Tuesday, June 8, 2010


OH my, so many beliefs about God and such a short time to try and figure it all out. The funny thing is that I know we as human beings will never be able to fully understand God or anything else that is infinite in nature simply because we all have a brain that is finite. But I must say it sure is an interesting ride in reading and studying all the different belief systems people have of God or the Creator or whatever else one may call life. Personally I think that if one wants to truly see God all they need do is take a look in the mirror.And if they cant see Him then I'd say they have some serious thinking to do. How come it is so easy for lots of us to accept God as a Being off afar somewhere yet so hard to accept that all of us are already God.I sure wish I had the answer to that one. I am God You are God everything is God---just saying that seems a little sacraligious but still it rings true to me. Sure hope all of you are having a wonderful evening. May God bless!


Hannah said...

I've really been wanting to study and read of different cultures' religious perspectives and beliefs for a while now. There is something so wonderful about the vast variety of religious affiliations.

I hope you're doing well!


captron52 said...

Hi Hannah Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I wish you all the est in your future search of enlightenment. "hugs"