Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Todays entry is a combination from the works of Thomas Troward from which comes the following quote: "This realization of the true relation between the originating Spirit and the individual mind is what is esoterically spoken of as teh mystical marriage......."

And from the Science of Mind Textbook comes this quote: God is always God.

And from the Science of Mind magazine the following affirmation is this: I accept my spiritual accountability, realizing there is no seperation between God and me. No one can find God or accept the unifying presence and power for me. In this awareness, I joyously live now.


Breath-e said...

Isn't it wonderful...wonder full. I love this stuff.


captron52 said...

Hi Sarah. Thanks for stopping by.And I agree that all is wonderful!Bless you my friend for all that you are and mean to me. Thanks for your wonderful friendship