Friday, January 28, 2011


Everything changes! That's a solemn truth that all of us are aware of. And changes to us and our lives often come in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. And more times than not these changes are tough to accept. But if we are to survive in this world and remain joyful and at peace witin ourselves we must learn to deal with the changes in a way that does not cause us to return to that point of consciousness where we have to "blame" someone or something else for the changes that do occur. As human beings we can be a strange lot to say the least. Lots of us are more comfortable in a state of disarray as long as we have our "safe" routine to stay in.We may say we are miserable with the way things are but yet we had rather stay miserable than to take the chance on changing something. Many spouses remain in a horrible relationship becasue it at least tells them they are in a relationship and dont have to be alone. Me personally, if I was miserable in any relationship Id hurry to leave it and take my chances alone. But many of us wont even do that. We often times feel we are powerless to do anything about our lot in life and we just accept that and go on the best way we know how. But I have found from my personal experiences that ones "Inner Self" or "Soul", or Higher Self" or any name you may give to it will still strive to make the changes It knows will help set you free from your misery. But we still fight these inner urgings to change until at last Life forces upon us some changes It knows we need in order to grow.Still it is not easy to accept these changes because so often as I said before these changes bring with them much turmoil and soul searching. But I firmly believe that if we will surrender to this Inner Knowing and embrace the changes life gives us we can and will succeed in making our lives something we can take pride in. Just remember to try and stay centered and in that peaceful state when these changes do come aknocking at your door. My wish for all of you is that the changes you now face or will face will be fairly "easy" for you to accept and that your lives will be made more beautiful with every change you endure. I leave you now in peace and with hopes of a great evening for you and yours.
Here is a quote from Pema Chodron from the book When Things Fall Apart: "Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth."


Chris Ledgerwood said...

Thanks, I needed to hear this.

captron52 said...

Hey Chris I was just thinking bout you cause I havent heard anything fromya lately. Sure hope things are going great for you and yours. Glad you got something useful from the blog. And thks for stopping by my friend!