Sunday, November 6, 2011


Just taking a quick look at the way things seem sometimes can be really disillusioning. I dont know why but it seems as if human beings have the tendency to see things in a negative light more often than in a positive way. I suppose its partly because we at times take the "good" things in our lives for granted while bemoaning the things we donot have. But it may behoove us all to take another look at things in that positive light. And while looking  at the "negative" things we may find the positive in it simply by taking a closer look. Marcel Proust has been quoted as saying:"The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes." So if you are experiencing any "problems" in your life right now why not take another look with the "new eyes" you can look through? I do hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful day and that  tomorrow will be even better for you and yours.


Dorrie said...

after reading the first words I was going to comment... it's because we take positive things for granted. And then that's exactly what you wrote! Like the old phrase, "no news is good news".

captron52 said...

Hi Dorrie Sure hope you and yours are doing great these days! Thanks for stopping by my friend

Silentwhisper1 said...

I'd love "new eyes" more than most anything right now, so as to keep from looking back with the old ones.

Your advice is always something I take into great consideration and think, ponder even,much time after. I thank you for that. Your words soothe more than you know.
I am lucky to have you as a friend.No doubt about that at all.

Well wishes to you and your growing family~
And yes, I'll hug Tia and baby, Avarie, for you, tomorrow-mom and I are taking them out for a nice relaxing lunch:)

Hugs....from me too:-)

captron52 said...

Why, thank you so much Dee for the kind words.Its always nice to get some positive feedback on things.Glad I can help to soothe your soul at times.Enjoy the lunch date with that beautiful daughter and adorable little Avarie!

captron52 said...

oops forgot to mention your mom! I know she will enjoy the lunch date too! Enjoy!!!!

JOY Krauthammer, MBA said...


Your thoughtful thoughts inspire me to share with you a couple quotes that I try to remember to live by, especially when I (or friends) need them.

"Gam zu l'tovah." (Hebrew)
This, too, is for the good.

Translates for me as: I need to find the blesSing in what appears as darkness.
or The blesSing is there even though I don't know it, can't see it, nor imagine it; which is usually the case.
~ ~ ~

"Gam zeh ya'avor."
This to shall pass.

Translates for me as: It can be a lot worse...

BlesSings for light, love, peace and joy.

captron52 said...

Hello Joy. And thank you so very much for the words of wisdom! I wholeheartedly agree with all the above quotes.Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to share your thoughts with all of us. Do visit again anytime!