Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sounds simple huh? But oft times we can be pretty hard on ourselves. And sometimes over the silliest things we do! And what do most of us do when we find ourselves needing a little tlc? Most of the time I think we look for this tlc outside of ourselves. And while this may work sometimes and helps us to feel better about things I do believe we would be better served to look within to find our own tlc. Why? Because if we do that we are not at the whim of another being to give us our tlc. If we look within we can Always grant us the tlc we are seeking. And also if we do that first, then almost like magic the tender loving care starts coming to us more abundantly and from all different sources we have not even imagined. Try it the next time you feel a little down, sad, depressed or any out of sort feeling and see if it helps. Sometimes its easier for us to be good to someone else than it is for us to be good to ourselves. ElizabethClare Prophet, in her book titled "Alchemy of the Heart" states:"When you need nurturing, don't hand the job over to someone else." Wise words indeed. So as I leave you now with hopes of much love, peace, joy,enlightenment, and abundance in your lives, my hope is that each of you will always remember to be good to yourself-Especially when it seems no one else is! And also please remember to also be good to others so that a perpetual circle of kindness can remain on a path from you to others and then back to you once again."HUGS" to all

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