Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'd just like to say that I really do admire all those single parents out there who are or have raised children by themselves. Ive personally seen in my life those mothers who have had to raise kids by themselves with no support from the father. And I really do admire all the sacrificies they had to make. In my humble opinion there is no harder job than being a parent or step parent. And having to go it alone makes it even more amazing. I have also seen single fathers do the same for their kids. So to all you single parents out there I offer you my admiration and say "Good job" For when all is said and done our kids are the most important asset any of us have and they are the future. And to those of you who are now raising kids of your own I wish you the very best and say thanks for raising your kids to be honest, caring, and loving children cause our world sure needs those kind of kids to become our future. God bless all of you.


Susan said...

Raising kids is the hardest job you'll ever have.It's also the very best job! So often parents wonder "am I doing this right,how is my child doing emotionally" then you just go with your gut and if you're lucky to have Grandparents to go to for advice,you just Pray your doing a good job. I hope I can be a source of wisdom and guidance for my children and grandchildren.

captron52 said...

And what a great mother znd grandmother you are my dear!