Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hello friends. Today I was thinking of past experiences and how they had all played such an intrinsic part in me becoming the human being I am at this moment. Some of the past experiences were ones that caused me many a sleepless night and days filled with doubt and feelings of insecurity. And on the other hand so many of the past experiences that brought me much joy and peace of mind. I have found that the experiences I have had of doing something good for someone else have been the most rewarding. And also the ones that caused me so much heartache were the ones I needed the most! I hav e spent much of my life looking for my "reason" for being here at all.But at long last I have arrived at the point where I am sure that I am one with everything and that everthing and everyone is a part of me also! So how can I be "mean" and do anything to hurt another when I know I would only be hurting myself? And why shouldn't I try my best to "help" everyone I can when I am then truly helping myself also? I leave you with this quote from a person named Owen Rowley:
"You fight your way through the demons, stand before the holy of holies, and when you rip away the veil, there's nothing there but a mirror."
I sincerely hope and pray that all of you will be well, and that the new week before you will be filled with much love, joy, peace, and all "good" things.


Hannah said...

I do know that with each experience I change. I try not to regret anything I have done, for every little thing has made me who I am right now. Everything has made me realize that there are people that need help in certain situations, just as I have before. Now I just try to help those people and give them what they need most - a friend.

Great post :)


Breath-e said...

Nice timing. I'll be adding your quote from Mr. Rowley next time the group gets together. I grab my insights everywhere I can. You are certainly one of my "sources".

Take care, Ron.

captron52 said...

Thanks Hannah. And what a good friend you are! You seem to know what is really important in this life and that should serve you really well as you go on with this life. Thanks for stopping in as always.

captron52 said...

Hi Sarah Thanks for stopping in once again. I really do appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. Its good to know that you share my works with others.Im honored to be one of your "sources"