Monday, September 9, 2013

Wrong Place, Right Time

You have all heard someone say  I was in the right place at the right time, or I was in the right place but wrong time, or another version of those words I suppose. Well, let me tell you, I feel like I am in the wrong place but the right time. Let me explain. I firmly believe all of us are definitely in the exact place, in the exact time as we are meant to be. But alas, it sure doesn't always feel like it to me. For a really long time now, I have been feeling that somehow I have been mistakenly put into this 3 dimensional world. But within my true soul consciousness I do know I am right where I am meant to be. But still, I fight with the turmoil within that tries to tell me I should be somewhere else doing something else. I have enough conviction in that I believe I will eventually get over those feelings of being "lost" in the wrong place. As I look out upon the world we live in I can envision a place where all of us live in peace and perfect love. It seems so easy to me for us as a human family to wake up and realize just what a beautiful world this could be if we just learned to love each other and stop all the fighting and fussing. Most of the things we fight over are not worth a dime any how. Everything we see and deem as being important to us will one day be gone. Take a look around at things right where you are at this moment. The place you live in, the clothes you wear, all the "trinkets" you prize so much, all the money you use, even your physical body. As you take all these things into account surely you realize that ALL of them will one day no longer exist! The ONLY thing you will take to the grave with you is your soul. All the things we fight so hard for are only here for a short while. The soul is eternal. So you tell me, is selling your soul for some of the "trinkets" of this life worth it? Because, when you do pass on I can guarantee you will be left with only your soul. So my question is now, why do so many of us continue to fight, to cheat, to steal, to kill and to randomly do harm to another. Just to get something we think we need to be happy maybe? Why do we continue to hate another person simply because they are a different color from us. Or just because they don't believe the way we do? Or because we feel they have no right to live where they want to? Or to worship any way they want? I just don't get it. I get frustrated when I see all this nonsense going on. Countries attacking other countries in a false sense of freedom. People trying to make every one else believe the way they do. Why do some of us fail to see that when we hurt another person we are actually hurting ourselves? Why do lots of folks feel there is only ONE way to believe? I sure don't have the answers but I do know a person can choose at any time to start loving everyone unconditionally if they so desire. Why more folks don't see this is beyond me. And thus therein lies my feelings for thinking that maybe I was born into the wrong place at the right time. But as I earlier stated, I know deep down in my soul that I am right where I am suppose to be at this one eternal moment. So I guess I'll just continue to dream of a world where everyone gets along and do the best I can to become a part of the solution instead of the problem. And my hope is that you too, will try your best to become the best human being as you possibly can. Take care my friends, and remember to do something nice for someone today!