Monday, January 10, 2011


From the book Real Love by Greg Baer comes this thought: The greatest fear of all for a human being is to be unloved and alone. You know what? I have to agree with that statement even though I'm sure there are lots of folks who may think differently. But show me just ONE human being who is completely fulfilled while not loving at least one other person and having one other person loving them. Bet you cant do it unless you may show me someone who isn't wired correctly. Some folks may convince themselves they can be happy and fulfilled without loving or being loved in return but if you ask me I'd say they are only deceiving themselves. As for me I'd rather love and then allow others to love me too or else Im ready to move on to wherever we do go after this life cause if I cant love you for no reason other than because I want to thenIm ready to go! I leave you now with thoughts for peace, joy, and much love to arrive at your door step right now. As you go through your day may I kindly suggest that you remember to show love, to be love, to accept love, and know that is truly all any of us are.Be safe and may the new week bring all of you much happiness.

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