Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Our thoughts and attitudes play such an important part of our lives and we sometimes seem to forget this is true and therefore our lives can at times seem to spiral out of control. And more often than not when this happens instead of changing our thoughts and mindset we go even further into a "funk" by adding more negative thoughts and actions than before. And all this can start out so benign usually.Someone says something we don't like, what we had planned doesnt work out, that new "job" didnt materialize, that raise didnt come through etc etc. And those are the times when we should and must dig deep to change our "train" of thoughts and try our best to remain positive and just "know" that everything is working out for our best even if we can't see it at the time.If we can only watch every thought and keep it on a positive note then "life" will "listen" to these thought and give us the best outcome we may cannot even conceive of at the moment.This isn't "easy" to do when things seem to be going all "wrong" but it doesw get easier if we practice it long and hard enough.Life is like a big mirror that always "reflects" back to us what our thoughts are focused on. Getting our "little ego selves" out of the way can be trying but with some effort we can all do it. I would love to leave with you now another great quote from my friend Betsy Otter Thompson from her book Walking Through Illusion. ON page 23 Betsy writes--"Disappointment comes from thinking that life should be different. Enjoyment comes from thinking that life is wonderful the way it is." Thanks for this reminder Betsy! I sinceerely hope all of you have an extraordinary week filled with lots of love, peace, and joy!


Chris Ledgerwood said...

I'm working at changing my thoughts/attitudes. Nice article!

captron52 said...

Hi Chris. Thanks man for stopping by glad you liked it!