Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love the conversations with my beautiful soulmate when she will mention the past or the tomorrow for any reason. It's then that I tell her "There is no tomorrow, cause when tomorrow comes it is today. She used to try and explain it to me until she found out I was a hopeless case. Just kidding of course but it is truly something when we try and figure out this time concept thing. But one thing I do know from learning the hard way is that the past is gone and there is nothing any one can do to change it. And yet so many of us spend way too much time and energy doing exactly that--Living in the past. Maybe we continue to beat ourselves up because of the decisions we made in the past. Or maybe cause of the things we did or did not do in the past. We all have done or said things we wish we could take back or do differently but to no avail. Now, I do believe we can learn from our past and in that regard it is good to go back in time with the mind and think of ways we could have done better. But sitting around thinking of lost loves, lost opportunities, bad decisions, etc etc is mostly a big waste of time. A Course in Miracles gives us the following statement which I absolutely love. It states: "The past becomes the justification for entering into a continuing unholy alliance with the ego against the present." Think about that and I think you will see the truth in that statement. My hope for all of you is that your "past" can be fondly recalled and remembered without it ever becoming an albatross around your "future" hopes and dreams. I leave each of you with thoughts and vibrations of love, peace, joy, and understanding.


Young Rick said...

yea when i got home from work today i noticed i always go to the mirror to see how i look lol then i realized who cares! the day is done on to the next one

captron52 said...

I know what you mean Rick thks for stopping by do come again!