Wednesday, June 27, 2012


How many times have you either seen someone or you yourself try to "teach" another the "right" way to live or to handle a situation? Many many times I'm sure. And this in itself is ok , for after all we all need a little help along the way to "understand" things. But one big problem with this , as I see it, is that oft times these wayshowers(including myself) will try to blindly show another the "right way" while not even very self assured that their "way" is the right one for everybody. That is why I always try to tell others that my beliefs are mine only and may not be the right one for them.But I do know lots of folks who seem to think their way of believing is so "perfect" that they are quick to condemn others who do not necessarily see things in the same light. In the Airline Safety Guidelines it states this:In case the oxygen mask falls from the compartment above your head, put your own oxygen mask on first and then help others around you. Now that makes perfect sense to me. So in closing I'd say that in order to truly assist anyone, one must first make sure that he or she teaches themselves as best they can before they even attempt teaching others. Its one thing to teach the "truth" but another thing entirely to just teach "one's personal truth". I send to you all my unconditional love and wishes for a terrific day and lifetime. And if you get a chance today please try to remember to do something nice for someone without thought of getting a reward. "HUGS" to all of you beautiful people.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Does anyone really know what being "normal" means? If you do, I'd like for you to tell me what that entails. Not that I personally want to be considered normal, hey far from that I can assure you.Because from what I have experienced in my life all the so called normal people seemed to live a rather dull life in my book.Not that there is anything wrong with living a dull life if thats what you want to do. Then again what is considered dull? The more I try to think about it the more I confuse myself.Not that it takes too much to confuse me you know.Way back in my younger day I remember having a tee shirt that asked the question "WHY BE NORMAL" I wore it proudly I must say. Cause I never wanted anyone to consider me normal.I can also recall seeing a tshirt that stated "NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME" I wanted one of those shirts for myself but never did find one.Now that I've gotten much older I suppose I kinda like being "normal" and just blending into the crowd. I always said if everyone thinks you are normal they expect you to behave in a certain manner. But if you were considered "crazy" or "different" you could do just about anything you wanted short of breaking the law and people would just say ah hell dont pay him no mind he's just crazy. Hey it worked for me! Today as I go about my business I see the young folks trying so hard to be different while at the same trying to fit in with their peers.Man, am I glad I dont have to play those games anymore!  I guess you could say that I have finally arrived at the place where I am just happy to be here. It no longer matters to me what anyone may think of me just as long as they accept me and all my "weirdness" without being too judgemental. And my hope is that each of you have arrived at the place where you too are happy within yourself and no longer need to feel normal or anything else other than what you are within you heart. Because to me that is the highest from of freedom one can attain. I will leave you first of all with a quote from the Science Of Mind which states:I see that the future is bright with promise. It beckons me forward into a more complete realization of my own worth and my rightful place in the Universe. I sincerely hope you can agree with that statement!And now one final quote from Shirley Briggs who once stated:"Let's dare to be ourselves, for we do that better than anyone else can." How true Shirley Briggs, how true! "HUGS" to all.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I am going in a little more unusual direction with today's entry and I hope you will bear with me as I share a bit more personal information with you.But as always my entry is one that I hope will serve to help at least one person find some tidbit of info that they can use to help make their life better. Today I want to dedicate this entry to my wonderful best friend, wife, and true soulmate, Susan Marie. You see, I feel that if I was going to find the very best of things in this human experience I had to find that "special someone" who would accept me as I am , and would  help me to grow into a better person. Not to say that one can't find total fulfillment by living alone for their entire life because I'm sure there are some folks who are completely happy and fulfilled while being alone. But for me I think I knew at an early age there was that special woman out there who was looking for me as I was her.And I wont bore you with all my futile attempts to find her and all the events that led to us finding each other.That in itself would be a long story and probably wouldn't hold your attention very long anyway.But I will tell you that ever since Susan came into my life each year, each day, each moment, has been so very rewarding and precious.My quality of life has improved so much and I am blessed to have found my soul mate after all those years. I waited until I was 42 years old before I found her.And I had never married until then.But when I first met her we both just knew we were meant to be together. We recently celebrated our 17th year together and those years have flown by so quickly. Every day we find many little ways to let each other know how much we love and appreciate each other.She allows me to be the person I am even when she may not fully understand where I am coming from. We allow each other the room to grow into our own personal spiritual enlightenment and we share so many things that we both love and also we are free to explore our own interest but we always stay together and respect each other. Most importantly we make sure we are doing our best to make sure the other one is happy. And if we do happen to come upon a disagreement we are sure to work it out right then. We try to never end the day if either of us is angry.I could spend hours telling you just what a sweet, beautiful, and loving soul Susan Marie is and it still wouldn't do justice for her.No One has come up with the words that are beautiful enough to describe my lovely soulmate.My hope and wish for each of you folks is that you have already found that special someone and are enjoying a relationship that makes you both better people.But if you are still looking for them I would say to you just dont ever give up,dont ever stop believing, and keep an open mind, so that one day soon you may find them. I know for me it took so many years of searching, so many heart breaks that weren't even funny, and my making so many mistakes until at last we did find each other. So if I was to make my transition from this world tonite I would be able to say I did find and did experience the highest form of love there is. And that is an "unconditional" love from one person to another.Thank you Susan Marie I love you darling and that love will be eternal. I leave all you folks with thoughts of peace, love, joy, and with a reminder to try and do something nice for someone today!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I don't know about you but if not for curiosity this would be a much more drab and unexciting life as far as I'm concerned. I think most of us are curious by nature but oft times we tend to hide that curiosity for fear that we may "look" silly or uninformed. When I was a child just about everything raised my curiosity but I know that even then I was fearful of expressing that to others lest it made me look ignorant.But thankfully I have manage to hang on to that curiosity thur adulthood and at long last Im no longer "afraid" to show my "ignorance" by asking why. Dont expect me to just blindly accept anything as "true" until I have satisified my curiosity as to why it is true.I think I may at last know what Jesus meant when he said that for one to enter the Kingdom of Heaven they must first become again as little children. I hope you can recall all those things that ignited your own curiosity when you were a child.And even more so I hope you still have that "childlike" curiosity when it comes to everything.I would like to share with you the following statement from  Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: "If you destroy "I do not know" you destroy all possibilities of knowing." I love that statement dont you? I truly believe that in order for me or anyone else to comprehend the meaning of this life it is utterly important to always ask yourself questions as to "why" instead of just believing anything just because someone else says it is so. In closing I want to share another quote which comes from the Science of Mind Textbook:Peace is the power at the heart of God. It is through the revelation of the self, to the self, that one understands life. Please reread that once again and just let it soak in til you realize exactly what it says to you. I now leave you in peace, in love, in joy, in friendship, and in curiosity.