Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Each of us are blessed with a mind given to us by God to go out in this material world and make each moment one we can be proud of. And at the same time we can freely choose to make any moment truly miserable for ourselves or for another. Such is the way of life! And we all make mistakes along the way and if we are truly wise then we will try our best to keep an open mind and view things as it feels from our own heart and not just words we have heard or read that only reflect anothers "truth". It is one thing to study and read any material that we feel necessary for our life's journey but another thing to try and force our way upon any one else. In her book "Walking Through Illusion" Betsy Otter Thompson offers these questions to us as to where our paths are taking us. The first question is:"Is my philosophy making me happy or causing me pain and sorrow?" And I m ight add also, is my philosophy causing me to live in fear. Betsy's second question is: Is my knowledge creating love or is it causing intimidation?" And the Third question is:" Am I honoring my ideals or caving in at the slightest opposition?" Betsy then tells us this: "Evaluate your journey by how well you have loved. not by how well others have loved you." My sincerest hope is that each of you beautiful people are on a path of enlightenment that is bring you much happiness, love, joy, and contentment!


Chris Ledgerwood said...

Great stuff, Ron!

captron52 said...

Hey Chris thanks for stopping by man. Glad you liked it!