Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ernest Holmes who founded the Science of Mind philosophy once said:"That which you are searching for, you are searching with." This makes perfect sense to my way of thinking as I can find no seperation of any kind between that which I am and that which I wish to become. One problem I have seen folks encounter on their way to spiritual enlightenment is that they cannot seem to understand that they are a perfect piece of All there is- Right now right here!- Lots of us seek God or Spirit or Buddha or whatever else we call IT as an entity outside of our self. And thus believing we are APART from this entity it causes us to seek our Good from something outside of ourselves.And often times that will become an endless search kinda like the proverbial dog chasing his own tail. God or Spirit as I like to call It, is the most powerful agency known to the human mind.And being human beings we tend to think we are not as "big" as "powerful" or as anything that this Spirit is. However in truth this God or Spirit is a part of us and thus we have to be just as powerful as that entity which resides in our own soul. There is no "big" nor no "little' in Spirit or in God. As I see it, all is ONE. In his book titled The Art of Spiritual Healing Joel Goldsmith states the following:" Change the nature of your prayer(thoughts) so that you are not trying to get a big God to do a little tiny "you" a favor." I just love that statement and I hope you find it somewhat helpful in your personal journey. As each of us go through a new day may we all realize that the most powerful agent in existence is within our soul and inner consciousness right now and that we can call upon this agent to guide us through the changes of life and help us to see clearly the way before us. I leave each of you now in peace, in love, and in joy. And I thank you for allowing me to be even a very small part in your life. I am truly honored to call each of you "friend". May tomorrow bring each of you much love, peace, understanding, and inner joy. And please remember to do something nice for someone just for the heck of it!


Breath-e said...

Random act of kindness. I love those.

Sending you warm thoughts for a wonder full week.

captron52 said...

Thank you Sarah The same goo0d wishes to you and yours also! "HUGS"