Saturday, November 2, 2013


Where does one begin when trying to define the most powerful emotion ever there was? My regular readers of this blog know where I stand on love and what it means to me. However, after reading a comment by one of those regulars (Dark Star) I have been thinking a lot about what love means to me. If any of you have read Dark Stars blog you know that he has  quite an interesting way of looking at life in this 3 D world we call home. If you haven't read any of his writings I think you should check it out. Ian is a very deep thinker and one of those rare individuals who has the ability to express himself and his beliefs in ways I can only imagine. There are things he believes that I do not personally accept as my own "truth" but he always gives me food for thought and I am ever so grateful to him for sharing his beliefs and thoughts with others. In one of his comments he asked me if I could explain what love is to him. Therein lies the spur that has gotten me to thinking about just what it is that I ascribe to when it comes to love. Before I begin though I would again remind all of you that just because I say or think something is real, imagined, or anything in between, the words I use and speak are my "Truth" only. That means while it may be true for me it doesn't make it anything for you. You can certainly either agree or disagree with my beliefs and that will not change a thing as I see it. So many things in this 3-D world is only illusion and what I now believe is true may become something entirely different by night's end. The one thing I do try and do is to always keep my mind OPEN to any and all possibilities. Because in my experience whenever I start to think I have all the "answers" to life's questions, that is when the Spirit of Life turns me upside down and shakes the living daylights out of me. Just to say so you think you know it huh! It has happened to me over and over and I assume it will continue to do so until the day I die. Because every day, every moment, I am afforded the possibility of learning something entirely new. I think it was Gibran in his book THE PROPHET who stated the following: "If you think life is done with you and that you have no more learning to do, look in the mirror and if you are still here then it isn't done. I had to paraphrase that statement since I cannot readily find the book. Which by the way is a great book to read if you have not already done so. But now back to the reason for this entry--How do I explain what love is? Well here goes my admittedly lame attempt to explain something that words cannot do justice for. Okay, Love is when I wake up and look into the eyes of my beautiful soul mate Susan Marie! And I sure hope that all of you have that special someone in your life as I do. Cause that makes everything else much easier. I see love when I am walking down the street and see people shaking hands and smiling with each other. I see unconditional love when I see a puppy jumping up and down just because their "owner" has arrived. I see love when a stranger holds a door open for someone. I see love watching grandparents smiling as the kids play on the swingsets. I suppose I can "see" love in almost everything going on around me. But then again, just because I see it does that make it "real" I can't say for sure. When it comes down to it I really don't think any of us can truly define love. Not in words anyway. And as always actions speak more clearly than words. After all is said and done I have arrived at the conclusion that love is whatever I claim it to be! Does that make love real? I dunno for sure but it is good enough for me. There are so many different beliefs and belief systems that I will never say I have it all figured out. The best I can do (at least for now in this stage of my life) is to continue to "see" love everywhere and in everything. And if I by chance I happen to see an event where love seems to be nonexistent hopefully I will be able to bring some love into the circumstance. I'm sure that all of you will have your own way of defining love and that is the way it should be I suppose. But I do hope that each one of you will try your best to share some love with everyone you meet and that together we can help this world be a little more kind and loving to us all. As I end this entry I would again like to ask each of you to do something nice for yourself and also for another. Whether this world is real, Illusion, dreams etc we are all in it together. Personally I like to think that the best any of us can do is to try and become the very best human being we can. As John Lennon once said :"There are no problems, only solutions!" May we all strive to become a part of the solution instead a part of the problem. "HUGS" to all. And in closing I would like to say thank you again Ian(Dark Star) for helping me to look a little deeper into myself.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron; one drop to define an ocean... one syllable to speak a language...

In the absence of insanity; LOVE is the totality of consciousness.

In lak'ech brother; prosper with with knowledge...

captron52 said...

Thanks Christopher for the visit. As usual I totally agree with you! The very best to you and yours now and always

DarkStar888 said...

Hello Ron,

Thank you for this post. Appreciate your open expression and feelings of kindness towards humanity. People like you are rare.

I meant to comment sooner and was remiss. I'll leave my comments today.

A group of entities, the mind of lucifer, plays the dual role of supreme god and devil. This is the duality evident in creation, however, the duality does not have a good and righteous god. There is one delusional thought form behind everything, that is the luciferian egregore group mindset. Humanity is not corrupt, not sinful, not going to hell, for hell doesn’t exist. We don’t really experience death. This thing called death is only part of the hypnotic trance.

We’re convinced we’re dying because the physical body appears to separate from what appears to be our spirit. Contrary to dying, we are returning to our original state of wisdom, free of 3D interference to deceive any further. In “death” we actually reclaim our eternal state of wisdom. The big deception in all this is that our physical body is an illusion. This includes the mind, the spirit, and the illusory soul. The physical body, made of atoms, has no physical mass at all. The atoms whirl about at incredible speed, creating the illusion of mass.

It wasn’t until the luciferian mind – the kabbalistic group of light bringing entities – decided to create this 3 dimensional illusion, that ATOMS even existed. Atoms formed the first human ADAM, hence the name and play on words. Of course, the first Adam created was actually ADAM and EVE, who were created for breeding purposes, or the regeneration process. Atoms are the result of divided light, literally ripping apart the truth, and dropping the illusion of matter through the orbiting characteristic of the electron to create a magnetic attraction with the proton, which initiated the sex act. This illusion of matter is the subliminal message of the master hypnotist that makes us believe the 3D illusion.

As I have stated previously, LOVE is an arbitrary concept with no basis in reality or truth. Love is completely undefinable!

You can try to define love anyway you want. And yes you could say that holding a door for someone is love...I say it's kindness or politeness or consideration, etc.

We all have heard the expression when a woman is pregnant.."there is a bun in the oven". This is where it came from.

The symbolism or meaning of LOVE is the following...


Another subliminal hidden in our language is the word LOVE. We talk about LOVE but you really can’t nail it down, just what this word really means. Here goes…

LOVE = LOVe with a long O vowel sound as in LOAVE
BRED = BA-RE or WAter-Death Sacrifice sound from Egyptian mythology – RED = BLOOD

The word RED means Water Death.


EYE ALL = AISLE = as in getting MARRIED, we WALK down the AISLE. An extremely trance inducing ritual.

Marry is Mare, the Sea, and marriage is to succumb to the seduction of the SEA/SEE.

LOVE is the worship of ALLAH, or the ALL SEEING EYE. This worship relates to SEX, to DEATH, to REGENERATION, and is used to manipulate our reality. As always, this is not right or wrong, or sinful, because sin doesn’t exist. But it is deception, meant to forfeit our power into the control of the luciferian mindset.

Later my friend.


captron52 said...

Hello Ian Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us again. I agree with a lot you say but I have to admit that I can't at this moment wrap my mind around a luciferian agenda. That's not to say I don't believe in it either. I do agree that most of what we "see" in this 3d world is simply illusion. I don't buy into so called death either. I feel we simply return to the "light" from where we came. But I do believe in love even though I may not be able to describe it. All I know for sure is that I always have lots more questions than answers. Thanks again for not only your interest in my blog but also for the friendship. As always I wish you and yours the very best!