Saturday, June 27, 2009


I was thinking about what it really means to be free and Im sure everyone has their own perceptions as to what freedom entails. My beliefs are quite simple really since I consider myself a very simple kind of man. Living in the United States right now ensures us Americans some freedoms that maybe other countries do not offer. At the same time I feel we aren't really as free as we would like to believe. I love the U.S. and could not imagine myself living anywhere else right now. Of course all that could change in a heartbeat. I know there are other great countries around the world that also offer one many freedoms. Now as most of my family and close friends know I am not much into politics.Man made governments leave much to be desired even here in the good ol U.S. Right now Im kinda holding my breath and hoping President Obama and his staff will be able to get things in a much better shape. But I must admit I do have my doubts. I dont like seeing our government getting involved in every private business and slowing eroding our founding Fathers rights they fought for all those years ago. Look at the political agenda if you will---again this is only my humble opinion-- but it doesnt feel right when our elected officials dont have to live by the same rules the population does.Every one here is worried about Social Security but for different reasons. The working men and women are concerned that it will go broke in the not so distant future and the politician is worried the collapse will cause them to lose their high paying and powerful positions in the government. Did you know that the elected politicians dont ever have to depend on Social Security to supplement their retirement like the working class has to? No, instead they are guaranteed a very lush rich retirement plan that pays them the rest of their life after serving only 1 term in office. Now how did this come to be you ask? well, they enacted this into law for themselves.Doesnt seem quite fair to me, if they had to live like the rest of us things would be different Im sure. I am amazed by the way my fellow Americans stand by and let our elected officials do things like this over and over and over again. Im thinking that maybe one day the masses will finally realize just how duped we have been for so many years--does Custards Last Stand ring any bells? Oops for a simple guy who isnt much into politics Im going on and on I know. So I will get back to being free. And the easiest and fastest way to find ones own personal freedom is to FORGIVE. I didnt say forget all the nastiness that others may have done to you in the past but I did say forgive! Hanging on to every wrong that you feel has been done to you is the surest way to be unhappy and stay chained to the past and their events. We all get screwed by others from time to time, its sadly just a way of life it seems, but we always have the final choice to forgive and just go on. And if we can manage that then we are well on our way to personal freedom. Personally I feel that I have been able to forgive all for the wrongs done to me either real or imagined and it has surely helped me to be the type of person I want to be.My hope for all of you is that you find yourself at a good spot and that you consider yourself free. If by chance you are holding onto any old grudges against others I believe you would be better served to forgive the person and also forgive yourself for any wrongs you may have done in the past. May your life always find you being free and happy. As for my rant against the US politicians I sure hope I didnt offend any of you in any way. Everything I say here on this blog will always just be one mans humble opinion. I bless you friends and hope life will always be good to you and yours.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am reminded of the song by Charlie Rich in the late 70's titled Rolling with the flow. I keep on getting older but just keep on rolling with the flow. Great lyrics! How simple and how easier are our lives when we finally learn to relax a little and just go with the flow. This will Im sure mean many different things to each person. What I consider the flow may be totally different than the one you find yourself on this very moment.That really is besides the point I do believe.I recall some of my younger days when I oft times found myself failing to roll with my personal flow and it always semed to cause me many heartaches misfortunes and lots of stress. As I finally began to ease into the person I intended to become it made things easier to just roll with it and have a devil-may-care attitude. But at the same time I would still allow stress at times to overtake my better sense of judgements and find myself again struggling to get along. Today I still have lots of work to do on myself but find it much easier to stay within the flow of life as I see it. I look at the big river that flows right past downtown Paducah and Im constantly reminded of how my life has seemed to go thru the years. The river just flows easily at times, and at times after a lot of rain it flows like a raging torrent. But whatever the circumstances it keeps on rolling. If it comes upon an obstacle in its way it will flow around it or thru it whichever is the easiest. It always looks for the path of least resistence.And altho this river can be altered by man made dams etc it remains always true to itself.Rolling along ever rolling just being what it is. It will continue to flow freely as long as it never dries up. Such is our lives I think. Life will be smooth sailing at times, at other times it will be a flooding raging torrent. It will come upon obstacles from time to time and have to either go around or thru them. If we can manage to take our lives with the path of least resistance we shall be beter off for it. Every circumstance every encounter for us is like a new drop of water in the river. It quickly mingles with the greater source and becomes one with all.My hope and my prayer for all of you is that your life will be forever flowing gently but when the rough times do come that you will be able to remind yourself---Roll with the flow-- I will leave you with the following quotes and bid you all a wonderful week ahead. Bless your hearts!

.....the minute I know that God(Spirit) is love, I have no more problems. That ends them. If I know that God is Infinite intelligence and that is is His good pleasure to give me the kingdom, what kind of problem can I have?
Joel S. Goldsmith--The Art of Spiritual Healing

It is only as we allow the Divine current to flow through us on and out, that we really express life.
Science of Mind

Friday, June 19, 2009


It has been proven to me that fear is the one thing that will keep us all from becoming the person we want to be. Even silly little fears keep us sometimes from doing things we want to do. Every one of us have had times when we have given in to our fears and allowed that to dictate to us the shape of our lives. There are times when fear is a necessasry part of being human and it serves to keep us from doing some really dumb things. But I truly believe we all tend to let our "little" fears rule our lives. But from experience I have seen just how much better life can be when we face our fears and overcome them. It is then we can see the unlimited possibilities we possess to be anything and to do anything we desire. My wish for you and yours this day is that you can look yours fears right in the face and go ahead and overcome them. Because fear is really only faith that has been misplaced. I will leave you with the following quotes and wish all of you a grand weekend ahead. And a very happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.

"Experience the apprehension and do it anyway! It's the doing that brings you to a new level of inspiration, so don't deny your fear....."I'm scared, but I'm also taking action."
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Inspiration

Accepting the lessons and experiences of the past, and taking the best from everything, we should press boldly forward, looking ever for the Truth, and ever ascending higher and higher into the heavens of Reality.
Science of Mind

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Life gives us so many new doors to open and experiences to grow. How sad that we often times let fear or any other excuse keep us from opening the doors before us. Some open to great experiences that leave us happy and totally "up" on life and all that it entails. Others sometimes lead us on paths that make us uncomfortable, dumbfounded, or just at a complete loss. But all of these doors and experiences serve to teach us the lessons of life and it is our responsibility to either learn the lessons and grow into a better human being, or refuse to learn and remain as a ship drifiting upon the seas with no idea of where we are headed. My hope for myself and for all of you beautiful folks is that the door now standing before you will open up and the path you find will be one that leads you to much happiness, joy, love, kindness, and understanding. I'll leave you with the following quotes. May God bless you and yours now and always.

Every moment will be a demostration of the power of truth, every experience will be an open door to a larger, more beautiful world, and every person, thing, or event that we may meet will add to our welfare and joy.
Christian D. Larson, The Pathway of Roses

Let us waste no further time looking for the secret of success or the key to happiness. Already the door is open and whosoever will may enter.
Science of Mind

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'd just like to say that I really do admire all those single parents out there who are or have raised children by themselves. Ive personally seen in my life those mothers who have had to raise kids by themselves with no support from the father. And I really do admire all the sacrificies they had to make. In my humble opinion there is no harder job than being a parent or step parent. And having to go it alone makes it even more amazing. I have also seen single fathers do the same for their kids. So to all you single parents out there I offer you my admiration and say "Good job" For when all is said and done our kids are the most important asset any of us have and they are the future. And to those of you who are now raising kids of your own I wish you the very best and say thanks for raising your kids to be honest, caring, and loving children cause our world sure needs those kind of kids to become our future. God bless all of you.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Let us in everything we do have a clear purpose in mind before we undertake the steps getting to where we want to be in this life. If we dont have a clear intent and purpose before us we will tend to drift here and there like a ship on the storm tossed sea. You know as I do that this life will be turbulent at times and if we dont have our purpose outlined these storms will just push us further and further away from where we really want to be. As Wayne Dyer put it in the title of his book--"You'll see it when you believe it."-- not the other way around. So whatever you want your life to be first start by outlining your purpose and then be strong enough to withstand the storms of life by having faith and keeping your mind open to all possibilities. I now leave you fine folks with the folowing quotes: for a great purpose, and hold the central idea of that purpose constantly before mind.
Christian D Larson, The Pathway of Roses dealing with the subtle energy of Spirit,... the molds are made in our own subjective minds, through conscious and specific thought, purpose, and direction.
Science of Mind