Sunday, October 31, 2010


Today I want to share with you a quote from Eckhart Tolle's book ," A New Earth "
In it he states:" Feel yourself being an opening which energy flows from the unmanifested Source of all life through you for the benefit of all."
And my wish for each of you is that you will be an open channel for "good" to flow through and out into this world for the benefit of all of us as a human family. May the new week ahead be filled with much peace, love, and joy for all of us.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Each of us are blessed with a mind given to us by God to go out in this material world and make each moment one we can be proud of. And at the same time we can freely choose to make any moment truly miserable for ourselves or for another. Such is the way of life! And we all make mistakes along the way and if we are truly wise then we will try our best to keep an open mind and view things as it feels from our own heart and not just words we have heard or read that only reflect anothers "truth". It is one thing to study and read any material that we feel necessary for our life's journey but another thing to try and force our way upon any one else. In her book "Walking Through Illusion" Betsy Otter Thompson offers these questions to us as to where our paths are taking us. The first question is:"Is my philosophy making me happy or causing me pain and sorrow?" And I m ight add also, is my philosophy causing me to live in fear. Betsy's second question is: Is my knowledge creating love or is it causing intimidation?" And the Third question is:" Am I honoring my ideals or caving in at the slightest opposition?" Betsy then tells us this: "Evaluate your journey by how well you have loved. not by how well others have loved you." My sincerest hope is that each of you beautiful people are on a path of enlightenment that is bring you much happiness, love, joy, and contentment!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I truly believe that no matter what one thinks to be true or just or whatever else that each of our actions will cause a reaction of a type similiar as to what we have done. If ones act has been one of kindnes, then the chances are quite good that this action will in turn be returned as an act of kindness directed to the one who's action put this into motion. Likewise if one commits an act of violence then this action will return one day as the same again directed to the one responsibile for the original action. This law, I do believe. always works, is quick, and is always just. Call it what you will, karma, the golden rule, or anything else but it always remains true.Our thoughts dictate our actions so may we all be watchful of our thoughts and try to make them ones of a positive nature today and we will be blessed with positive results in our lives down the road. My wish as always for you is that your life will be blessed with much love peace and joy! I would like now to leave you with a quotation from William Blake:"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would be seen as it is, infinite."

Monday, October 18, 2010


I suppose most , if not all, of us have at least a few ambitions in this life. And I do hope that yours are of a positive nature. As a child I had ambitions that now looking back seem so laughable. I wanted to be a football player(even tho I was a skinny little kid and not a lot of skill). Then I wanted to be an astronaut( even tho I had no idea how to get there) plus quite a few more. As I grew inot a young adult my ambitions changed drastically. Getting out on my own and working my ambition was to make lots of money(even tho I never tried to further my education). A little later on my ambition was to get marreid and have a family(I finally did that one, and its the best thing that ever happened to me). Now as I find myself in my late 50's my ambitions seem to have quietly disappeared for the most part. I've finally focused on just trying to become the very best human being I can. All the other stuff(except my family and friends and health) just dont seem to be very important now a days. I really do hope you wil find a way to make all your ambitions come true and that they will in turn help make you a better human being and that it will serve to make this life a little better for everyone. I want to leave you with a quote from my friend Betsy Otter Thompson's book called "Walking Through Illusion". On page 25 she states:"Cherish your ambitions. Then it won't matter in which direction you take them, the results will be enjoyable." Take care friends and remember to enjoy each moment!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today is a brand new day. Now the question is what are you going to do with it? I hope your choice's bring you much peace and happiness. As for me I have decided to live it with joy in my heart and to share this joy with all I come into contact with this day. And my hope is that you too will decide to spend the day with joy for yourself and all others. I leave you with a quote from Torkom Saraydarian who sums it up pretty clearly I do believe. The quote is this: "The future, higher evolution will belong to those who live in joy, who share joy, and who spread joy." My sincere desire for all of you beautiful people is that the weekend will be filled with much love peace and joy for you and yours.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As darkness fades away the ever present light of one's soul lights up our way as we go along inthis physical world. How many times have I lost track of my own inner "light"? Way to numerous to try and recall all of them. One thing I have learned however, is that no matter how "hard" I may try to undermine my "light" it always comes out again. And to me this is a most refreshing and comforting thought that always helps me see through all the illusions of life and enables me to carry on with hope and inspiration for a better today and tomorrow.I want to share with you a thought form Eckhart Tolle in his book titled "A New Earth". In it he states"What remains is the light of consciousness in which perceptions, experiences, thoughts, and feelings come and go." So right now no matter what life is handing you just remember your Divine Light of truth and inspiration is still within your soul just awaiting your recognition. I sure hope of you are having a terrific week so far. Be safe and remember to enjoy every moment and life it to the fullest!

Friday, October 8, 2010


By saying I am God let me be clear that I am not saying I am the One who makes the rules nor am I the One who is in charge of anything other than living my own life. What I am trying to say is that I believe all of us are a unique expression of the Life Force many of us call God. No matter what the ego is doing underneath all of the illusions and paradoxes of life we are truly all God! I read a quote from Rev. Jack Deaton(whom I have never met personally) which says:"The greatest concept we can have of God is the greatest concept we can have of ourselves." And I wholeheartedly agre with Mr. Deaton on this. Whatever your concept of God which is very personal to each of you, my sincere hope and wish is that your concept will truly help you to become the very best human being possible and that it will bring you much joy and inner peace as you travel along the highway of human life and understanding. May your weekend ahead be filled with much love, peace, and joy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Our thoughts and attitudes play such an important part of our lives and we sometimes seem to forget this is true and therefore our lives can at times seem to spiral out of control. And more often than not when this happens instead of changing our thoughts and mindset we go even further into a "funk" by adding more negative thoughts and actions than before. And all this can start out so benign usually.Someone says something we don't like, what we had planned doesnt work out, that new "job" didnt materialize, that raise didnt come through etc etc. And those are the times when we should and must dig deep to change our "train" of thoughts and try our best to remain positive and just "know" that everything is working out for our best even if we can't see it at the time.If we can only watch every thought and keep it on a positive note then "life" will "listen" to these thought and give us the best outcome we may cannot even conceive of at the moment.This isn't "easy" to do when things seem to be going all "wrong" but it doesw get easier if we practice it long and hard enough.Life is like a big mirror that always "reflects" back to us what our thoughts are focused on. Getting our "little ego selves" out of the way can be trying but with some effort we can all do it. I would love to leave with you now another great quote from my friend Betsy Otter Thompson from her book Walking Through Illusion. ON page 23 Betsy writes--"Disappointment comes from thinking that life should be different. Enjoyment comes from thinking that life is wonderful the way it is." Thanks for this reminder Betsy! I sinceerely hope all of you have an extraordinary week filled with lots of love, peace, and joy!