Thursday, July 1, 2010


Again may I remind you this is only "MY" belief and I'm not trying to convince you of anything. I know that most of the folks I know believe fervently that there is an entity we call Satan or the Devil or a host of other names. And most of my friends and even family disagree with my philosophy concerning this subject and I must admit it probably would be easier for me to say I believe in the Devil but I choose to live and keep my spiritual beliefs true to myself.As I understand things from church and the Bible Satan was once an ArchAngel who worshipped God but the time came when this archangel decided he could do a better job with God's creation of all of us here on earth so he led a rebellion against God and was thrown out of Heaven of to this day spends his time trying his absolute best to lead all of us humans down a path of destruction. He does this by enticing us to "sin" against God by offering things to us that please our egos and our bodily desires.And he is ever so crafty by making things look so good to us "fallible" and "sinful" personalities. Now I have a question.If God is an All Knowing and All Seeing being He would have surely known that his archangel that He Himself created would one day fall into sin and rebel and would make this world a living hell for His loved creations of human beings. This being so tehn why would He go ahead and giv e this entity a birth in the first place?Now I know cause Ive heard this from many religionist that God did indeed know beforehand how things would be but that He giv es us a choice in everything so He went ahead and allowed things to transpire as they are today. Well. I just ain't buying that! It makes no sense at all to me why aLoving Father figure as God would create anything that would make our lives Harder.If this God loves us more than say our own earthly fathers Im sure He would not have createsd a devil in the first place. But way back our forefathers tried to figure out things like how we got here and what it all means. Being unable to find an explanation for the infinite with a finite mind they then just came up with all sorts of Gods and all sorts of evil influences along the way to explain people's reasons for the way they acted.Back then if a person had an epileptic seizure folks were unaware that it was a disease and automatically attributed it to the person being possessed by demons. That was probably the only thing that made sense to them at the time.Anything early humans could not explain was thought to be either God or Gods doings or also doings by evil deities sucha s the devil.And today many of these early misguided beliefs still are taught as truth to many of us.I know my belief may cause you to label me as crazy or as an atheist or whatever else you may decide. And you know what? That's really ok with me. Cause you see my personal belief system doesn't have to meet anyone's standards other than mine.And again this is "MY TRUTH" not yours. Yours may be the same they may totally different or somewhere in between. I put my beliefs out here just for the sake of making someone think a little bit.If you are content living in a world where there are demons and devils tugging at your hem thats fine by me. For me I had rather believe that any evil that resides in this world comes from a misuse of Spirit's Law which is exact yesterday, today and tomorrow.And if by chance I do an evil deed I only hope I am big enough to take responsibility for it and try to correct it and not let it happen again. I guess I have to take responsibility since in my world at least there is no "Devil" to blame it on. So there are my beliefs hope I haven't offended anyone who believes differently. I sincerely hope and pray all of you have a safe happy and fun filled 4th of July. God bless!


Anonymous said...

Captron, LM here again. I hope you are well and willing to dialogue about this devil stuff. As I said before, I am not attacking you, but I am challenging your beliefs to maybe cause you to rethink some things you write that are downright heresy. Challenge is meant to double check our thinking, not to be mean.

To answer your question - You cannot deny that evil exists. That would be pure lunacy. You must therefore determine from where evil comes from? If you are god like you proclaim, is your world full of all goodness and purity? No, your life is full of human failure. You suffer the weight of being human just like the rest of us. You have problems, captron, and I don't have to know what they are to know that. I know it because you are a human, not a god in process. I fear that you have created a false sense of security in an effort to shield yourself from life's hurts. I doubt that it really works. Point is that evil exists in your own life, so what is the source of said evil?

If you are god, and god is in all, then you and your god are responsible for evil (if there is no devil). That point was made in our previous posts about the tornado. Logic demands that you acknowledge that your god creates, promotes, and supports evil as long as you hold onto that flawed thinking process. You said you could not worship a god that caused evil - your own words - so either you are just playing with words or are very confused. you, yourself god, is responsible for evil or you must change direction and agree that there is an external source of evil outside of yourself and your god. Logic demands it.

Okay, so about the devil himself now. People commonly deny and even make friends with what they fear. Devils like that and happy to run with you as their friend. captron, please reconsider these things. you are a valuable person with good intentions and love for all people. Don't be mislead by false teachings.

Specifically, God could have squashed Satan right out of the gate, but God is smarter than we are. I would have eliminated the creep, and you would have, too. But, cap, we are NOT GOD, and not as wise. God wants us to love him and that comes by experience. It is more than intellect. You get to know people in a relationship and love grows. This is what God wanted - a relationship with those he created. Surely, He found no joy in a robot like creature that had no choice, no love, only blind automatic adherence to a tyrants rule. Do you have children? Do you want them to run to you, jump in your lap, and love on you? Or do you want them to stand in a corner until you decide to activate them with mechanical reactions? Do you want your wife to love you and respect you for who you are, or do you prefer that she just obey you in robot like fashion? I know the answer, cap. i read your post. You need a loving on going deepening relationship with her, and you claim to be a god. Can't you see that the real God, the one who created you, wants you to love him and know him intimately without being forced to?

I have to finish in a second post.....

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Because of this, God knew to give Satan an alloted period of time to try and prove his way was better. Satan set out to do it by desiring to be like god. cap, you are flirting with that same spirit. you want to be like god, and even now claim to be a god. Satan has always failed, and always will because he is a created being fallible. Every failure harms humanity and proves that God's way is the only true and right way for humanity. We get to know God in the midst of this ongoing warfare, and come to know him and love him because of his goodness and love in the midst of evil, and not because he forces us to a tyrants desire. This is how God wanted it to work. If he had squashed Satan, the question would always be out there - Is there a better way without God? When Satan's time is up, and he is eliminated, his failures will stand for eternity as evidence that God's way is right and just, and God will be completely justified to wipe out any future rebellion, and still be recognized as a loving God who gave choice. That answers your question.

You write like you are a god. You think too highly of yourself and suppose to know what our forefathers were thinking and how they made up the concept of a devil. Where were you then, cap? Were you sitting in a high place of authority listening in to their thoughts? You are extending your role of a god now being all knowing to explain what was in our forefathers mind. This is dangerous, cap, you are being used by the same devil that you deny, and Satan loves it. You are contributing to his agenda by leading people away from the real God who created you. It is a heavy responsibility you carry, but many just like you have been rescued and set free by love of God through Jesus Christ. You either need a Savior or don't. How do you answer that, cap? Be careful....

cap, I say all this with love of God, not to be mean spirited, but you are promoting devilish teachings. AT end of your post, you reiterate your own standards and that is in line with your selfish need to be independent of the real God who truly loves you. That is the same attitude of Satan. your religion has a lot of holes that you cannot plug with logic, reason, or anything else. All you can do is make excuse and ignore facts. Please reconsider.

Well, your forum makes me conclude on a 3rd post....

Anonymous said...

Part 3 (conclusion)...

Although I could be wrong, I'm gonna step out here in faith as God gives me and say this. I think you have been terribly hurt in the past, and maybe even now. You love people and hurt deeply when you hurt. I think you tried to figure our the reasons for hurts, and during your quest for truth, you came across all this occult teaching that offers a false sense of peace and security. If I'm right, cap, listen to me. The real God who created you loves you just where you are, but is not wanting to leave you there. He wants to lift you up higher to the real truth about Himself. If you go back to the beginning of the path and start anew with an open heart, you won't be disappointed. Hopefully, there are poeple around you who do know God and the one He chose, Jesus Christ. They aren't perfect, but perfect people don't need a Savior, cap, and they will disappoint you from time to time, but that's the carnal nature in all of us. Their failures are not an indictment againt the God who created you and loves you still today. He's given you choices. Please reconsider.

Finally, one more thing by faith, and in the spirit. Be honest with yourself, cap, a lot is at stake. I think you experienced something that frightened you. Maybe a visitation. you were in your room, alone when it happened. cap, I don't claim to be all knowing, and God is not wanting to embarrass you. You can deny it, but I believe it so. Subconsciously, you have made peace with what frightened you. I see you wrapped up in it like strings winding around your body. Cap, the spirit was real and has attached itself to you through false religion aspiring to be like god. I am praying for you, and others are, too, and you will have another choice to make that leads to life and real peace. If you are truly open as you have said, I hope you will not run away from a God who truly loves you and is able to mend all hurts.

With love of God seeking your benefit,

captron52 said...

Hello L.M. great to see you on here once again. And no I dont feel you are attacking me even tho youi do say some pretty harsh things.You are trying to make it sound like I believe I am the all seeing all knowing God and that Im too full of myself.Well I do kinda resent that cause I surely dont feel Im the least bit better or smarter than you or any other human being in the world.You ask how do I know what our forefathers were thinking when they conceived evil and the devil--was I there sitting up on my throne watching them? Thats a putdown if I ever saw one and then you turn around later and say that Ive had a visitation from a spirit that scared me into believing evil beliefs. May I humbly ask you my friend--where you there in my room when this occured? Its no different than when youi ask if I was there with our forefathers all knowing things myself.In the very beginning you say Im guilty of writing heresy---maybe you are wrong, you may label my words as heresy but some other soul may agree with me entirely.Now I beg to ask--who is right? As I see it there is no right or wrong, everything in this world is fullof paradox and illusions and what you embrace as true is true for you but it may not be true for everybody. Your attitude is exactly the reason that I began my search for spiritual growth. The religionist I knew all had the arrogance,albeit with good meaning, to claim their belief was right and everything else was wrong.How arrogant is that? And you seem to be the same way when you say I am wrong and that my beliefs are the work of the devil.At least I never slam your beliefs and tell you I am right and you are wrong.Maybe you are the one who neds to open your mind a wee bit and see that maybe youi dont have all the answers either. And yes I still believe every life form is a part of God expressing as life on this material plane.My ego personality is far from perfect and its only a small part of who I really am. My true self is that God part that I try to develop a bit . But I sure dont try to say I am all knowing or that I am the wisest or best of anything. Continue tonext

captron52 said...

Part And yes I do acknowledge that evei exists in this world.Am I the cause of it as you suggest? I surely dont think so. Thats not to say that I havent done evil things in my past. But I have tried to atone for my mistakes in one way or another.I think evil does come from the human part of us simply because we dont pay heed to the God part that resides at our deepest level.And yes I have had to endure many hurts just like the rest of every human being. Im no different from any human.But with faith and some hard work and with the help of family and friends I have been able to overcome those hurts and I am at peace within myself.And Im sure I will have to deal with more hurts if I continue to live here on earth. And no I am not trying to hide from any fears I may have. As a matter of fact I try to examine my mind very often just to make sure I am dealing with those fears that may arise from time to time.And you claim my beliefs have a lot of holes in them. I might say that I find religion as I have come to know it is also full of holes.And the Bible being a great book in itself leaves as many questions as it does answers.The writers of the bible were said to be inspired by God to write the words they did.Im sure they were inspired by the ever innvading spirit of which we are all made of but still 10 people can read the words and come away with 10 different perspectives. Then who's right? But that will be a subject Im gonna write on later.And lastly I would like to say I am in no way too full of myself as you put it.I am an ordinary person who loves life loves people and wishes everyone culd be happy. Hope I havent been too blunt for you L.M. Your thoughts are always welcome even if we do disagree.

Anonymous said...

Cap, thank you for letting me be so candid on your blog. We are talking about issues that affect life and eternity, and are very important. I did not expect you to readily accept what I wrote, but hopefully you will consider it. After all, as you pointed out, neither of us are all seeing and all knowing. That's because we are not gods. We should remain open to the Truth when it comes to us. It does come to us. We do not create truth as you suggest.

Now, please re-read my post, and you will see that in reference to an experience in your room, I wrote, "I think...I believe." I did not make an all knowing arrogant statement. There is a difference as I left room to be wrong and you did not. You wrote with final authority. At this point, I still think it happened. It is too strong to deny. I was not in your room, but you know what I'm talking about. I dreamed about you and saw you bound by it, and I believe it was a revelation to share with you to maybe encourage you to re-examine. Or do you not believe that God communicates with His people?

Cap, I can tell that you really are a good and decent man. I like that about you. But when you say things like "there is no right or wrong," it makes me question what kind of glue you're using to hold your beliefs together. If all things are okay, no right, no wrong, and we are all gods..., goodness, man, ...what chaos that would make. There would be no accountability, no judgment, no reason to improve, just do what we chose to do at the moment. If you truly understand human nature, you know it would all turn evil. A pedophile could argue that it wasn't wrong to abuse that innocent child - the adulterer could argue that it was okay to sleep with his friends wife.
They could say it was just another god making his own rules. An ugly scenario would soon envelope creation if your theology was correct. Are you thinking these things through to the end, Cap? We must have rules, rights and wrongs, or we would destroy ourselves. The rules themselves won't save us, but they point us toward the living and true God Creator who truly loves you.

I understand your concerns about the Bible cause I had them, too. In the end after exhaustive investigation and study, I had to conclude it is God's Book whether I liked it or not. From that point, after experiece, I had to change because I couldn't change God, and not aspiring to be like God, it was a welcome change.

I'll be interested to read your post about the Bible, and hope we can talk again. Thanks, Cap. Love you with love of God and praying for you. LM

captron52 said...

Thanks for yiur time and comments L M however i have not ever had the "Vision" youi think I had. I have had dreams tho and if I came off as sounding I was the final authority on anything I didnt mean to.I remain open to any possibilities however and would gladly welcome a "visit" from God that showed me the complete truth. But that just aint gonna happenIm afraid.God talks to us as our thoughts and as far as Im concerned thats it. And I have to believe that anyone who claims to have had God appear before them and talk with them is just being duped by their own arrogance in thnking they are so special that God chose them to speak to and just doesnt talk to us other folks. Again I could be wrong butI sincerely doubt it. I will let everyone know if I ever do see God and talk directly with him. Enjoy the weekend my friend.

Anonymous said...

Cap, thanks for followup. Just quickly, do you believe in reincarnation? Disembodied spirits? Psychics? (sp) Communication with the other side? I appreciate that you acknowledge you are not the final authority, so who is?

About God speaking to people, well, he might not if you reject him and the notion altogether. He has His ways to communicate outside of ourselves, and he is not obligated to speak to anyone. The Bible says that Gods thoughts are not like our thoughts and that his ways are higher than our ways. If its God in our thoughts, ouch! How many unrighteous thoughts have I had today? Did you have one or two? Bible also says that he speaks to us in dreams and riddles, but that's really a different subject that requires detailed study. Point is You're not really open to anything when you say in same breath it ain't gonna happen. That is closed, and written off in your mind. I trust God is bigger than what you think about it, and I will leap for joy when He comes to you, however that may manifest. Can I humbly encourage you to be truly open minded and subject to change when it comes to you? LM

captron52 said...

Hey L M Hope you and yours had a great holiday. To answer your question no I dont necessarily believe in reincarnation but I know it is possible as is anything.I tell you what friend I will keep my mind open to the possibility that you are right in yoiur beliefs and I will not try to justify or prove my p[ersonal beliefs nor defend them in any way. If you want how about talking to youir God and seeing if He will come to me while I am wide awake and alert and speak to me in a way that I will be sure it really is God.And if that does happen to me then I will of course change my beliefs accordingly. And nw until that time if it does indeed occur I will continue to live as my dear friend Sarah gently reminded me a few weeks ago and that is to just experience everything and not worry about "doing" anything. I leave you now L M with my highest regards to you and to everyone one else no matter what they may believe.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cap. We had a great weekend, thanks! Hope you did, too. I want to apologize if I have come off sounding like a preacher or something. Discussion opens doors, and before one realizes it, they have strayed from the point. I am very interested in you and what you believe, so want to backup. I have read a little of some of the things you study, but I am confused about what you truly believe. Either because you fail to explain it properly, or else I just don't get it. I'm trying, so bear with me.

People in other cultures and religions have had visions of Jesus and converted to Christianity. Faith comes by hearing the word, and is a gift from God. I suggest you ask God to give you that faith if, indeed, it is true. That is being open minded for sure!

Otherwise, about being gods and evolving into a collective god, even collectives have a head, that is a leader. Who would be the head in the evolved god if there is no right or wrong? You have dodged my main questions so far, maybe by oversight, but please try to answer specifically with what you believe. If you're right, it will stand up under close scrutiny, but if not....! That's why dialogue like ours is beneficial.

Here is what I need to know to follow your reasoning process; please answer specifically.
1. In your post about the tornado, you said you could not accept a god that would cause calamity and harm. Since then, you've said that god was in the tornado which caused calamity. This poses problems of reason. It is contradictory, and defies logic. If you cannot accept such a god, how do you explain holding on to your version of god since you recognize that god is in calamity? Do you now accept a god that causes harm?

2. You say there is no right or wrong. If this is true, there would be no reality, just a chaotic mess. You also suggested that life is just an illusionary dream. Who is doing the dreaming? If its you, that means all of us are just figments of your imagination, and you are a sovereign god entertaining yourself. How do you explain this?

3. How do you explain your humble attitude compared to a god - equal mentality? You suggested that if God ever spoke to anyone, that he would speak to you and everyone else, too. Thinking that you are equal to any chosen prophet of old, and especially believing that you are a god, howbeit a work in progress, is far from being humble. It smacks of pride. These two postures are at odds with each other, so how do you reconcile humility with the need to be equal with God?

4. Do you believe in supernatural communication with spirits through visions, dreams, or otherwise?

5. What experience have you had to confirm what you believe? Have you healed people with your mind, or yourself? Any such claim must be credible and verifiable, or remains suspect. I'd like to know why you believe what you do, Cap. So far, it appears that you just don't like the Bible route that defines sin and requires submission to God. I believe the way I do because of experience first followed by intellect. Others believe by intellect first, and then experience, but both are needed to verify what one believes. So, why do you believe what you believe?

If you'll take time to respond specifically to these questions, it will help me understand you much better. Thank you very much, Cap, and I look forward to reading your explanations. LM

captron52 said...

Sorry if I have confused you L M Since all of us are trying to figure out the infinite while using a finite mind I suppose some things can never be explained. IM sorry you cant understand my beliefs but thats ok too! As I said earlier I will not try to justify my belies with anyone I will only share them as best I can. Needless to say I do not attempt to change your mind or anyone else's.I may confuse you but I know I am not full of myself and I sure dont claim to have all the answers to lifes questions. As the old song by Blood Sweat and Tears put it "I can swear there aint no Heavena nd I pray there ain'tno heel, but I'll never know by living only my dying will tell".Im sorry if I disappoint you by not trying to answer your questions one by one cause sometimes there just ain't the words that would describe my feelings. So I leave youi with thoughts of peace love and joy.Please feel free to drop by any time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, cap, you let me down on this. Not only me, but maybe others who might be searching and look to you as they contemplate possibilities. Any teacher who avoids confrontation and refuses to answer hard questions loses all credibility with searchers. Obviously, you don't want to continue dialogue, and I suspect that's because you either don't have answers, or you aren't willing to confront your own statements. You offer no proof or reason for anyone to believe you, you're just blindly passing on stuff you read that someone else has written. Even Christians should be prepared to give reason for their faith without notice. You cannot, so, sorry to say, cap, you are a toothless teacher spreading what others believe without the conviction to explain yourself. This is less than an honorable position. Seeking your best, LM

captron52 said...

My my L M such a nasty and judgemental piece youi send me. But thats ok As i've tried to state I am not teaching anyone anything Im only sharing my beliefs with anyone who cares to listen. I sure dont judge you on your beliefs and I would never call you a fraud or use any other label to describe you or your beliefs. you are entitled to your beliefs and Im happy for you in that they do bring you peace and joy as you have said before. My beliefs are very personal to me and I willnever try and justify them to you or anyone else.That being said I still respect you and your beliefs and I wish you well in all your future endeavors. Feel free to visit me anytime. God bless you and yours!

Anonymous said...

(((((((((Ronnie))))))))) Hugs!

It seems you and I are pretty much on the same page with the whole "the devil made me do it" nonsense. I've always thought that blaming a fundamental boogie-man for all the ills in the world, or even one's own personal temptations is a bit of a cop out.

To me, in spirituality, as in all things, it's about the choices we make and taking responsibility for those choices, actions,and reactions, for the good, bad, and indifferent.

Kudos to you for standing up for what you believe and for not allowing anyone to force feed you their spoon fed dogma.

captron52 said...

Thanks for the words of support K J You're an Angel!