Sunday, October 30, 2011


Nothing and I mean Nothing ever remains the same. I know, I know, you may say some things never change and it at times may seem that way, but believe me everything does change, somehow ,someway sometime. And whether or not the change is for the better or the worse is entirely up to us. You know what I truly love about this life? Well one reason is because no matter how bad or how good things seem at any gi ven moment life is always giving us the opportunity to make it even better. Yep, thats what I said Better! Now thats not to say that every change we go through is a pleasant experience quite the opposite is true lots of times. I have come to find out that the most heart wrenching, the most physically painful, the most mentally exhausting experiences are in fact the ones that will ultimately bring us the most satisfaction and the greatest spiritual growth in our lives. Thats just the way life works. If we let it that is. There are those who absolute refuse to grow and just curse their experiences as "bad luck" or whatever label they attach to the experience.I truly believe that every experience, no matter if we label it as good bad or anything else in between is really another opportunity for us to grow and become the best human being we possibly can. And as we face these challenges from day to day we can either face them with a positive attitude or one of utter disdain which will I think make our experiences "worse" than they have to be. One thing for sure tho is that with each experience, each challenge, each moment we are being transformed into either a "higher" or "lower" conscious being. I would hope that all of us can and will decide to face our daily experiences with anticipations of becoming a more loving, kinder, peaceful, and helpful human being. Please remember this statement from a person named Jan Richardson who has stated the following:" What we choose changes us. And who we love transforms us." My sincerest hope is that each of you wonderful people will have a most beautiful moment right now right here! I leave you with thoughts of love peace and goodwill now and forever. And if you will please take a moment right now to do something nice for someone just becasue you can and that you wish to. "HUGS" to all of you beautiful people.


Eve said...

Hello Ron! What a great's happens, sometimes events are out of our control..sometimes things are very hard to deal with..if we dwell in the negative, that's where we will a hole...sometimes we need a hand out of the hole..and eventually we can help others out of their holes..hope you're having a great day!

captron52 said...

Thks Eve. Great to see you again! Have a good one!