Saturday, August 1, 2009


Procrastination! That is a big word that usually causes us as human beings from achieving all of our lofty goals. I know that I really have a hard time on occassion to make myself get up off my butt and do the things I know I need and want to do. It is just so easy to tell myself it can wait until tomorrow. But as they say tomorrow never comes. And I know from experience that there are a lot of folks just like me. We have good intentions but at times let the old procrastination take over. Hers a story Id like to share with you about this thing called procrastination.
There was once a painfully shy young man who fell in love with a young woman. He sensed that she felt the same way about him but he couldnt find the courage to ask her out. He kept putting off asking her. He did decide to mail her a love letter every day for a year tehn he would ask her out after the year was gone. Faithfully he followed his plan, and at years end he was finally courageous enough to call her--- only to discover she had married the letter carrier.
I do hope all of us ,myself included, that we will not wait a moment longer to act on what we know we need to be doing.May all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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