Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I surely hope all of you are feeling well and that life is bringing to you all those things you desire. I have found that in this 3 dimensional world which is just chocked full of illusions and paradoxes that it can be just a little tricky at times for one to stay attuned with their center of being or consciousness. And therein I believe lies the root cause for most of humanity's struggles. For when one of us becomes distracted from their "true" self it not only hurts that person but it affects all of us in a negative way.Now you may think that another's problems or lack of inner peace woujld not affect you personally I would have to disagree.All thoughts whether positive or negative carry the same effect on us as human beings. This is often referred to as the collective consciousness of the world. In much the same way as stated by others before me akin to the belief that when a butterfly flaps its wings it also affects the world everywhere.To me that is like the universal law which says for every action there will be a reaction- and whether or not the action is positive or negative it makes no difference to the Law of life. This Universal Law only knows to be true to Itself and cannot do any thing other than that. I wish we as humans could be more like that.For if we can ever reach the stage of enlightenment where we truly know who we are then we could be as the Law and only be true to who we really are.  But in this world of illusion there are just so many things that we allow to affect us to the point that we "forget" who we are and what we should be doing in this world.From the time we are born we begin to lose sight of who we really are. This usually happens because we are "taught" by oft times well-meaning adults as to how we should live and what we should deem important. And on top of those teachings we are often told(and most times incorrectly) how to go about fulfilling our innate desire to discover who we truly are and how to rediscover our spiritually.From the moment we are "born" in this world, we begin to quickly lose sight of who we are and what is really important to learn as we grow.Personally I cant buy into a belief that says we are all born in "sin". That really doesnt feel anywhere close to being "right" to me. But Im not knocking that belief for those who do believe that because I know many many people who do believe just that. And that's ok by me if they are truly happy and feel secure with that belief. Because it is surely not my intention to tell anyone their belief system is "wrong". This world is full of so many different beliefs and religions and rituals etc that it is no wonder so many of us have a hard time trying to get back to our center where the answers to all our questions remain.Many try to find that place by looking "outside" of themselves. I think we should look "inward" instead. I also dont mean to put down any religion but I have found that for me at least religion just doesn't answer my questions. If I may say though any thing you hear or read from anyone you are only hearing their "truth". And their truth is colored by their own personal convictions and circumstances. Just as my beliefs are colored by my perceptions of life.And personally I don't think any man or woman is any more a man(woman) of God than I am. Sure they may carry a title of Reverend, Pastor,Elder, Preacher, Priest etc but to me that doesn't make them any smarter or more versed in spiritually that you and I are.They are mostly teaching the thngs that have taught to them and thats fine in my way of seeing as long as it doesn't make them think their way is the "only" way to find spiritual enlightenment.And speaking of finding spiritual enlightenment for me meditation has been one of the most useful tools I have found to aid me in shaping my spiritual understanding. Most everyone has heard ofmeditation and lots of folks use this method. To me at least when I need to find an answer or just get back to my calm "center" of being this tool has been so very important.Meditation sounds easy but I know from experience that it can be rather trying at times to get alone and be still long enough for it to do any good.If you have tried this method Im sure you know what I mean. If you haven't tried it yer may I suggest you give it a try. There are many forms of instruction on meditation real handy.Villa Faulkner Page has stated the following:"Contact through prayer or meditation or the silence releases one from the influence of sensation, emotion, objective or mortal thought, desire, and will." And I really believe if one is to find this place of inner peace and tranquility it is imperative to get the mind off the aforementioned items that Villa used in that sentence.And a quote from the Science of Mind says this:{Spiritually} springs from within. coming from that never-failing fountain of life....... So there are my thoughts on meditation and finding ones center. And I sincerely hope all of you have already discovered the "real" you that is oft times misdiagnosed as your "ego" self and vice versa. And I feel it is so extremely important to be able to always know the difference if you acting from the ego self or the true you.I leave you all now with thoughts of peace , love, harmony, joy and good health.May your today be beautiful and all your tomorrows even better!And please try and remember to do something nice for someone right now!"HUGS" to all.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron, lovely post. I came across some interesting stuff Ron. Using this web site you can access great literature for free.


Check out the following.

Marcus Aurelius; pick your favorite there are a few books all fantastic.

Plato ditto..

Thomas H Burgoyne; "The Light of Egypt" parts # 1 and 2.

Still looking for free books by Rev. Robert Taylor ibid. 1830 having a hard time.

These works on AstroTheology are fascinating and free.

In Lak' ech, brother, seeker of light...

captron52 said...

Thank you so much Christopher!