Saturday, August 6, 2011


As human beings it is so easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking we are alienated from our brothers and sisters and even our Creator. Often times we get "lost' in our thinking due to circumstances that seem to tell us we are apart from all the "good" we desire. We see others as being "apart" from us when in reality they are a part of us.Funny what a little space in that word does--a part or apart. See what I mean. In my humble opinion all of us yes all life forms are a part of each other. We are made from the same substance, and animated by the same Spirit that has created All things both big and little. I can honestly say I feel connected to each soul here on earth while at the same time feeling the same connection to our animal friends, to the sky, the ocean, the flowers, and on and on.Our differences are those we "learn" as we grow up and are "taught" the things others think we should assume as being the truth. But I would say just beware what anyone tells you is the truth because they are only expressing their truth and it may not be right for you at this time. We must all arrive at our own personal truths by learning to silently listen with our spiritual ears and seeing with our spiritual eyes. And most importantly I do believe is for us to learn to truly listen to what our hearts are telling us. This 3 dimensional world we call home is just a haven for paradoxes and illusions. It then becomes our task to discern what is truly the truth and what is merely an illusion or paradox.This I believe is a life long task and we can learn something new every day if we keep our minds open to what the Universe is telling us.May all of us learn to accept each other as a brother or a sister and then maybe we can begin to treat each other a little better. C. F. Potter states the following:"If you can feel yourself a child of the Universe, or as some put it, a son (or daughter) of God, you will never feel unrelated anywhere." And from J.B. Goldstone comes this nugget of truth:"To improve our circumstances, we must first increase our knowledge and enlarge our consciousness." The Science of Mind states this:Life is a motion picture of subjective causes. And also from the SOM comes this statement-Suffering may be salutary in that it leads us to a place where we learn that it is unnecessary!  I sincerely hope each  of you folks are having a most wonderful weekend so far. May the rest of this  day bring all  of you much love, peace, joy and all good things.Please try and remember to do something nice for someone today and in doing so you will be doing something nice for all of us including yourself!"HUGS" to all of you!


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron, very beautiful post. Unity consciousness, just yesterday my wife and I were talking about why so many people fail to discern the meaning behind the words we use to describe our world.

In Lak' ech, prophet of love....

captron52 said...

Thanks Christopher for stopping by. I hope those who read my blog also find their way to yours as it contains so much tothink about. Hope you and yours are having a beautiful day!

JediTheOne said...

The Real Illuminati Agenda!

The luciferian illuminati agenda is not just to create a world society controlled by fascism, communism, capitalism, socialism, and every other “ism” all rolled up into one. Their ultimate desire is for humanity to cling to this illusory 3D existence.

We are naive children being hammered with a hefty dose of reverse psychology. By threatening to take away our rights, our physical health, our material wealth and our spiritual freedom, we react and scream bloody murder. No way can you do this to me … to us! We are full of indignation. We want to keep our health, our wealth, our comfort, our guns … and the freedom to move about at will. This is how we succumb to the great liar of the universe, and yet all the while we thought we were doing a good and godly thing. Not realizing for an illusory moment that our 3 dimensional experience, which we call our LIFE, is the great illusion, and the UNIVERSE itself is completely NON-EXISTENT.

Consider this. Those exposing the luciferian illuminati agenda are christians, jews, other religious zealots, ex-CIA sex slaves, New Age spiritists, scientists and the like. I have yet to read information from any source that points directly at the real culprit in all this … the luciferian mindset. They don’t point the finger because they don’t recognize the direct involvement of these THINKING ENTITIES in manipulating the whole 3D agenda experience. If this were to be recognized and research was done into the dark mysteries of Babylon, the realization would soon point to themselves and their misled belief systems.

However, I don’t exclude myself, or anyone for that matter, from being used by the luciferian mindset in perpetuating the 3D illusory trance state. Every 3 dimensional form is meant to support and extend the lunatic notion that the 3D experience has some basis in reality. We are all enemies of REALITY, and because we go looking for the enemy in everything else other than ourselves, we will never find, (on an individual basis), or conquer the real adversary that disconnects each one of our illusory 3D forms from reality.

Furthermore, the solution for ridding ourselves of this culprit is surprisingly simple how to bring this hideous hypnotic control to an end. However, because of the reverse psychology applied to our consciousness, the tricky part is realizing the simplicity of dissolving this demonic agenda. We want to keep the 3 dimensional world experience intact. Therefore, we unwittingly keep the luciferian illuminati thought form alive. The luciferian THOUGHT FORM is a room full of mirrors, reflecting the initial illusion countless times, until the immense vastness of the reflection overwhelms any sane individual from even beginning to question its existence or reality. Because of this, no one of sound mind even dares to cross over that fine line between reason and lunacy. However, the power of these mirrors reflecting their illusion also retains its own destruction. All it takes is for ONE MIRROR TO CRACK, and they ALL REFLECT THE CRACK in the same instance and the ILLUSION IS FINISHED.



captron52 said...

Sure gives one food for thought Jedi.You may be right! Learning to see past the "veil" of illusion can be trying at times to say the least