Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Do you ever wonder just how it came to be that the path of life you are on doesn't seem to quite fit the bill? Hopefully, you can honestly say the path you are on at this moment is the one you have chosen to bring you the life lessons you need to experience. Many times we as humans get so engrossed in our ego thinking and ego ways of doing things we literally "forget" that we can and are able to choose the path that will bring us the most love, the most joy, the most enlightenment, the most of all "good" things we can imagine. WE literally get lost in the ways of this illusionary 3-D world and fall victim to life's circumstances. Then we either get disheartened or angry or just disgusted and give up on trying to improve our lot in life.Its happened to me on several occassions and even though Im not proud of that fact I have learned to accept that this too is ok as long as I finally learn whatever lessons there are for me and then be able to get back upon the path I choose--not the path someone else or even life itself chooses for me. And when I do reclaim my Power and choose the path I want I can then really really enjoy every moment and take it all in as a learning experience. One thing about this life for sure is that it is filled with an untold myriad amount of paths for us to choose from.One think I personally have learned the "hard" way is that another's path may be great for them but if I try to just copy their path and do as they say I should do then I have always wound up being lost again. I truly think that each individual has to make their own personal choice as to which path to take.And another person's path that brings them inner contentment and joy could easily be another's path to downright torture. So I feel it is so very important to choose wisely as to which path to journey upon and if one finds that path not to be fulfilling then be not afraid to jump off and begin another path completely.One of my favorite authors is Carlos Castenada and in his book "The Teachings of Don Juan"(No not the womanizer Don Juan , rather the old Native American medicine Man Don Juan) he states that one only has one question to ask concerning the path he or she has embarked upon, and that is to ask if the path has Heart. If it does then the path is definitely the right one for the time being.Might I suggest you take a few moments, relax, free your mind of all thoughts(the best you can) and then ask yourself that question------Does the path I am now on have Heart... then listen quietly as Spirit gently whispers  the answer to the question. My sincerest hope is that each of you will be able to honestly say to yourself---Yes, my path does indeed have Heart! For if you can say yes to that then I would have to say keep on keeping on my friend! I now leave you with vibrations of peace, love, joy, and healing. Try to remember that you can make a difference in this life by just doing one little act of random kindness for someone. I hope you will quickly spread some love and joy and peace to someone you may just happen to pass by on the street.It only takes a fleeting moment to do something nice for someone.And I sincerely hope your path will connect with mine somewhere down the road so I can say hi and give you a big hug. Take care my friends and be the very best human being you possibly can.

Monday, June 27, 2011


From a Sufi seer named Pir Vilayet Khan comes the following question----"Why aren't you dancing for joy at this very moment? is the only relevant spiritual question." Think about that statement for a moment or two my friends and then answer honestly to yourself . I think that quote says so much about the simple art of living life fully. I sure hope all of you right now find yourself dancing in rhythm to the beat of another beautiful evening in Paradise.But if for some reason you are having trouble dancing with this beautiful flow of life then please take my hand and I'll try my best to take you there. "HUGS" to all of you my dear brothers and sisters of humanity.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


"If I was at a place where dreams are for dreamers, and all the things you wished came true....I'd wish the world had all happy people, then there'd be no more wishing to do...OH sweet sweet love......." These lyrics from an old Commodores song written and sung by Lionel Ritchie have always had a deep and special meaning in my heart ever since I first heard the song. What a beautiful thing to dream...that all people were happy the world over and there would be no need for hatred bias and all the silly things we do to our fellow human beings every day. Just think about that. Wouldnt it be great indeed! And yes, I am a dreamer but as the late great John Lennon once said..."You may say I'm a dreamer but Im not the only one, and I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one."  To all of you extraordinary folks out there that I call friends, my sincerest wishes are for you to have a truly terrific week ahead! May it be filled with lots of love, joy, peace, and fun things. And please remember as you journey along the pathway of this life to stop today and do something nice for someone just because you can! "HUGS" to all.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Ralph Waldo Emerson states in his work"The Over-Soul" Man is a stream whose source is hidden. I agree with old Mr Emerson.Folks look for this Power, this God, this Allah, This Spirit, This whatever you wanna call it, in all kinds of places but seldom find it. Why is this? I surely cant say for sure but I will instead relate the following story I once heard. There were once 3 wise and worldly women who were given the task of where to place the greatest power in the universe. The first woman wanted to place it on top of the highest mountain. But they soon agreed this would not work because too many people would find this power and possibly misuse it.The second woman wanted to hide it in the deepest ocean. But again they ruled that out for the same reasons.The third woman said "Let us put the greatest power of the universe within each individual. No one will ever think of looking for it there."  This fable says to me that if we truly want to discover God, or Spirit, or Universal Mind etc we should begin our search by looking deep within our own minds and soul. And I think that is where it will be found! My hope for all of you wonderful folks is that your search will quickly bring to you the discovery that we are all ONE. No better no worse no anything just ONE! And with that in mind please remember to try and do something nice for someone today just because you can do it! "HUGS" to all of you my dear friends

Sunday, June 19, 2011


In the Bible it talks about being born again. As a child I never could understand what this meant. With all the dogmas of religion and all the different interpetations of the Good Book I was confused as to how anyone could be reborn.Now as a grown amn who tries to think for myself and get away from all the things I accepted without question as a child I can see more clearly.The rebirth is one of a metaphysical nature that occurs within ones mind.My favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 12:2 which states:Be ye not conformed to this world but be ye renewed by the transforming of your mind. And that is what I try to do in my everyday life. I no longer just accept things others tell me as truth because I now now ones truth is just another's folly.I do believe with all my heart though that when one does experience the "rebirth" of mind they will then realize we are alll ONE. ONE! No matter what another believes what they wear what they look like  where they go to worship or any thing else changes the face we are all ONE. And if we could all only grasp this truth we could then bring about the changes necessary to make this earthly home Heaven right now right here! No need to wait for a Rapture, no need to wait until we die, no need to wait for any reason. Imagine Heaven right here right now! You may not agree with my beliefs and that's ok too.All I ask is that you dont condemn me for what I do believe.And no matte what it is you do belieev there is no good reason as to why you cant be nice to everyone, treat each one with respect and dignity, and help others along the way.As the late great John Lennon once said in song "Just give peace a chance" I leave you now with a quote from Meister Eckhart who states:"To grasp God in all things---this is the sign of your new birth." My sincerest wish for each of yu is that the new week ahead will be a truly great one for you and yours!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I truly do believe that life forces a certain amount of wisdom on us whether we want it or not.And those bits of wisdom which lie buried in our subconscious mind like nuggets of gold buried in the mountains can turn our lives around for the good we seek.. I believe if we truly want to experience real freedom we must first attune our minds to the Infinite Mind which I call Spirit and allow Its wisdom to flow into our conscious mind so we can begin to live our lives using the Divine Mind as our map so to speak.If we continue to stand steadfast to our old worn out beliefs about life then we will never be truly enlightened.May I suggest to those who are truly looking to expand their thinking and start living life to the fullest that you take a few moments every day, get to a quiet place, relax, clear your mind of all things and just allow the Infinite to speak Its truths to you. I am continually amazed at the bits of wisdom I keep receiving whenever I choose to listen to Spirit and keep my "old" beliefs out of the way. I do hope you will try it at least once. In his work "The Divine Romance" Yogananda states:"Spirit is the infinite reservoir of wisdom." And from the Science of Mind comes this quote: Divine Mind contains all knowledge and wisdom, but before It can reveal Its secrets, It must have an outlet. I hope you will make yourself that outlet today. Be happy live well and remember to do something nice for someone today!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When we fail to fully use and express our innate creativity we will find ourselves feeling less than fulfilled and oft times quite miserable without even knowing why. Creativity is our Creator's way of expressing through us as us.If you want to feel fully functional and put some good back into this world might I suggest you take the time to express your creativity in any way you can. It is up to each of us to first find that creativity and then to use it to share our gifts with the world. Doing so will definately help you to find inner contentment and joy.In their book Spiritual Literacy, Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat state:"Creativity is a pathway to the sacred." I wholeheartedly agree! And the Science of Mind Textbook states: We should expect the best, and so live that the best may become a part of our experience. I leave all of you now with best wishes for a fantastic evening. "HUGS" to all.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Let's face it. This world is a busy one. And a loud one! Seems like at every turn someone is clamoring for our attention wanting something.And we spend so much of our time speaking trying to get across our message to others. Talking comes cheap for most of us but the art of listening it seems has become a lost art.If we were meant to talk more than we listen then why didn't our Creator give us two mouths and one ear instead of the other way around? When we talk we are only putting out what we think is the truth, but when we truly listen , then that is the times when we learn.I knowIi talk way too much at times but I have learned to listen a little better than I used to.I feel it is especially important for us to learn to listen with our "inner ears" to truly find the nuggets of spiritual truth that are constantly trying to get through to us as we hurriedly run along in our daily lives. The one thing I would tell those who are struggling with any kind of troubles and worries is for them to take at least One day a month and get out in nature and just"be" For that one day just think only of all the beauty they see in nature and really listen to all hte beautiful sounds they hear. And most importantly listen for that "Small, Still, Inner Voice" that will silently whisper life's truths to them.Just try it if you would like to see what i am talking about Its worth a try at least I hope it is for you. I will leave you with a quote from Ecclesiastes 3:1--"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven" And another quote from the Science fo Mind Textbook which states:I am now entered into the Secret Place of the Soul where complete quiet reigns supreme, and where God talks to me." May the new week ahead be filledf with all good things for you and yours!"HUGS" to all


My friend Betsy Otter Thompson again has written a beautiful book about the art of raising children as a parent. Betsy's work is one I truly admire and for that reason I wanted to share her link with all of you. Anyone who is interested in her book can contact her at this address--Http://betsythompson.com A great read for anyone if youare a parent or not. Keep up your great work Betsy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


What is the most necessary thing in this world? There may be many answers to that question but many times things truly necessary are  considered luxuries. In that vein I share with you the following quote from the Dalai Lama who states:"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive." All I can add to that is to say Well put my friend Dalai Lama! May this day find all of you doing well, being satisified and living life to the fullest.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love the following quote from Buddha in his book titled "Setting and Rolling the Wheel of Truth". In it he states simply:"All beings are the owners of their deeds." Im sure most would agree with this simple yet profound truth.And that being the case it seems to me we would all be lots better off if we chose to only do deeds we can be proud of and those that not only help us better our lives, but also to help another along the way. I sure hope all of you wonderful folks are feeling great, full of joy, inner peace, and all of the other "good" things in life.Remember the deeds you today will return unto you tomorrow as surely as a boom-a-rang returns when you toss it.A good deed will produce good back to you and of course a "bad" deed will also return to its original owner. With that in mind please remember to do something nice for someone now and then wait as the goodness returns to its sender and truly blesses your lives. "HUGS" to all of you my dear friends and human family members.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Here in Kentucky and states across the USA we have already seen tornados, thunderstorms, floods, and other acts of Mother Nature create havoc resulting in the loss of lives, property,farm land and numerous other things such as peace of mind. This has always been with us as we have never in all our discoveries found out how to harness Mother Nature so that it doesn't create such havoc. Its been this way since the earth was formed all those years ago and it will always be thus Im sure of.Whatever your beliefs  there is no way to find a lot of solace when you see innocent people lose their homes and all their possessions in one quick swoop of a fire, tornado, hurricane or whtever else may happen at any moment.And then there is the loss of all the lives including men women children good or bad or somewhere in between.About the only good I can see is that when one of these disasters happens people are quick to offer assistance to those affected in a negative way. The outpouring of love is quite wonderful to behold and Im wondering why it takes such a disaster for us to show our love for our fellow human beings.I am personally against all wars but I do know that at times one must fight to defend themselves.Its such a shame tho when I see our government spend so much money to fund wars that if kept here in the country we could use the money to get ourselves out of debt and have enough left over to see that all of us had a place to live and health insurance and all the things one needs to live a life of happiness. Why cant all human beings see that war is not the way to settle anything-it is only a waste of lives money and resources.I'd love to see all countries live in peace, all wars ended, and everyone living life in peace. Yes, I am a dreamer I know but maybe one day we will all realize that all we truly do need is love. I sincerely hope all of you are doing well as I've missed interacting with all of you these past few weeks.I hope you all enjoy a safe fun filled weekend! And remember to do something nice for someone just because you can. "HUGS" to all of you my friends