Saturday, March 31, 2012


"Well it's alright riding around in the breeze, and its alright if you live the life you please"
"And it's alright, remember to live and let live, and its alright, the best you can do is forgive"

Those lyrics from the song The End of the Line by the Traveling Wilburys has so much truth in them I thougth I'd use it with today's blog entry.Why is forgiveness so necessary for one's peace of mind? I believe that if we hold any grudges or ill feeling towards any of our human brothers and sisters that it will eventually eat away at our inner peace and contentment until it destroys us completely.Why is it so hard for us to forgive another who has wronged us in any way? I cant answer that question for you but it seems that we as human beings it is ingrained in us to "get even" or to exact revenge. If someone does something to bring us harm then by all means we feel it is necessary to get back at them in some way. And this I personally feel is the wrong way for us to react.I agree with you that at times others do things that are not very nice and cause us to suffer in one way or another. And I must admit that my first impulse is to "pay them back" in like manner.But in my life I have found that as long as I have those kind of feelings I am never gonna be entirely happy and at peace with myself.So does that mean I should just accept the "hurt" another has cause and go about my business as if nothing has happened? No, I dont feel that is the right thing to do but I do feel as if I should work on forgiving that person and then just let it go while at the same time remembering things as they happened so I can protect myself from getting hurt again by the same person.This forgiveness thing can be very tricky also. There have been times in my life when I truly felt I had totally forgiven someone but later find those old feelings (or grudges) again surfacing.It is just too easy to tell oneself they have forgiven another when in reality they are only trying to fool themself into believing that they have . I feel true forgiveness is when we can see the offending party as only reacting to things in their own way and that even tho we dont want to be around them, if by chance we find ourselves in the same room we can still treat that person with dignity and class. And that means being able to accept them as a fellow human being even after they have done something horrible to us.Now why should we forgive anyone if they treat us mean?The biggest reason I feel is not because they deserve our forgiveness but because as long as we hold on to those old hurts then the offending party is still winning!I have seen people carry a lifetime grudge against someone and the person they hate is not even aware of the animosity sent their way. While the offended one or the grudge holder is punishing themselves every day by hanging on to those negative hateful thoughts that soon erode their happiness and peace of mind. I think it would be better for that person to truly forgive the other and just go about thir lives with a lot more peace and contentment in thier lives. Remember, the best revenge is living well!Someone has done you wrong so be it!Dont give them another chance to hurt you again but try your best to forgive.That way you can live well and the offending person will not get the satisfaction of knowing they have hurt you time and time again simply because you continue to carry around all those negative feelings. Free yourself today from all bondage of past hurts and grudges by just letting yourself truly forgive, and I believe you will find life a lot more pleasant. And if you really want to "get back" at those who have offended you in any way, then do something nice for them when they least expect it. And as you learn to forgive and let live please try to remember to do something nice for someone every day just because you can! Best wishes to all!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


"Sometimes the light's all shining on me, other times I can barely see
But lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip its been"
I use the words from a Grateful Dead song to introduce the message of this entry.As I continue to age and grow older I can look back at all the events of my life and just shake my head. Man, it really has been quite a ride! Some of it just absolutely wonderful, some of it absolutely horrible, and the rest somewhere in between. I have come to realize the truth in the old saying that states Its not the destination that is important rather its the ride along the way.At times I believe we human beings put way too much value of the "final destination" of our life when in reality there is never a final destination to be found. Rather it's a never-ending trip made up of our thoughts, our ideas, and our beliefs. And if you can see that as true then it should be easy to see that one should begin right now to enjoy every minute of this glorious ride. Enjoy it Right Now dont be fooled into believing that you must first pass any kind of test, or believe in any man made creed to finally begin to enjoy this life. You are here Now, and there is no such thing as the future.Its all right here, right now awaiting your recognition of all things beautiful. Just remember you will always reap just what you sow so why not right now do something nice for someone just because you can? Go ahead ,do it and dont forget to enjoy the ride even when it seems to be out of control. Life may at times be like the proverbial roller coaster ride but what a ride it is! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


How would you describe freedom or being free in this world of illusion and paradox? Sounds like an easy question which should have an easy answer, right? But I imagine if I were to ask ten people what their idea of freedom is I would get ten different answers. As individuals we can assert our personal beliefs of what freedom is but that will not make it necessarily true for another. In countries around the world where dictators rule backed by great armies one living there may describe freedom as being able to escape to another country which is not under dictatorship.Someone else may describe freedom as being able to live anywhere they choose and to pretty much do whatever they desire to do.So I would imagine that freedom means different things to different people depending on where they live, how they were taught as youngsters, and the circumstances they now find themselves in. Personally I feel freedom is that state of mind where I can believe anything I want to and can do anything I desire as long as it doesnt harm anyone else or break the mores of our society in which I reside.Freedom to me is being able to look past the things I have been taught so I can really use my mind to discover who I really am. Freedom is being able to state my convictions without being punished for them. And that brings me to another fact which is this---This world I now reside in is not a free world! I am blessed to live in a country which is a democratic society but at the same time I am not truly free in all regards.In my life I have been accused of being an arrogant person with some really strange beliefs.Now I admit that some of my beliefs may not coincide with yours or anyone else's but I do feel being arrogant is far from the truth.But I really dont want to get into that discussion right now. I am only trying to stress the fact that for one to be truly free he or she must first admit that most of their beliefs are based on things they have heard, seen, or been told. And I feel one must try to "unlearn" the so called truths that others have said"This is the way you need to think or act or live your life.To me being free is to stop deceiving myself in anything I do or say.I have to take full responsibility for everything I react to. And doing this has led me to stop reacting and to just experience everything that is going on around me. Once I have accomplished climbing that hill of reacting and started to always experience each event then I will at long last attained freedom.My sincere hope for each of you is that you have already found your freedom and are truly happy with all that occurs.Peace I leave with all of you good folks.And if the opportunity knocks at your door to do something nice for some one I do hope you will do so. Enjoy each moment on this beautiful planet and remember that we are all ONE!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I use the title of a book by Wayne Dyer for today's subject because I think it is so true. The old saying is I'll believe it when I see it but the other way around is the correct one I believe. Life cannot give anyone something they are not able or unwilling to accept.But if one can go ahead and accept that that thing or condition they desire is already made manifest then life quickly gives us that thing.As singer songwriter Delbert McClinton wrote:"You gotta believe before you see the proof, you can wait a lifetime for a moment of truth." So I would suggest that if you truly want something then first accept wholeheartedly the thing as already done and then wait for life's perfect moment to make the thing manifest in your life.My sincere hope is that all of you are doing great and enjoying every moment of this wonderful life.As you travel along this earthly life's path please take a moment right now to do something nice for someone and continue to be a part of the solution and not a part of the "problem" Hugs to all!