Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Do you ever wonder just how it came to be that the path of life you are on doesn't seem to quite fit the bill? Hopefully, you can honestly say the path you are on at this moment is the one you have chosen to bring you the life lessons you need to experience. Many times we as humans get so engrossed in our ego thinking and ego ways of doing things we literally "forget" that we can and are able to choose the path that will bring us the most love, the most joy, the most enlightenment, the most of all "good" things we can imagine. WE literally get lost in the ways of this illusionary 3-D world and fall victim to life's circumstances. Then we either get disheartened or angry or just disgusted and give up on trying to improve our lot in life.Its happened to me on several occassions and even though Im not proud of that fact I have learned to accept that this too is ok as long as I finally learn whatever lessons there are for me and then be able to get back upon the path I choose--not the path someone else or even life itself chooses for me. And when I do reclaim my Power and choose the path I want I can then really really enjoy every moment and take it all in as a learning experience. One thing about this life for sure is that it is filled with an untold myriad amount of paths for us to choose from.One think I personally have learned the "hard" way is that another's path may be great for them but if I try to just copy their path and do as they say I should do then I have always wound up being lost again. I truly think that each individual has to make their own personal choice as to which path to take.And another person's path that brings them inner contentment and joy could easily be another's path to downright torture. So I feel it is so very important to choose wisely as to which path to journey upon and if one finds that path not to be fulfilling then be not afraid to jump off and begin another path completely.One of my favorite authors is Carlos Castenada and in his book "The Teachings of Don Juan"(No not the womanizer Don Juan , rather the old Native American medicine Man Don Juan) he states that one only has one question to ask concerning the path he or she has embarked upon, and that is to ask if the path has Heart. If it does then the path is definitely the right one for the time being.Might I suggest you take a few moments, relax, free your mind of all thoughts(the best you can) and then ask yourself that question------Does the path I am now on have Heart... then listen quietly as Spirit gently whispers  the answer to the question. My sincerest hope is that each of you will be able to honestly say to yourself---Yes, my path does indeed have Heart! For if you can say yes to that then I would have to say keep on keeping on my friend! I now leave you with vibrations of peace, love, joy, and healing. Try to remember that you can make a difference in this life by just doing one little act of random kindness for someone. I hope you will quickly spread some love and joy and peace to someone you may just happen to pass by on the street.It only takes a fleeting moment to do something nice for someone.And I sincerely hope your path will connect with mine somewhere down the road so I can say hi and give you a big hug. Take care my friends and be the very best human being you possibly can.


Eve said...

This is very true! I know Carlos Castenada! I used to have a bunch of his books...I love the quote, "The trick is what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same."
Thanks for the reminder of Castenada and his wisdom. Have a great week Ron!

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron. There is an old Sanskrit word the Buddhists use called dharma.

Dharma: doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons.

We cannot discover our dharma with the mind we must seek within to inquire of the heart.

In Lak' ech, brother Ron, love is freedom to discover self...

captron52 said...

thanks Eve and Christopher for stopping by and leavi

Chris Ledgerwood said...

As usual a great post that I needed to read!!!

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