Thursday, January 19, 2017


There are plenty of times in my experience when I try to explain what I am feeling to another human being,  the words just don't seem to want to come out right. I've lost count of the times that someone has misunderstood what I have said. And at times these misunderstandings have caused the other person to be angry or hurt with me. And most of the time I don't even know it! I admit the words I try to explain myself with can really seem to confuse rather than explain. So maybe I should just keep my thoughts to myself more often. But who really cares anyway? I was reading this morning from the book The Wheel of Time, and came across this quotation from don Juan Matus. Guess it about sums up the frustration I sometimes feel in trying to share my feelings with the world. The quote reads:

 The flaw with words is that they always make us feel enlightened, but when we turn around to face the world they always fail us and we end up facing the world as we always have, without enlightenment.. For this reason, a warrior seeks to act rather than to talk, and to this effect, he gets a new description where talking is not that important, and where new acts have new reflections.

So today I use only these words thinking they cannot possibly be misunderstood by anyone. But then again anything is possible. And the words I leave you with today is this: I truly do love all of you and wish you only the very best!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Hey folks. Sure hope all of you are feeling great at this moment and find yourself immersed in the Sea of Light that is filled with much love, peace, and kindness. Today I want to share with you a few lines from the book titled: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Mr. Frankl was a holocaust survivor and the book came about from his time spent as a prisoner all those years ago. He states the following: "Live as if you were living already for the second time, and as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now. Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of their personality. No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he(she) loves him(her)."

May each one of us this very moment make the choice to love everyone else, especially those that we find the hardest to love. Let us not judge or condemn others until we can honestly say we are perfect. And since that is never going to happen then we will stop judging and condemning and this world will be much better off. Much love to all of you beautiful people.