorrow comes it is today. She used to try and explain it to me until she found out I was a hopeless case. Just kidding of course but it is truly something when we try and figure out this time concept thing. But one thing I do know from learning the hard way is that the past is gone and there is nothing any one can do to change it. And yet so many of us spend way too much time and energy doing exactly that--Living in the past. Maybe we continue to beat ourselves up because of the decisions we made in the past. Or maybe cause of the things we did or did not do in the past. We all have done or said things we wish we could take back or do differently but to no avail. Now, I do believe we can learn from our past and in that regard it is good to go back in time with the mind and think of ways we could have done better. But sitting around thinking of lost loves, lost opportunities, bad decisions, etc etc is mostly a big waste of time. A Course in Miracles gives us the following statement which I absolutely love. It states: "The past becomes the justification for entering into a continuing unholy alliance with the ego against the present." Think about that and I think you will see the truth in that statement. My hope for all of you is that your "past" can be fondly recalled and remembered without it ever becoming an albatross around your "future" hopes and dreams. I leave each of you with thoughts and vibrations of love, peace, joy, and understanding.

Monday, January 10, 2011


From the book Real Love by Greg Baer comes this thought: The greatest fear of all for a human being is to be unloved and alone. You know what? I have to agree with that statement even though I'm sure there are lots of folks who may think differently. But show me just ONE human being who is completely fulfilled while not loving at least one other person and having one other person loving them. Bet you cant do it unless you may show me someone who isn't wired correctly. Some folks may convince themselves they can be happy and fulfilled without loving or being loved in return but if you ask me I'd say they are only deceiving themselves. As for me I'd rather love and then allow others to love me too or else Im ready to move on to wherever we do go after this life cause if I cant love you for no reason other than because I want to thenIm ready to go! I leave you now with thoughts for peace, joy, and much love to arrive at your door step right now. As you go through your day may I kindly suggest that you remember to show love, to be love, to accept love, and know that is truly all any of us are.Be safe and may the new week bring all of you much happiness.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have found that in an often times complicated world it is still so simple to have a wondrous and joyful life just by loving. One may be able to find a little contentment for a short while in material pleasures ,but to find eternal joy one must learn to love ALL. Yes, it really is that simple. I will share with you a quote from Michael Leunig who states:"Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and difficult as that." And from the Science of Mind Textbook comes the following quote: The one who has learned to love all people will find plenty of people who will return that love. I leave you now with hopes that all of you will love all unconditionally and that you soon see the return of that love into your life's experiences. God bless you all!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi folks. So in what way did you express yourself today? Did you even think for a moment about how you were living your life? Or did you just kinda go on with everything in kinda like cruise control? Just another day? Or was it a very special day? Well, I believe that every day is very special even if I do sometimes forget that each moment is an incredibile opportunity for me to express myself in the way I wish to be seen. I sure don't strive for being famous or being a household name ( I prefer my privacy way too much to ever want to be famous) but yes, I do want people who know me to have some respect for the type of person I am. Am I ever completely satisified that I am doing all I can to fully express as a human being? I can't say for sure but I believe there is always a part of me that yearns for a bigger sense of fulfillment in this life. And I suppose that is the way it is suppose to be and that is what makes us strive to do more. I know from my past experiences as a writer that I never have felt completely satisified that I have written all that I was meant to do. There was a time when I wrote more often and tried harder to get my work published. I had moderate success at that but felt I never would want to put forth thte effort to become an accomplished author. And it was at that time in my life when I discovered that if "something" kept eating at me to write it down that until I followed that inner prodding I would not be left alone. I had a few inspirations to write and at the same time tried to ignore the feelings.But they would not leave me alone. Until I finally listened and heeded the call to write I was always feeling "incomplete" I suppose. Now years later I mostly write in my private journal(kinda like a form of self-therapy), or on my blog here.And I still find there are times when I try to "put off" writing on here just because I dont want to take the time to do it. But as the thoughts of inspiration come to me and say write this down I have found that it really helps if I listen to my "inner" voice and do what it says.So in that regard I guess I am expressing myself as a reluctant writer, an old hippie, and who knows what else. I always wished I could sing and play the guitar. I absolutely love blues music and Im just a little jealous wehn I hear those blues guitarist playing. Are you listening Chris? For those of youi who may wonder who Chris is well he is afriend of mine who plays a mean guitar and sings the blues and is the frontman of his own band. If you ever get a chance check out his blog and his band(Thrift Store Poets). I have another blogger friend Sarah who writes lovely fairy tales, a nephew who plays guitar, a brother who can draw or paint anything , a beautiful wife who is an artist in the kitchen, and I could go on and on as to the many ways friends and family are expressing each day.In a book called High Mysticism by Emma Curtis Hopkins she states: "We each of us have a work which is supremely ours and no other can accomplish this opus." How true. I firmly believe each of us have our own gifts to share with this world and my hope is that every one of you have already discovered your gift and are expressing it daily. If you happen to be someone who is still searching for your innate gift hang in there, listen to your inner voice and hopefully you will soon discover your true gift. And we should all remember that each moment, no matter what is happening in our lives, is another opportunity for us to share our gift witheach other. And One gift we all have and can giv e away freely is the gift of love so please share that gift often. I leave you with hope of peace, joy, love, and kindness fro you and yours now and always!