Saturday, July 31, 2010


Most of the religious folks I know believe in a "Kingdom" Of God which they are aspiring to reach one day after their lives here on earth are over.They seem to believe thathis Kingdom is a physical place off afar somewhere where God is sitting in judgement over all of us. Personally I believe that he Kingdom of God is already here located in the hearts and minds of all of us just awaiting our discovery.Im almost sure that the bible states that Jesus said this kingdom was here already. I would like to share with you a paragraph from the writings of Rocco Errico who is the president and founder of the Noohra Foundation in Smyrna Georgia.

Mr. Errico states "The term kingdom in Arabic is malkutha; its root mlkh means "to counsel,advise." Thus, the kingdom of God or heaven does not mean a place or an empire, but is actually God's sovereign counsel or reigning presence in and among the people. Jesus used the expression "kingdom of God" as a symbol that pointed to the great and joyful guidance of God directing people inot genuine justice and harmony. God's reign had arrived in the midst of violence and injusticies. Jesus' mission was to open the eyes of the people to this kingdom."

Thursday, July 29, 2010


"When we're free to love anyone we choose"
"And the worlds big enough for all different views"
"When we all can worship from our own kind of pews"
"We shall be free"
Garth Brooks and Stephenie Davis

May this day bring each of you much peace,good health, and joy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In a world filled with so many mysteries I have found that the greatest mystery of all is that there is anything!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Back

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. Our computer was hit by the thunderstorm last friday and fried our ethernet port. Just got it repaired today. Sure hope all of you fine folks are doing really great and enjoying the summer.
Hmmmmmmmmmm maybe the devil caused the lightening to strike my puter. Or maybe it was God cause Ive been accused of writing heresay on here. Nah just a stroke of bad luck I guess!!!

I'm Back

Thursday, July 15, 2010


"The voice of God utters Itself, a Voice not in the blustering whirlwinds, nor in the awesome rumblings of the volcano, but a Voice so still that only in the Silence can it be heard, and there It thunders."
Joel Goldsmith, The Thunder of Silence

Saturday, July 10, 2010


The following is excerpted from Living the Science of Mind, published by DeVorss & Company.
This should show you what "GOD" I believe in. And again I remind you--these are my beliefs and I am not trying to teach or preach to anyone. Just sharing for those who may be interested.

"I Am that which I Am. I Am the Eternal Presence of your own self. Thus there is no mediator between you and Myself but your own thought.
This I Am has been revealed to you in innumerable ways through the inspired writings of the ages. Each inspiration has been a proclamation that I Am is in the midst of you. I Am the writer, the inspirer, and the thing written about. I Am the Creator of history,and the One who experiences it. I Am its record and its interpretation. Everything which has ever transpired has but symbolized My Divine Presence at the center of all.
I Am within you is the only Presence there is. I create innumerable centers of My Consciousness personified as people, yet I Am is the thread of a Unity running through all, binding all back to Myself. Because I am a perfect Oneness, all of Me exists everywhere.Wherever you recognize Me, there I Am. And whether or not you recognize Me I am still there. This Divine Visitor, which is your True Self and which is That Which I AM, is both the one who stands at the door and knocks and the One whho opens the door.
It is teh glory of this recognization which has given to the enlightened true mastership. Do not look for masters outside of Me, or mediators between yourself and Myself. There is but One Self who needs no mediator. This Self is immediate, present, and available.

Any thought or belief which would seek to seperate That which I Am from that which you are would be an illusion, no matter how lofty its concept or how sacred its purpose. For it would seek to deny the ever-present I Am, the completeness of My Perfection, the God within you, the inspired thought back of your act.
Your True Self constitutes the only mediator between the visible and the Invisible. I Am that Self. Be still and know that you are one with Me, and My Being in you is your life. It is also your body, mind, and spirit; That which you have so ardently sought has never been separated from you for one moment. My desire within you to be expressed has been the motivating Power impelling and compelling you evermore to reach out, on, and up.
I Am the Christ dwelling at the center of every soul; human, yet Divine; Infinite, yet flowing through that which is apparently finite; unmanifest, yet forever manifesting; birthless and deathless, yet forever being born; timeless, I Am forever creating time. And you, the expression of Myself, appear to be separated from Me merely because you are a unique manifestation of Myself. For I Am that which you are and which all people are. I Am in all and I Am all.
When the recognition comes within you of this I Am That Which I Am, you will have discovered your true Savior, your true Sonship. and you will know that this Sonship is a prrojection of Myself, forever different from any other projection, immortal, yet forever expanding.

Here you find the True Ideal, the Cosmic Pattern, the Eternal Friendship of the soul to itself, the God who is personified, the Person who is God-in-man. And how great is this Divine riddle! How inscrutable is the Sphinx! Men have sought to solve this mystery---how can Unity and multiplicity exist together without division?
But now you have solved this mystery. You have compelled the Sphinx to answer her own question; she no longer devours you but, like circumstance, must bow to that Divinity within you, like all crated things, must acknowledge the supermacy of That Which I Am within you.
This mystery of unity and multiplicity without division I have proclaimed through the ages, but only the enlightened have understood My meaning; the unenlightened have not realized that those who did understand Me were even aas they. They believed them to be great prophets, great mediators governed by invisible masters, controlled by those whom they called saints.
But since I create both saint and sinner, know neither big nor little, good nor bad, and being ageless, since I create all ages, I Am that which reveals, and that which is revealed. And the stone which the builders rejected has overcome the chief stone of the corner. The vulgar did not know, and even the high priests failed to recognize, that the Ark of My Covenant was in the sanctuary of their own souls; that the Scroll of Life concealed in this Ark had inscribed on it merely the words I AM.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I know I shouldnt have to explain myself or my beliefs but since I have been talking with L M about some of my previous posts I feel the need to try and clarify who I am and what Im trying to do here on this blog.L M after reading some of my posts took it that I was saying I was God the Absolute Power and that I was spreading heresy. In his or her latest reply they said i was a "toothless" teacher who wass not worthy of teaching anyone anything. Now all that doesnt bother me in the least(the attack on my beliefs and my way of life) because I am confident and happy with the person I have become over the many years of living. However L M's observations did get me to thinking that maybe I havent made myself clear.But forgive me please if I have left the impression that I think too highly of myself.That is just not true. I consider myself a kindred spirit expressing as a human being right along with the rest of the world. I am equal to all but not any better than anyone.And when I speak of my beliefs I am only expressing my "TRUTH". I am not trying to convince anyone of anything except maybe to try and live a life where you treat everyone kindly. As far as anyone else's beliefs I say if you are satisified with them then you are absolute right in your thinking. I may not totally agree with all you do but that doesnt make my beliefs right and yours wrong or vice versa.I started this blog in hopes of making new friends who are on their own spiritual path and I have always welcomed all to write and share whatever they felt.I am no teacher no more than you are. But I do suppose we are all students and teachers at the same time.I do hope any of you who read my blog can understand where I am coming from and just accept me as a peer and fellow traveler on this wonderful path of human enlightenment.And please if you ever get the feeling that I am getting too "FULL" of myself as L M once said please let me know so I can see where Im at. My sincereest wish and prayer for all of you is that you will be blessed with much love joy and peace in your life now and always. May God bless!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Todays entry is a combination from the works of Thomas Troward from which comes the following quote: "This realization of the true relation between the originating Spirit and the individual mind is what is esoterically spoken of as teh mystical marriage......."

And from the Science of Mind Textbook comes this quote: God is always God.

And from the Science of Mind magazine the following affirmation is this: I accept my spiritual accountability, realizing there is no seperation between God and me. No one can find God or accept the unifying presence and power for me. In this awareness, I joyously live now.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Again may I remind you this is only "MY" belief and I'm not trying to convince you of anything. I know that most of the folks I know believe fervently that there is an entity we call Satan or the Devil or a host of other names. And most of my friends and even family disagree with my philosophy concerning this subject and I must admit it probably would be easier for me to say I believe in the Devil but I choose to live and keep my spiritual beliefs true to myself.As I understand things from church and the Bible Satan was once an ArchAngel who worshipped God but the time came when this archangel decided he could do a better job with God's creation of all of us here on earth so he led a rebellion against God and was thrown out of Heaven of to this day spends his time trying his absolute best to lead all of us humans down a path of destruction. He does this by enticing us to "sin" against God by offering things to us that please our egos and our bodily desires.And he is ever so crafty by making things look so good to us "fallible" and "sinful" personalities. Now I have a question.If God is an All Knowing and All Seeing being He would have surely known that his archangel that He Himself created would one day fall into sin and rebel and would make this world a living hell for His loved creations of human beings. This being so tehn why would He go ahead and giv e this entity a birth in the first place?Now I know cause Ive heard this from many religionist that God did indeed know beforehand how things would be but that He giv es us a choice in everything so He went ahead and allowed things to transpire as they are today. Well. I just ain't buying that! It makes no sense at all to me why aLoving Father figure as God would create anything that would make our lives Harder.If this God loves us more than say our own earthly fathers Im sure He would not have createsd a devil in the first place. But way back our forefathers tried to figure out things like how we got here and what it all means. Being unable to find an explanation for the infinite with a finite mind they then just came up with all sorts of Gods and all sorts of evil influences along the way to explain people's reasons for the way they acted.Back then if a person had an epileptic seizure folks were unaware that it was a disease and automatically attributed it to the person being possessed by demons. That was probably the only thing that made sense to them at the time.Anything early humans could not explain was thought to be either God or Gods doings or also doings by evil deities sucha s the devil.And today many of these early misguided beliefs still are taught as truth to many of us.I know my belief may cause you to label me as crazy or as an atheist or whatever else you may decide. And you know what? That's really ok with me. Cause you see my personal belief system doesn't have to meet anyone's standards other than mine.And again this is "MY TRUTH" not yours. Yours may be the same they may totally different or somewhere in between. I put my beliefs out here just for the sake of making someone think a little bit.If you are content living in a world where there are demons and devils tugging at your hem thats fine by me. For me I had rather believe that any evil that resides in this world comes from a misuse of Spirit's Law which is exact yesterday, today and tomorrow.And if by chance I do an evil deed I only hope I am big enough to take responsibility for it and try to correct it and not let it happen again. I guess I have to take responsibility since in my world at least there is no "Devil" to blame it on. So there are my beliefs hope I haven't offended anyone who believes differently. I sincerely hope and pray all of you have a safe happy and fun filled 4th of July. God bless!