Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hey folks. How ya'll doing these days. I sincerely hope things are going just the way you want them to and that your lives are filled with much joy, peace, love, good health, and happiness! If you are like me I believe that you can see a new consciousness taking shape in todays world. When you think about it it hasnt been all that long ago that the average person lived to their 70's, today the 90's are a norm it seems. We were here in the U. S. still a divided state with some of the states still believeing in slavery. Women were told to stay in their place which was to stay home, raise the kids, and do what their husbands said. They couldnt even vote believe it or not! I must say our forefathers were just a bit of a male chauvinist. Im surprised that you ladies let us get away with it for as long as we did!!! Im sure you get the picture, we have come a long way in our thinking even if we still do have a long way to go. But the collective consciousness of humans are beginning to take shape and I believe for the better. I am so thrilled with our young folks today(most of them) even if they do dress a little funny at times. We are starting to see a nation of people who accept each other and color makes no difference.Thats not to say that things are perfect. You and I both know there is still a lot of prejudice in the world.But the younger folks are so much better at accepting each other than a lot of us "older" folks. I beliv e that eventually we will be able to overcome our differences and finally learn that for us to survive as a people we must start living by the golden rule. Such a simple concept but one if lived by would make most of our 'problems" go away.This world is changing one thought at a time and if we want to be a part of this greater "good" I think we must change our thinking patterns and start becoming part of the solution to this planets problems. As each of us becomes more aware of who we really are the consciousness of this planet will be lifted up.I bless each of you today with thoughts of love and harmony. I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite authors Eckhart Tolle:

....both the Old and the New Testament....speak of the collapse of the existing world order...."A new heaven" is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness, and "a new earth" is its reflection in the physical realm.


Christina Celeste. said...

Eckhart Tolle is fantastic. I'm recognizing that too, strange as it seems, and there IS a huge psychological aspect to the way everybody thinks.

Great post!


captron52 said...

Thanks ChristinaCeleste for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts. Glad you liked it!

Hannah said...

Our generation has the potential for greatness or failure; I suppose it all depends on who steps up and who backs down, eh?
Times definitely have changed and it is truly a blessing that they have here in the US. We're so, so fortunate :D
I hope you're well! :)


captron52 said...

Thanks Hannah. Im doing fine thanks for asking. Hope your school year has started off really great!BTW you are one of the young people I am counting on to help change this world for the better.You are an Old Soul I believe that will make a big difference in this world. So keep up the good work you are doing!"hugs"