Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I know I shouldnt have to explain myself or my beliefs but since I have been talking with L M about some of my previous posts I feel the need to try and clarify who I am and what Im trying to do here on this blog.L M after reading some of my posts took it that I was saying I was God the Absolute Power and that I was spreading heresy. In his or her latest reply they said i was a "toothless" teacher who wass not worthy of teaching anyone anything. Now all that doesnt bother me in the least(the attack on my beliefs and my way of life) because I am confident and happy with the person I have become over the many years of living. However L M's observations did get me to thinking that maybe I havent made myself clear.But forgive me please if I have left the impression that I think too highly of myself.That is just not true. I consider myself a kindred spirit expressing as a human being right along with the rest of the world. I am equal to all but not any better than anyone.And when I speak of my beliefs I am only expressing my "TRUTH". I am not trying to convince anyone of anything except maybe to try and live a life where you treat everyone kindly. As far as anyone else's beliefs I say if you are satisified with them then you are absolute right in your thinking. I may not totally agree with all you do but that doesnt make my beliefs right and yours wrong or vice versa.I started this blog in hopes of making new friends who are on their own spiritual path and I have always welcomed all to write and share whatever they felt.I am no teacher no more than you are. But I do suppose we are all students and teachers at the same time.I do hope any of you who read my blog can understand where I am coming from and just accept me as a peer and fellow traveler on this wonderful path of human enlightenment.And please if you ever get the feeling that I am getting too "FULL" of myself as L M once said please let me know so I can see where Im at. My sincereest wish and prayer for all of you is that you will be blessed with much love joy and peace in your life now and always. May God bless!


Anonymous said...

Cap, I'm not trying to be a thorn in your side, but to clarify a couple of things. About you being the all powerful supreme being, we all know that is fallacy. The point is that you make claim of being equal with the creator of life by asserting that we are all gods the way you adhere to, and that appears to be pride. About judging, we all make judgments every day about most everything we encounter. If you're breathing, you're making judgments. The only thing we can't judge is another persons eternal salvation as God is able to save rocks if he so desires.
Finally, the BIG PROBLEM is that you refuse to explain your own contradictions about your beliefs. That failure makes you appear as one who is being molded by others, and not one who is helping others attain the goal of divinity. You say you want to be clear, yet ignore vital questions that would clear things up. That's called spin, and you're doing it. I wish you would be forthcoming with explanations for everyone's sake. Maybe you'd score a point or two, or maybe realize you need to adjust things on your end. What's the value in searching for truth if one ignores contradictions? Best to you always. LM

captron52 said...

Hi L M You may see a BIG PROBLEM but in my world there are no problems only solutions.With my next post I am going to talk about "my" God by reprinting an excerp from the book--Living the Science of Mind,which is published by DeVorss & Company. God will be referred to as "The I Am that which I Am. I cannot offer any otherexplantion as to my beliefs other than to say I agree with that writing completely.As I've stated more than once I truly believe that you are entitled to your beliefs and I to mine.And again I will not try to "LEAD" anyone anywhere they dont want to go.Im sorry you cant seem to grasp how I feel but thats just the way it is I suppose. And maybe you wopuld want to be a "teacher" to show others teh way to God but I sir do not wish to be a teacher.May God bless you and yours as always!